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'Right!' said Fred

Well, if you haven't yet heard it, Freddie Ljungberg spoke earlier on today as to why he decided to leave Arsenal.

Freddie, a top-class pro and a loyal servant to The Arsenal during his tenure at the club, will be remembered for his red hair, his goals-from-nowhere and the fantastically timed runs that produced them (along with a great DB10 pass, more often than not!!!), his red hair, his debut goal against ManUre, his red hair, and his Pants modelling.

However, the Fredster sounded off in a statement carried by The Times, in which the Swedish captain declared: 'Two years ago when I signed my last contract we talked a lot about the future and about bringing great players to the club. Despite building the new stadium we wanted to stay top in England and do well in Europe. For me that didn't really happen.

'Other clubs came in for me last summer but I stayed because I wanted to stay loyal to Arsenal. But when Henry left this summer it felt like the end for me unfortunately. I felt like all the unbeaten players (from Arsenal's Premiership-winning 2003-04 side) had left but me. I wanted to be loyal but I felt like it was the right time.'

'When I spoke to the boss [Wenger] he wanted me to stay. There had to be something very, very special for me to leave.

'I'm coming here because I want to build a great team,' said Freddie. 'And why I want to join is because of Magnusson. He wants to bring them forward to be top of the country.

'He's willing to go to the transfer market to buy top players and mix them with players from the academy - West Ham have a great tradition for developing players through their academy. He wants to help take the club up and take them to the top in England. It's a big challenge for me.'

Well, where to start? First of all, I'd like to thank Fred for all he did for Arsenal.

Next up, I'd like to say that this sounds like the statement of a man who misses his mates. Fred has been at the club so very near to when Arsene first joined, he's seen many folk come and go, no doubt he would have seen several players depart, who no doubt felt that they didnt recognise and necessarily associate with the new players coming in around their midst. Perhaps that is what Fred is feeling now - a little alienated and threatened by the new young generation. More of that in a bit.

Secondly - Fred's comment about top players coming into the club, and staying top in England. Well, it's true we've not exactly been running away with the league the past couple of years, but that's been because Arsene has been restructuring the playing staff from top to bottom, from left to right. What began to truly emerge last season was the tremendously talented, incredibly young squad that Arsene has assembled. Not top players, not household names - well at least not yet. But you can bet your bottom dollar that they will be. Fred wasnt considered a top player when he arrived. But he became one - it reminds me of the Wenger comment to Vieira who once spoke to Arsene about where were the world class signings, to which Wenger retorted, 'But you weren't world-class when I signed you, Patrick!' The young players are already recognised outside of the club by other players , managers and fans alike as immensely talented. Barring the top 5-6 clubs in the luague, I reckon any club in Britain would love to take Johan Djourou on loan for the season. Traore already has many clubs sniffing around him this season, also. Bendtner appears to be quite a popular chap as well.

Which raises the next point - perhaps Fred felt he had to get out because he saw his playing time extremely limited this coming season. And I'm sure that if you were a professional footballer, you would just want to play and play as much as possible, and to be faced with an extended spell outside the first team, it would worry you and make you question things - namely, do you need to go elsewhere to ensure playing time. And As Fred is captain of Sweden, he can hardly afford to spend most of the season warming the bench, not if he wants to retain the national captaincy.

So now he's joined Wet Sham, and as you read above, The Eggman is He's willing to go to the transfer market to buy top players and mix them with players from the academy - West Ham have a great tradition for developing players through their academy. He wants to help take the club up and take them to the top in England. It's a big challenge for me.'

Well, here's the next quandary - it's true that the Irons do indeed have a very proud record of bringing through academy players into the first team. But if ol' Eggie is happy to bankroll the mass purchasing of players, how are all those academy graduates going to make their way into the team? I mean, if you've just splashed a few million of a player like Freddie Ljungberg, you're hardly going to find it easy to bring a young player in at his expense. This is the dilemma Arsene has been faced with for the past 3 seasons now, having to sell PV4, Super Bob, allowing Thierry to go (or deciding it was best for him to...) and now Fred. Not an easy thing, i should imagine. Maybe The 'appy 'ammers can tell us how they feel about it come further down the line into the season (which hasn't started yet, of course...).

