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No Way, Jose

The Daily Mail has just 'dropped the bomb' that Jose Antonio Reyes has returned to Arsenal, after The Gunners and Real Madrid were unable to agree a fee for the undoubtably talented, yet unsettled forward.

Damaged Goods?
Reyes, returning fresh from helping Real Madrid secure the La Liga title, comes back to Arsenal no doubt dismayed that Arsenal would not drop their demands for him.

Yet let's face it - if Ryan Babel is worth £11.5m possibly rising to £13.5m, and Anderson and Nani are worth up to £17m a pop each, then a player who towards the end of the La Liga season was coming on to the pitch and making the difference in games, culminating in a performance that secured the title at the Bernebau, is surely worth more than the alleged £5.4m - £6m that Real were offering.

Weather, Man
It's safe to say that it's just as well he didn't return two weeks ago, amid the torrential weather in London, and the floods oop north - he'd have packed his bags and gone to shack up in a caravan with Marco Boogers rather than stay in blighty.

What Happens Next?
Not surprisingly, Reyes' please to Arsenal to drop their price so that he could secure his permanent move to Real fell on deaf ears at The Grove. It remains to be seen what will happen now - will Real come back with a larger offer (they have 'form' of trying it on, shall we say...), will Reyes go on strike, or will Arsenal find themselves with a winger to attack the left again?

Clean Slate
Perhaps JAR will come back and start afresh - the much-discussed relationship between he and Henry would no longer be a problem - the scorn that Henry seemed to besmirch the Spaniard with will no longer be there, as TH14 now will be plying his trade in Spain himself, and Reyes did seem to perform better without the seeming-burden of the figure with 14 on his back looming large in front of him.

Reyes' talent is there for all to see, it's whether he can give it a second go, he has been something of an annoyance with his bleating, and his demand for Arsenal to drop their price, was both hilarious and annoying at the same time.

Yet it would be superb were we to find ourselves with a lad whose future at The Grove seemed dead and buried, returning to re-ignite his career in a blaze of unexpected brilliance, it would be a revelation, and would save us a fortune in the transfer market, trying to sort out a deal for a left winger which is has been oft-pointed out recently that we could dearly do with.

Interesting days lie ahead, dear Gooners...

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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday July 13 2007

