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Bacary breezes in

Arsenal have officially announced the signing of Bacary Sagna from French outfit Auxerre for a rumoured to be £6m, possibly rising to £7.5m depending on the usual things like trophies won, clean shieets, goals scored, how many times we beat the spuds next year, etc.

The 24 year old French national, born to Senegalese parents, will be setting his sights on representing France in the Euros, which are fast approaching, and what better way to do that than playing for North London's finest.

Sagna told, 'It's amazing. If someone had told me that one day I would be an Arsenal player I would not have believed him. I am very happy for my family, my friends and also for my future. It is really a positive move.'

'I think this is one of the best English sides, the one that plays the best football. The fact that it is a young team and there is high-quality training are extra positives compared to other English teams.'

So we've strengthened the defence, we give Eboue a reason to keep his concentration up til the final whistle sounds and we've got a bloke who's name sounds very much like Lasagne, which I'm sure Gooners will take to their hearts from the off, for the scope it'll give them to bring the famous chant out for the spuds.

next up, a wing wizard???

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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Thursday July 12 2007

Time: 5:38PM

Your Comments

where does this signing leave the futures of Eboue and justin hoyte? do you think one or both futures are in doubt?
Who's Kevin-currently-known-as-Prince, le Coq?
oxfordspur, we're all hoping that Justin and Eboue will both stay at the club, as what the one offers in attacking flair, the other makes up for in assured defending. »»Arsene Knows««
people said the same thing about toure, vieira and a whole world of other players when they arrived at arsenal cockeril.... those people dont say much these days... good luck with the uefa cup btw! :)
ox Sp*r, you probably one of the guys that said cecs who? you so gonna regret you said that. he a utility player, plays in all defence positions and midfield. wonder where we gonna use him?
I think the headline back in 1996 was "Arsene Who" aswell Cock-muncher. Ever heard of Anelka, Toure, Fabregas, Vieira, Petit before they came? nah didnt think so. I bet you knew of Assou-Ekotto, Ghaly, Rocha and the rest of the piles of s h i t that have passed through shoebox city tho enit.
3 right backs, seems one two many to me. Unless Eboue will be pushed forward
Eboue is a right back and has to learn to compete cause with Hleb in the world of Arsenal there NO way he's gonna move or get pushed forward.
Ain't it funny how the first comments about our new signings always come from spuds... it's getting a bit obsessive now don't you think? we don't have to justify our signings to any of you so why don't crawl back to your site or hole...whichever you prefer
Anon 1
Can i just say........superb piece of headline writing there Wingers!!
you may indeed squire ;) and thankin' yo', Rockster! »»Arsene Knows««
my mate in france who's a auxerre supporter and followed bacray during his time at auxxere, rates bacray as a top top player, and believes he will be better than ralph, dixo and manu. the lad is extremely quick and a powerhouse from what i've heard of him from my mate, i can't wait for the season to start now..
French is he, signing for Arsenal !, mon dieu !!!
luckys_10 I would be interested to hear your friends view on Kaboul, who as you know we also got from Auxiere
the ******** spuds aint got nothing to do but show up their ugly heads here.. no matter how much history has proven to them.. they will never accept that they were, are and will remain the lesser mortals in london.. they are doomed for that.. they might do a chelski and sign loads of players at crap prices. but they'll still finish 5th.. its their fate.. its their destiny.. anyways.. this bloke sagna.. i've been watching him for a while.. ever since rumours were abound.. the bloke's extremely quick and very very strong.. can play anywhere across the back four and even as a defensive midfielder.. amazing talent.. cant wait for the new season to begin.. dunno what wenger plans to do with eboue.. perhaps promote him to the right winger slot.. any ideas..
When I saw Bacary breezes as the headline I thought it was about alcohol - doh!
Its unfair to label all the spuds fans as some of them have made sensible comments or asked normal questions. Its only one or two like the cock who come on here to try & start trouble!! Pretty pathetic really!!
Ashburton Gooner
Topspur1, apparently Kaboul is a better version of Dawson. Doesn't have the strength of king but but at 21 can easily improve that. He is particularly good in the air!!
Ashburton Gooner
he was shyt,i saw him vs rangers,he cant tackle,a typical spud
Not every player is s*** just because they don't play for us!! I'm sure if the spuds had signed Sagna you would now be saying he is rubbish!!
Ashburton Gooner
Babeasta, don't necessarily agree with you about Eboue remaining at the back. Hleb is a good player, but there is no way he has the wing position locked down. Does anyone else notice that all of his movement is always directed towards the middle of the pitch? Because he is a central attacking midfielder, same with Rosicky. In my opinion, Eboue is much better at crossing and making runs on the wing than Hleb (which sometimes leaves his mates at the back out to dry, but I don't think anyone complained when it helped us beat Man Poo 2-1). To me, Hleb just looks uncomfortable out there, unlike Theo or Freddie. Anyone else feel free to weigh in....
