Arsenal - Fabregas Eyeing Henry's Role
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Fabregas Eyeing Henry's Role

Arsenal's young midfield maestro Cesc Fabregas has once again declared his interest in taking over the departed Theirry Henry's role as club captain.

Fabregas has been linked with a move away from Arsenal this summer, with AC Milan, real Madrid and former club Barcelona all reported to have shown an interest in him.

But the 19-year-old Spanish international has committed his future to Arsenal, although he did admit that he would like to return to Barcelona later in his career.

In an interview with Fabregas was asked if he would like to captain Arsenal to which he replied: 'Of course.

Everybody wants this kind of responsibility and 100 per cent me as well.

It something that I have liked ever since I have been young and it would be no problem for me to be captain of this club.'

However, despite the youngsters interest it is unlikely he will be given such responsibility at such a young age.

However, with Gilberto likely to be given the armband, we could see Cesc being made captain in 2 or 3 years time, when Bert is likely to be shown the door by Arsene Wenger.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday July 18 2007

Time: 7:24PM

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he can be a legned here but he will leave one day ! vice captian to Toure and let Cesc Take care of controlling the mid of the pitch ..
Gooner SA
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18/07/2007 19:40:00

Cesc is already vice captain. I would have given it to Toure as captain.
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18/07/2007 19:52:00

Gilberto won't be shown the door by Wenger. He'll leave Arsenal to play for a brazilian side. And having a captain with limited comitment to the club sounds a bit wierd.11
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18/07/2007 19:53:00

But when he isnt good enough to play evry week but stays (like freddie) will he still be captain as he is less likely to be left out as captain even when he isnt good enough
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18/07/2007 20:07:00

kevin, your point is valid (in regards to cesc one day leaving, most probs) but i can't help but feel you're trying to solicit a reaction from us gooners, you sly old dog... :) »»Arsene Knows««
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18/07/2007 20:08:00

i dont think cesc has been given the vice captaincy yet ... i dont think he has dont enough to earn it in the first place.
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18/07/2007 20:11:00

:p, I won't deny it. But saying the Captain of The Brazilian Squad Back-To-Back Copa America Champions Against argentina (hehe) will be shown the door by wenger is just wrong.
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18/07/2007 20:25:00

A captain who gets linked with a Spanish club EVERY summer. No thanks! As much as I love the kid as a baller I need to keep my sanity between June and August at least once in the next ten years!
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18/07/2007 20:28:00

Whilst I agree with kev regarding the commitment issue, I like the fact that Cesc is a fiery little bugger when he gets going. I like that in a player. For now though, I'd make Kolo vice captain and leave Cesc with something to aspire to. Maybe he'll learn a bit about loyalty and commitment from those two guys, I mean, when do you ever hear about Kolo and Gilberto sounding off in the newspapers or flirting with other clubs. They are both fantastic professionals.
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18/07/2007 20:37:00

Yep, I'm with iceman here. If he is still around 3-4 years later, and looks likely to be around for longer, then by all means, make him captain. But a lot can happen between now and then.
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18/07/2007 20:53:00

Actually, lets free him of the captaincy as we should have done to thierry.
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18/07/2007 21:41:00

agreed - we need a captain who leads by example, as Gibber and Kolo do. No disrespect to Cesc, but i feel he's too young and too fiery for that at the moment anyway, and also given the fact he'll no doubt be courted by the scum of spain year in year out, should he leave in four years, i'd rather the armband be passed to a player who quietly goes about his business, out of the media glare. What we need is to get the issue of captaincy back to one of an issue of something to be earned, not an incentive to stay, as it seemed to be with Henry (and PV4 too, but seemingly to a lesser extent...) »»Arsene Knows««
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18/07/2007 22:30:00

I compltely agree with the Chelsea fan. As good as he is, he constantly flirts with Spanish clubs, and while he has comitted himself to Arsenal contractually, I don't want another captain who will constantly be linked elsewhere.........Senderos for captain anyone?
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18/07/2007 23:19:00

I agree with people saying he has to earn it. We can't be giving armbands away too cheaply or we spoil players... especially young players that are constantly told how special they are.
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19/07/2007 00:05:00

what struck me more is what he said at the end "We must fight for everything that is in front of us. We must prove we are not just young but that we are winners."...thats the kind of talk i wanted from henry and never came but cesc and bert have said the right things in the pre-season and their attitudes are spot on
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 00:49:00

Rocky I sense your sarcasm but I think Phillipe could be a fine captain in time... if not at The Arsenal then for his country. As for Cesc, I didn't know that he had been made vice-captain and I think he'll do well in that role but I worry that this may upset the likes of Kolo who perhaps deserve it more than he (20 y/o is pretty darn young).
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 01:07:00

kolo wouldnt care
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19/07/2007 03:34:00

gilberto should be the captain. Fabby is too young for that right now. He should concentrate on creating passes and splitting defences, and making makelele and lampard look like a tool.
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19/07/2007 05:41:00