Time: 3:01PM

Your Comments

It's those jumped-up sh(i)ts at Real taking the mickey... you can bet your bottom dollar they are trying to screw us right to the floor! I think that our desperation for more width is making us hallucinate at his return to the Grove post-Henry, but I can't see that happenning - unless global warming has increased drastically in the last 12 months.
You are an optimistic man, Wings :). Unfortunately, I do not quite share it this time around. It IS a possibility that Reyes may be able to re-ignite his Arsenal career and I will be pleased if he is able to do that. But I am not very enthusiastic about welcoming someone who clearly does not want to play for the gunners. In a critical season where we will need our players to sweat blood, I doubt Reyes will be able to do that, coz he will simply look to put in performances so that another club can come calling for his services in the Jan window. But he will just be one more player who is not committed to the club at all, and
Really pointless, we have to accept hes an expensive mistake which every big club makes occasionally and drop our asking price. He's made it blatantly obvious he does'nt like playing in Blighty and got the living crap kicked out of him against the majority of teams. If this is true and it is the Daily Mail so judgement is reserved none of us should be happy, we need fighters this year not whiny mummys boys.
Oops, pls ignore the last (incomplete sentence).
I should of course add that, if the guy just couldnt settle in the country, and pined for home, then it's not a crime, of course, it's not such an easy thing settling in another country, i should imagine, especially with language barriers, and if you have trouble learning the language, well, you'dfeel isolated, etc... »»Arsene Knows««
Why would he pine for home though Wingers when he brought the majority of his family over?, hes on a huge wage that we will never see the like of doing a profession most kids would die for, I'm sorry sympathy is at a premium here, he's just a brat really.
guys, i also do not think it will happen either, the guy isnt just gonna come back and *bingo* speak the langague and be up for a spot of bangers and mash, washed down with a mug o' tea. But hey, i can dream... »»Arsene Knows««
wow...I thought I read that we let him go on the cheap...ah well, if he is willing to play and do his best, then I wouldn't mind him being in the squad.
I for one would love to see Jose back. I think he always enjoyed playing for Arsenal, come back Jose and go away rain :D
I think Wenger is playing hardball and if does'nt happen with Real then he will be offloaded at another Spanish club, there was talk of Athletico which seems to have cooled. I would be gobsmacked if after the countless quotes from Reyes about how he ain't coming back he turns up reluctantly in the red and white.
Maybe if he comes back without his family he would eventually adjust. However trying to live a spanish lifestyle over here is never going to work. I would rather arsenal have him back & put him in the reserves than see arsenal cave in to that pile of s*** madrid & sell him cheap. What I do find amazing is that most gooners are on here slagging him off but they will be the same people cheering Cesc next season despite his total lack of committment to arsenal fc (only to wenger) & the fact he has had an illegal meeting with Madrid officials, which he was happy to admit!!
Ashburton Gooner
I am not sure we have seen the end game yet but JAR has the option to sulk or to prove that he is worth a move elsewhere. If Real don't really value him now the only way he can change that is to prove his value with us. Over simplistic certainly but he is no longer at an age where he can sit on his career if he still harbours any professional ambition.
Frankly I think he has the big game temperament that we lacked. He scored against Chelski, Pool & Manc in his short stint here. He also scored when it mattered most at Real. I am sure he'll have better luck this time if he returns. Play his as a left winger instead of a striker. He would have more space from the flank to unleash his pace & avoid those bullying burly center backs
Exactly why I personally don't wanna see him back AG there is already far too much of this crap happening at our club, less emphasis is obviously placed on loyalty in Spain as Cesc obv seems of a similiar ilk hopefully another couple of seasons here for Fabregas will instal more pride and love for the club rather than just the mentor that is Arsene.
I don't think we do lack a big game temperament though Joe, look at last season where it was the likes of Blackburn and PSV that were our undoing not pool, mancs or chavs, I do like his style and doubtless ability but for me dressing room morale is more important.
Don't think he will be so happy about the loss of number 9 :D ^^
I think this is just more smoke from Real. A deal with be done.
Well if Real Madrid want him I hope Wenger forces their hand by declaring he will play in the champions league qualifier. Madrid otherwise will sit on this until August 31st in a bid to force the price down & that clearly will not suit arsenal!!
Ashburton Gooner
Sorry Ag I like Ces and i am a fan of his. What is wrong with saying that the boss is his mentor. He has said from day one he will return to his homeland to play in Spain. He did say he would not leave the gunners in the lurch, surely it would have been an ideal time to skip ship and settle for a big wage packet in Spain, is that not loyalty? As for Reyes he did suffer at the hands of the evil sisters, and Henry never let up on him. If he comes back give him a chance what have we got to lose. When he did play well he was really great the Boss is not blind, I don't think he will return but if he did I for one would not show my back to him. As for living in England during the winter who wants to, the only think that keeps you warm is the football played by our beautiful team go you gunners.
wenger needs to call their bluff and offer him to atletico for 6m. he has said plainly that he never wants to play in england ever again. In no way do I want reyes back. If we have to take a hit on reyes then so be it - all clubs make mistakes from time to time, it should be budgeted for.