With the signings that you have made, it is clear that Wenger is not going anywhere (for at least 12 months anyway) and with him at the helm you will always be a major threat. A serious question for you (and not a wind up in any way) - IF Wenger does leave in 12 months time (my money is on him taking McClaren's job) then who would your supporters want in his place? I know that he is pretty much irreplaceable but the day has to come when he is no longer there. A big name? Ex-Gooner such as David Platt? Or do you have somebody who is being groomed?
I am still concerned by this signing. Was listening to talksport on the way home this evening and they were slating the decision to spend 7.5m on a right back. Whilst I know they are trying to stir things up a little to make their show more interesting and contraversial, I can't help but feel that they have a point. Wenger rates Eboue, we gave Hoyte a new contract, and Hleb has to be first choice right nid. So why do we need another right-back? Even if he does cover the other positions, we're ok there too with Djourou, Senderos, Traore, Toure (at right-back) and Gallas (who can also play across the line). And we're ok in midfield too with Bert, Cesc, Denilson, Diaby, Song. Anyone with any ideas?
There are rumors of Hoyte getting sold...And there has to be some merit to the argument that we lose two starting defenders to the African Cup of Nations in the middle of the season.
You're all so annoying. Back to club level for me!
Lasagna...woo..oooh...oooh....Lasagna, hes strong and hes quick, he makes the tottenham sick.....
flamini will be sold thus allowing hleb to operate in the central midfield position a role he used to play b4 wen at vfb stuttgart. allowing eboue to play higher up the field, wiv sagna and hoyte to contest wiv rb positions. also we are linked wiv gouffran and apparantly have signed him. however we are of supposed to loan him back but i'd prefer to get him in straight away as he possess the attribute to complete our squad. he is a striker/winger and is both footed meaning he can play on both flanks and also up front if needed. hopefully that is wat will happen. and then next season we can welcome carlos vela and di maria back from their loans to contest for first team births. the arsenal project is almost complete. and i fear once it is wenger will hand over the reigns to a suitable manager that believes in the philosophy arsene has created. but hopefully arsene will stay...
Gooner_vin, I am sure wenger has something planned. It does look strange, considering we have 4 RBs now but let us wait before judging this move. Gilzean, it IS a serious question but why speculate on something which might not happen. The stronger indications are that he will stay and no, there are no replacements lined up coz the Board came out and said they have not even considered alternatives, coz they would like Wenger to sign.
Kaboul is a very promising prospect and has the potential to become a huge player, we have to wait and watch if he can deliver, that is my friend's view on him. my view is if he is that good and goes on to be a big player, he won't stay at spurs for too long :)..
sucks_10 you mean like HENRY & Veira!............
cockeril! i think both of them played at arsenal for something like 8 or 9 years
Spartan Gooner
OK - thank you prits.
Spartan Gooner, i woudn't even waste your time on giving a serious answer to cock-oral - that suggests he/she/it is capable of intelligent thought, and i've yet to see a post that would make me think so. »»Arsene Knows««
Beautiful headline... a bit bamboozled by Le Boss though! Could it be just a simple reinforcement to cover for when Eboue goes to the ACN? Maybe Arsene wants the flexibility to go 4-5-1 with Eboue just outside of Hleb in midfield, but Eboue is no winger unless he will be converted. As protocal mentioned, Hleb (and in fact Rosicky too!) both played well (at their previsou clubs), in or just off the central midfield areas, so maybe Arsene is going to push them in a bit, but that wouldn't work with Fabregas would it? All in all, I'm struggling to see how the squad is going to pan out.
Just got back in Ashburton, thanks for the info. Appreciate the support from real football fans
lucky you are probably right, most of us are not stupid (believe it or not) thats why we know we need to make the CL. Just like most of you guy's know you need to stay their if you want to hang on to your better players, we can all posture, but that is the reality
Licking Arses makes you intelligent does it. Henry went to a bigger club with a European pedigree, same as Veira. They both went to bigger clubs. Fact! It`s not just about CL its about winning trophies And having stability and having the ability to buy the best players and knowing if you will have a manager next season.
so what trophies have you won in recent years, cock-oral? »»Arsene Knows««
As many as you recently. How long do you think wenger will stay? No dein and he must be ready for a fresh challenge. There is only a select few top managers Cl is vital for Arse F.C. The money Available to any team in the Prem is crazy and all these billionaires flashing there dosh will make it even harder to get quality. When Whenger`s gone you are well and truly shafted up the Arse.
cockeril, has somebody set fire to your arse? Only you always sound like you're running around screeching incoherently.
Jol will be sacked before Wenger leaves, that's for sure. After all his tinkering and the volume of his transfers, Levy will be seeing this as his last chance. If you do not get 4th or 5th this season, wave goodbye to Jol - it might even be a blessing in disguise.
keep telling yourself and you'll believe it.