It looks as though my opinion is against the remainder but what a load of rubbish he is too young; was he too young at 16 to play for us?? The lad has the the right stuff in him I applaud the Boss for wanting to make him VC. . What if he wants to return to his homeland, he has made a statement he wants at this time to remain at Arsenal and win titles for us. V.,C. this year Captain next or do we wait till he is 29 and then say I think your old enough for crying out loud. Or perhaps the Boss does not know what he is doing, give me a break, go Ces.. Go you Gunners.
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19/07/2007 08:40:00

Gilberto should be Capt. he's been here for 5 years and has gone through all the ups and downs at Arsenal (unlike some others), he is the main unsung hero in the squad and all the youngsters admire him so we should keep him as Capt. until he leaves/retires. Kolo will be V.C until Gilberto goes before being Capt. Cesc is too young, other players such as Kolo and Van Persie will be wondering why they aren't Capt. if Cesc dons the Capt.'s armband so soon... Kolo was Capt. in the C.C final and he did quite well, calming the youngsters in face of Chelsea... let him be Capt. before Cesc does.
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19/07/2007 09:02:00

altho i am a chelsea fan it doesnt pain me in the slightest to say that cesc is an excellent player, i would liken obi mikel to him, but does he really need the burden of being captain at such a young age? why not just let him concentrate on playing?
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19/07/2007 09:06:00

Dales_dad, not saying he should be captain at this stage but you need the time to develop from V.C> to captain, make him V.C. stukazufuss how many strikers are captains? I feel you need the linchpin in the middle, love both Kolo and Bert and have no objections to either of them being Captain but the putting too much weight on his shoulders, how much more did he need at 16?
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19/07/2007 09:14:00

Is it just me, or is all this interest in him giving Cesc a mighty big head? Seems like he's liking his own press a little too much. I hope he realizes that he still needs to improve. His ego could become a problem.
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 09:17:00

stukazufuss, the CC final also witness Toure responding to Mikels' shirt tugging - hardly calming the youngsters is it when he doesnt lead by example. I dont think that should be held against him and I do agree that Toure should be captain ahead of Cesc. Somehow, IMO the captaincy shouldnt go to the most creative or the best player on the pitch, and Gilberto is fine evidence of that. Afri-gooner, Cesc was simply responding to a question, I dont see how that gives him a big ego. He has such a mature head on his shoulders.
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19/07/2007 09:24:00

prits here here.
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19/07/2007 10:28:00

But i still think if the boss wants to make him VC they I support the boss 100%.
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 10:30:00

ego is nowhere in cesc's vocab his comments dont indicate that anyhow frankly i'd be more worried if he didt want to captain the team because this gives him something to aim at
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 11:07:00

This is not worth talking about
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 14:24:00

It's old news, everboday agrees for whatever reasons, whether age or loyalty, that Cesc is not right for the Captaincy at this moment in time.
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 14:26:00

anyone know if the match is on tv tonite?
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 14:38:00

Le dont speak for everyone mate some of us do have other thoughts.
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 15:58:00

Let me not beat around the bush here chaps! What I'd like to say, quite frankly, is that Abou Diaby is the dogs testicles. Thank you!
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 19:51:00

3-0 against GlenMillerband of Turkey by the way. Van Persie got two and Old Man Theo got the other.
Report Abuse
19/07/2007 19:53:00

i think theo's past it - we should ell him to an italian club so he can wind down his career... »»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 01:42:00

wingston75 didnt you watch the game??? or are you being sarcastic. i liked his game a bit rusty from most players and worryingly we gave them some easy chances which was the problem last season. a better team would have been ahead at halftime. anyhow i was wondering is gallas injured?? he didnt feature at all not even on the bench
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 05:05:00

Did you see his misplaced pass? The headline of The Sun should be - "Fabregas Misplaces Pass. He Is off to Madrid!"
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 10:17:00

LOL goofle
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 11:01:00

anonymous - if sarcasm had wings, my previous statement would be circumnavigating the globe... »»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 11:30:00

lol Wings
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 12:00:00

btw Wings, do you have that AW knows thing on the post like a copy and paste evry time or is it automatic?
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 12:26:00

no Goofle, i type it out every time, like a proper plum :) »»Arsene Knows««
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 13:15:00

LOL ...ill be watching to see if you ever forget wings.
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 14:06:00

anyone know bout gallas?????????
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 14:07:00

you will be rubbish next season with out henry!
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 14:19:00

you will be very rubbish with harewood!
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 14:58:00

Villasw................. We'll have lost Henry.................. What's your excuse??? Tw@t!!!
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 15:44:00

Cesc has matured,good to hear good stuff from him
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 15:46:00

I hope Kolo is Cappin when Gio retires/loses ability LOL
Report Abuse
20/07/2007 17:40:00

Gio? He went to Barca a few years ago!
Report Abuse
23/07/2007 02:39:00


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