****ing hell! they just paid 30 mil for Pepe from Porto, signed three on a free transfer giving them enromous wages and sign-on fees so they can stick their 6 mils up Calderon's! By no means is Jose Reyes worth that ridiculous money. He's a Spanish international, still very young and just won them the league. He is worth as much as Babel at least. Is there a SALE 50% OFF sign at the Emirates somewhere? Anyway, I would be reluctant to see him back UNLESS he comes out like a man apologizes for his mouthing off, and asks for another chance. If that happens I say give him the no. 14 shirt. That ought to calm him down. However, since he is actually a t(w)at character this will never happen.
Alwaysgunner, there is nothing wrong with cesc seeing Wenger as his mentor. However there is something wrong when cesc shows his total lack of committment to the CLUB by going behind their backs & discussing a move with Madrid regardless of whether he moved or not. If you don't see a problem with that then I take it you would be delighted to see Cashley come back?? Cesc has always said he will go back, so as a fan of arsenal fc I sincerely hope its sooner rather than later & maybe then we can have players that want to play for the club & the fans, not just for arsene!!
Ashburton Gooner
reyes whined about the weather and about getting kicked all over the field - all arsenal players complain about getting kicked all over the field - reyes always put his boot in and got stuck in - he WAS a fighter (he slapped people in the face and got away with it regularly) - so dont mistake someone hating the depressing grey skies, rain and cold with someone who isnt a fighter - reyes is a big game player - great except for in the winter months - he always talked about his love for arsenal, had problems with some in the dressing room (henry) but it was england he didnt like - lets see how he reacts to this challenge
Cesc agent said Real could be 'third time lucky'. So he may be leaving next season. The initial offer for him now is 21.5 mil. Could be 30 mil next season? We should grab it. We still have Denilson & Diaby. Why worry?
AG did he go behind the backs of Arsenal to talk with real I thought they came to see him. What would the purpose be he didnt go to Real. The lad will be the greatest footballer we have ever had, and will lead this club for many years to come. I for one would want him to stay longer and we will be better team for it. To compare Reyes with Cashley is a long bow, true I would love all players to want to be Arsenal through and through but one of the so called ones left us this year and that is his right. We wont leave the club because it is our club.
AG, right after Madrid approached Cesc, he says this about Arsenal: “I love this club, I believe a lot in this team and I feel we can do something special this season.” Do you still question his commitment? Yes, he longs to play in Spain ONE DAY, as do many great players for various personal reasons. I don't think saying that he will return to play in his homeland one day means we have to dispute his current commitment to AW and Arsenal.
The thing with Cesc is that we've always known that one day he'll go back to play in Spain, i would jut have thought it was more likely to be with Barcelona. I was a little surprised to hear that he had spoken to Calderon, and that they had spoken to him, to be honest, as to me, that's tantamount to an illegal approach - unless he was given permission to speak to them by Wenger, or somebody else at the club... »»Arsene Knows««
Reyes was always inconsistant and his best performances were when he was deployed as second striker...while we may require some depth in the wide positions if Freddie leaves I think this idea that we lack width is somewhat wide of the mark..we played with two playmakers out wide with overlapping fullbacks and cut most teams apart...there are various ways to create chances and natural wingers doesn't have to be one of them, as we proved last season.
Anon 1
well said wingston.. interesting days indeed.. i think the one thing that stands betweem us and the title is a quality left attacking midfielder who can get those 15 odd goals a season.. the way i see it.. reyes is perfect for us.. hez the missing link in the puzzle.. that is if the boy can get his temprament right and get his focus back on arsenal.. and not the daily weather broadcast.. we've pretty much strengthened every aspect of our squad now to mount a title challenge.. and if reyes can get his act right.. i'm betting on arsenal to be right up there.. the bloke's talent is unquestionable.. and with TH14 not on his back anymore.. i guess its time for him to set the epl alight.. any ideas??
id welcome him bak if i chose, but i cant see that happning.
I doubt Ces contact was an illegal approach, more than likely it was his managers and agents taking however it would be rather stupid if it were an illegal approach to broadcast it to all and sundry don't you think? What on earth are we trying to do give arrows for stupid spuds to shoot. I still say Ces is the future of Arsenal and long may he play for us.
reyes can stay if he changes his attitude, but thats down 2 him. he has lost his number 9 shirt. he'll prob b 18 if he stays. i've heard madrid will still sign him its jus they have had a very busy week. so lets wait and see.
go4it, aren't you forgetting TR7? I think he can definitely bag 10+ per season, especially now that he may be given more shooting permission (with TH14 no longer). Same goes for AH13 and all other midfielders really. Cesc kept hitting the bar from range late last season, he could very well go double figures too.
As for Reyes, if he wants to play for us I'd welcome him back, so long as he has cut the diving out of his game that was becoming a frustration for us gooners towards the end of his previous spell here. I rate him higher than Ronaldo at manure, but that's probably because Ronaldo is the most annoying player in living memory.
reyes is a secret weapon
I would have no problem with JAR coming back too Arsenal. He is a great player and would be good for Arsenal on the wing instead of buying a winger. But i dont see him wanting to return. Maybe his relationship with TH14 was really that bad and now he wouldnt mind a return. Doubt it though. :(
jake.. i have no doubt that TR7 and fab4 will get into double scoring figures this season.. my point is the lad can provide us with width and that extra cutting edge in front of goal.. somebody raised the point of diving.. true he does that more often than not.. but given a choice.. i'm sure no sensible gooner would refute the fact that they want him back at the arsenal.. plus, look at the attacking line.. we'll get 3 quality goal scoring midfielders and long range sooters, plus our very own gil can knock in a few.. not to mention billy and toure can bang in a few as well.. as they have demonstrated quite aptly in the past.. and as i mentioned b4.. hez the missing piece in the jigsaw..