Ok, let's suppose cesc was to go at the end of the next season - we've got Denilson (who ran rings round your whole midfield in the carling cup semi (remember that? when zokora got made to look like a fool). Behind him, there's also Merida. Everywhere you look at Arsenal, there's top class quality coming through. If Wenger was to go at some point (which he will, just not as soon as you would liek to believe. I think Wenger wil be here for another four years yet - by the end of that time, we'll have well and truly begun to pay off that HYOODGE debt you keep telling us we have, and will have hitherto undreamt of funds for transfers, and you will still be behind us. And when he does go, he will certainly identify the man to replace him and carry on the excellent work he has done. Plus, the team will be in it's prime, toure will be 29 in 4 years time, djourou will be the world's best defender, cesc (if not returned to Barça for a massive transfer fee by then) will be firmly established as the best midfielder in the world, Diaby will be the king marauder aged 25, denilson will be simply magnificent, theo will be an established star performer, RvP will be the best dutch player of this generation, Ade will be an absolute monster up front, and everyone will be scratching their head wondering how we ever used to get by before clichy was our left back.

A normal post from you, asking questions without the tripe that normallycomes with it, cock-oral, more of 'em please... »»Arsene Knows««
What a thoroughly charming picture that is Wingston!
yes, Andy, i'd just got out of my delorean, and just had to write what I'd witnessed... »»Arsene Knows««
There's a possibility that Sagna be given the midfield role if Eboue is not moved forward. Petit & Edu came here as lelf-backs while Vieira as center back, so don't be too surprise if Sagna is not playing as a full back. Gilberto may even have a new role at center back where he performed considerably well at some stage last season. It would allow our midfield to accomodate our 2 rising stars, Diaby & Denilson. It could also solve our 'lack of heigh problem ath the back since Gilberto is one of the taller player in the team. Of course these are just my wild guesses.
i keep wondering what the set up will be we will have a crazy bench, strikers van perfect,adebayor, dudu,theo and bendtner...who sits out? midfield cesc, gilberto, hleb, rosicky, diaby, denilson (im assuming flamini and ljunberg are gone)mmm im drooling again who sits out.and defence toure, gallas, senderos, djorou, clichy,bakary, eboue who sits out? and surely merida will be coming through soon as well. maybe we shouls start playing rugby coz we need to accomodate these stars somehow
I'm so bored of all this, just bring on the new season, especially sep 15th, he's only a poor little....
I have a feeling there is another signing soon for the forward line who I dont know but my feeling tells me something is going on and a new forward will also join us soon. When you take a calculated look at our players we have a very good team. Title winners not quite sure but it would not surprise me. Cup winners you bet this boss always has a very good cup winner streak. Yes I can now hardly wait for the start of the season. All the players bought during this mad rush to throw money at almost anyone who wears football boots irrespective if they fit into their teams plan will be very interesting to watch. A few teams may find that the money they have paid out will come back to bite them on the bum.
A thoroughly charming picture indeed, Wings :). Everyone would like us to believe that we would crumble without a few personnel, but I would like to believe that the club is stronger than that, and dare I say, in the mood of optimism I am in right now, even without Wenger himself. I like the indications we are receiving so far, and it looks like Wenger is buckling down for more than one year.
See Fergie's quotes? Talkin bout Henry going, it's like we never even had a rivalry with utd.