For me, Fred's statement wasn't so much of a shot at giving the club a kicking, it sounded more like the outburst of someone who was extremely disappointed, the words of a person who realised that things weren't going to be the same anymore, and that he was faced with a decision that he didn't really want to have to take, yet had to for the sake of his career.

I still wish him all the best. Cheers for all you did for us, Fred.

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The Journalist

Writer: Wingston Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday July 23 2007

Time: 10:01PM

Your Comments

good luck freddie. thanks for your 9 years to teh club. thank god that 70k a week weight is finally off our shoulders
He is gay.
Nice piece there, Wings. I cannot dislike Freddie, coz his contribution in the red and *****e has been excellent. But I also do not like his comments, whatever his motives are. After knocking Arsenal for lack of ambition, he moves to WEST HAM?!! I do agree though, there seems to be some bitterness in his comments, but thats perhaps not the right word, and its better described by you in the last para.
*red and white
but.......who cares!! all the best ,yet another goes !!
Having read this piece after reflecting on similar comments of self justification by departing players in the past I am beginning to feel that Wenger has the art of making a player, that he wants to go, feel as though it was his own decision down to perfection.
I can see it now, Arsene saying to Freddie, "we really want you to stay," whilst cleaning out Freddie's locker for him.
Little Dutch
Thats it, what this once great and glorious club is reduced to, tara you were too expensive anyway, which didnt bother anyone when he was playing for the club the last few years, what hypocrisy, he is gay, homophobic nonsense, so what, if hes good enough he plays , aint that right?? A backhander compliment, cant knock him, but going to West Ham oohh err slime. A couple of we dont care we are arsenal arrogant posts, and hey we didn't want him anyway, Arsene the great conned him into doing what we all wanted him to do anyway, well now that hes told us that is what we should want. What a sad sad sad reflection on the club and its supporters, ashamed dont come near to covering it. I never knew their were that many sheep in north london, baaaaahhhhhh
Tony, I suggest you read all of the other threads on Freddie here before delivering such a statement. Though the gay comment is not really on.
Little Dutch
And also, there has been a hell of a lot of talk on this site and others about Freddie not really being worth his wage packet anymore. But ultimately, that is down to the club and the manager for giving him such a bumper contract when his powers have been on the wane since a debilitating hip injury. Once again, I wish him luck, but he couldn't really cut it anymore. I hope we don't miss his experience too much.
Little Dutch
I'm with Prits on this, whatever his motive, my gut reaction is that Freddie need not have said what he did, and kept things to himself. It's slightly tainted him - but very slightly because he was a fighter and he loved our club. It really is feeling like a completely new generation now!
I just get sick of al these lower scums coming on to our site. If you dont like what we have to say go over to the s..t site of yours.
i go on a lot of sites that represent clubs I am genunely interested in, otherwise how could I speak with any passion etc, LD this is the most myopic, brainwashed,blinkered set of suporters i have come across, that may well be good for the club in inspiring devotion, as far as moving the club forward it is a catastrophe. I will do what i can to put forward an alternative view, that at the momemt is a cry in the wilderness, Shame on a lot of you, not all, thank goodnessl. Good luck Freddie, you are well out of it.
thanks always, their always is someone who will lower the tone, always on this site anyway. mensa this aint.
Tonytime, as far as i can see, you don't seem to be speaking with passion, you just seem to be intent of starting a slanging match, and flinging insults about. And if you think this is the most myopic site you have come across, then you obviously havent been reading the site for any longer than about 2-3 days. Otherwise you would know it is nothing of the sort. »»Arsene Knows««
lower scums is both bad english, and insulting, if im lower scum for expressing an opinion contrary to yours, you must have a life full of scum, apart from on this site, either that or no life at all
Wingston, the site articles are balanced the posters are sheep in the main, not many original thougts in this lot above, or intellectually challenging, or even funny, or interesting, it wont be long before the lets have a go at spurs chariot gets wheeled out for an airing, Yaaaawn, yaaawn