another point.. should he stay.. we'll have a really strong squad.. one to rival chelski and manure.. with strength in depth and atleast two quality players vying for each and every position.. any ideas ppl..
i thnk tr7 will score atleast 12 goals next season ,, cos out of da 6 goals he scored, came after january.......! dis season he will be gr8....CANT WAIT !!! ps jose will be sold 2 real....these r jus mind games
just a comment it is great hearing Arsenal fans talking about Arsenal. Even if we choose to disagree it is so pleasant. and thought provoking The idiots from down the lane with a few exceptions are just a waste of space. To Rocky, any chance of just an area to put all the non arsenal fans , the stupid group.
I think they hve a place like that alwaysgunner....its called vital spurs! (no offence Jacky b and Topspur!)
Icey, cutting and funny at the same time, same as always :) »»Arsene Knows««
I always rated him, He was immense at sevilla, Quality player with pace and an eye for a goal. Wengers type of player. Obviously has an attitude problem.
I dont think he knows that TH left!!!
Nope, he is a useless player, i dont know what the fuss was about him in the 1st place, he played for seville. And thers no point saying he scored the winning goal for Real to win the league. That is just so naieve. Dont be so silly, anyone could have scored that goal. Not only that but he has no commitment to the club, how can you play with players who wantaway? Get rid of him and get a decent price!
lolz babe if he comes to know, then he will leave spain and come here :p..
Jose Reyes is a class player and I wouuld love for him to return to Arsenal but the fact of the matter is that he almost certainly will not. He has already made it clear he wants to leave and we have already prepared to be without him by giving his number 9 shirt away to Eduardo Da Silva
agreed.. i dont see how rk1888 says hez a useless player.. its true u dont want a player whose heart is not here.. but thats the point.. if he can focus.. hez a class act.. wonder what shirt number he'll get if he stays..
Probaly #8 of Ljunbergs or mabye even the 14 of Henry but i would like to see Theo get that number.
Very interesting reading all the different views on Reyes, personally I hope Arsenal stick to their guns (pardon the pun). I get sick of players signing contracts and not wanting to honour them, more clubs need to bite the bullet and these over paid and over hyped players rot in the reserve. I can't help feeling that we are storing up trouble for the game every time we let a footballer that stamps his feet get his way. I wont lie and say that it doesn't hearten me to see a club that my beloved spurs want to overtake in the league suffer a bit of strife, but I hate seeing players on huge salaries behaving like little kids
I think this settles it, Reyes back my arse
And in an interview to BBC he said that he has no news in terms of in coming transfers.. he says that he left 13 international players out against Barnet and that we have a "strong squad". I hope he's joking. We definitely need 2 more signings, dont we?
i dont thnk we need any more signings ...i thnk our team is ready !! THIS IS OUR SEASON !!!!
That's not good news..for all concerned! Hope it's resolved soon!
hilarious comments from wenger.. "even the global warming does not make england warm enough for reyes".. asked abt his commitment.. "i focus on the club, not the climate".. well those are not his exactly same lines.. but almost there.. get him out if his heart is not here.. but wingsy has a point.. if babel is 11.5, kamra is 6, that makes reyes atleast 15.. u cannot expect to price away a player of his calibre at 5.. also.. personally speaking.. if reyes and freddie do go.. which seems quite possible right now.. guess we'll need a good wide player.. quaresma and simao spring to mind.. any ideas ppl??
Don't think this is 'Your season' can't see anyone topping Man Utd!
he won a championship with madrid, cant see him winning one in the future with you lot!
After hearing the Bosses words on Henri's transfer seems to make a mockery of what Henri told us. He wanted to leave full stop. I would believe the Boss anytime.
horsewarrior, simply because united have signed a lot of good players doesnt mean they'll definitely win it.. and buddy.. if u do know football.. u would know if arsenal started converting all the chances they create.. nobody's getting close to taking the title from us.. its a matter of time before that comes in as well.. we had the best record in the "top 4 teams league".. come may.. then we'll have a nice decent chat abt "can't see anyone topping Man Utd!"
quality player. unfortunate for you he never settled. it seems as though your style of play suited him more than real's
ONE HOUR TILL BRAZIL X ARGENTINA. THE GAME WILL BE ON 22H UK TIME. If you can't find it in your tv, try Gilberto silva won't play :(
Not PL quality I´m afraid, maybe he´s better of in Spain.
Blue is the colour
Looking forward to it Kev, shame bout Bert, well actually for us it's prolly good news don't wanna knacker out our capt b4 seasons already started, 2-0 the Argies.
Baps again!! ok 2-1 then
dudes.. never remember craptista scoring that kinda goal for us.. seemed to be possessed..
hahahaah, that's because you didn't treat him with love! Argies scoring an own goal, oooh it's so sweet.
Well niko I guess the argies won by 0-3. LMAO, 3-0 to THE BRAZIL. BACK-TO-BACK Copa America Champions....against argentina!.
Guys, reading the weekend reports that Thierry has split from his wife, can't help but think that that also must have come into his thinking, even though he says it didn't. Maybe he thought fresh start personally and professionally. Also, what about the report in The Sun about us putting a 15m bid for Boca Juniors striker Palacio - good/bad/unlikely?
Even if his heart lies with Madrid but we cant let him go on the cheap because he is an exceptional talent.
Jose is a *****ibob!
Looks like Lyon have started to show an interest in him He will probably have a good cry at the thought of being away from his mammy again.

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