hey wingsy.. i'm in dreamland already.. a completely charming picture.. one i completely agree with.. u forgot fran merida.. hez gonna be the next ronaldinho.. sans the temprament.. meaning a more consistent and world class performer.. add to that the carlos vela.. the best prospect to come out of the americas for quite some time.. and i'm sure.. that'll be mission accomplished.. hope wenger carries on for the next 4 years as well.. well.. u never know what wenger has got planned out.. they say the bloke can play across the back 4 and as well as a defensive midfielder.. cover for the complete defence.. we now have two very versatile defenders in the form of gallas and sagna.. if we do lose toure and eboue for quite a period for the ACN, we got ample cover in the form of the aforementioned two and senderos and djourou!! 1-> we could move sagna to right back, which gives us as solid a back four as exists in the epl, push eboue upfront with hleb, rosicky and cesc for a 4-5-1 defending and 4-3-3 attacking. 2-> we could go in for a 4-4-2. with every position having atleast two players to contest for.. that perhaps explains why we signed da silva.. hez a typical 4-4-2 up top striker typically i think sagna will always be there on the team sheet.. though his position might keep changing.. bit like gallas u know.. sometimes lb, sometimes rb, sometimes dm etc etc.. i've been watching fabianski closely as well.. hez gonna give lehmann a run for his money as well.. any ideas ppl??
fabianski/lehmann/almunia, clichy/traore, gallas/senderos, toure/djourou, eboue/sagna/hoyte, gilberto/diaby/cesc/denilson/rosicky/hleb,rvp/bendtner/dudu/walcott/adebayor.. anybody doubting the strenght in depth?? one more wide player and we're back in there fighting for top honours.. though i think we can do that with the current squad as well.. optimism is in the air!! whatsay..
Fabregas vows to stay at Arsenal!! talk to real's president. hint that wenger will stay! well at least it confirmed
It seems the Boss knew it was right (if it is so) that Ces should be the next VC. This young man will one day be arsenal's captain that will be a fact. Lets see what happens if he is the new VC. You have to admire his loyalty.
I wonder if there is a chance we could get Bojinov, it would not be a bad swop for Freddie? see
good headline, but did you know that there is a player at northampton town called giles coke. he is a box to box midfielder whom i recommend that you sign. you would then have a double act of bacary & coke :-)
downgrading your squad to challenge for 10th next season
We are signing Ognjen Vukojević from Zagreb for 5 mil?
Here comes another spud with his wisescracks. and topspur, u wonder why most of them arent welcome here. Craig, can you pls explain to me how signing Sagna (who might not be 1st choice RB for us), who is ahead of your 'brilliant' Chimbonda (who IS ur 1st choice) in the France squad for the RB position, is a downgrade.
chelsea are after chimbonda he's proven in premiership...but i dont see them chasing the top scorer in the croatian or was that the alaskan league? good luck with the new improved striker
Ahh yes, the fact that Chelsea chases someone is the final stamp of approval on a players calibre !! Wow, such irrefutable logic. Good luck to you with the new expensive striker.
Downgrading our squad eh? I reckon Sagna will be scraping out bits of Keane and Bent from between his studs next season ;-)
hah.. these spuds.. how many times do i have to tell these "LESSER MORTALS FROM NORTH LONDON" that they suck.. sagna's gonna have bent and keane and berbatov and all scum u got down on ur asses in no time at all people.. and chelsea bought tal ben haim.. he isnt good enough to play in the sunday league of 60 yr olds.. simply because they want chimbonda doesnt make him a good player.. and much as u keep ranting.. we all know who the better team is down there.. and its THE ARSENAL..
The only thing Chimbonda has proved is that he's a loyalty free social climbing lucre grabber that can't stay at a club for longer than a year, hes the mirror image of Cashley so would be perfect as chavski RB, as he has'nt turned up for training or is'nt featuring in pre season games its safe to say bye bye spurs fans. Congrats for thrashing that part time Irish team the other night btw 1-0 woohoo.
needless to say it was'nt Bent that scored
Welcome to Bacary btw!, an exciting addition that leaves us wondering what vision Wenger has in regards to his and existing squad members positioning, lose that peroxide Drogba disaster though lad eh?
I think we need him and a strong reserve to guard against injury and loss of form as the season wears on. Eboue may be going to ACON for six weeks and we have injuries both at club and the ACON we will start crying again. Welcome Saggy.
Sagna is a decent signing, but I'm not sure where that leaves Hoyte. With teams coming back from pre-season, new formations being tried, a mix of senior players as well as reserve players getting a chance, and multiple substitutions against a side who are 'up for it', I'm not entirely certain why any Premiership club would be expecting to administering a thrashing?
£7.5 m for Serena Williams nice one ARSEhols.
Arsens seems to going about his business this summer in a quieter manner than usual!

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