Tony - if you don't like it that much, why keep coming back...?
Do we think a replacement for Freddie will be signed...?
Tonytime, it is actually Totts fans who seem to take great delights on comign on here and starting slanging matches, not all, i hasten to add, but there are one or two repeat offenders who do nothing more than post puerile comments, cheap jibes, etc.. The main areas of discussion and debate for the various topics take place in our forums, where they are covered and discussed in more depth - I see you're a regular poster on the Huddefield vitalfootball site, so most probably a contributor on their forums, so I hope you don't think I am coming across as condescending there, it's just that our forums are where issues and debates are carried out in a more in-depth manner, as I am sure it is on the H'field VF site. »»Arsene Knows««
Once again I appreciate the things that Freddie did, but that fact he's whinging that we didn't sign any big players yet he found himself 4th in the pecking order means his comments seem pretty silly.
good point Vin, you obviously just want people with your own sheep like view, how very stimulating for you all. And i am apparently the racist, per the other postings, here mate if you dont like it here then why dont you get lost. Now where have i heard thast racist talk before...Talk about hypocrites, man alive hypocrites that go baaaahhhh, heaven help us all.
I egularly post on about 12 sites, of which this is the most hostile, but then this club is now out of sync with most others on a number of isues.
And how many of the thread, articles and comments have you actually read on this site before passing judgment? I suggest you're simply here on the wind up.
Tony - you have only been shown hostility in return for yours. Whilst you go on about how you post regularly on lots of sites and admire various clubs/managers etc, your points have been made in derogatory and condescending manner. If your tone had been more constructive and progressive, nobody would have objected.
oh yes vin couldnt agree more, Arsene great chap, yes freddie had to go, oh my word yes gooner you are so right, yes simmo no racism here, look at our team, its very multi cultural, opportunities for all dont you know, oh yes agree agree, slight bit of discension but must put it in a very non confrontational way, mustn't upset the locals, oh yes marvellous, marvellous, first rate. Splendid, the worlds lovely, whats that a different point of view, get rid him, outsider, change, opinions, oh no that will never do.
It's pretty hard to see what your point is Tonytime. If you read most of the threads on Freddie on this site there is a general consensus of goodwill towards him from gooners and thanks for his efforts in our colours. Any criticism of him in this thread is still pretty mild and confined to a lack of appreciation of his statements of justification for going. Are West Ham fans always understanding of departing players motives for changing clubs? If not why single gooners out for criticism?
to be fair, your initial post here tonight did not exactly read as though you were looking to take part in a friendly discussion, it was quite hostile. I will not attempt to condone the gay comment, if Fred is homosexual, so what, he's been a great servant for Arsenal, and that's all that concerns me. But if you are taking issue with the other posts that feel it was right for him to go, would you prefer everyone to be weeping?

The general consensus of opinion is that we are sad to see fred go, but knew that he was not able to contribute these days as he was in the past, and that any club would be happy to free up that sprt of amount of money from their wage bill. This cannot be seen as a bad thing to do surely, more often than not fans of clubs outside of the premiership seem to view the amount of money swilling about in the top flight of english football as obsacene? So surely a club looking to be frugal and sensible with its' money is a good thing? »»Arsene Knows««
You win, im gone, adios, au revoir, back to your grass munching in the
That's pretty much my view, Wingston. I can't fault him for what he said. He'll remain one of my favourite players - he was always dedicated and loyal and worked his arse off on the pitch. No drama like Vieira, Henry, etc. And not only the wage bill, but a pretty good transfer fee - about as much as we could expect - though the details may actually reduce it. My only criticism is why did he have to join such a ****y club like West Ham?
Need to add that the headlines those journo cocks cooked up are far more inflammatory, as usual, than what Freddie actually said.
Sorry Tripping, he did say most of the words quoted. I would be one of the first to wish him well but it was disappointing to hear his remarks. Its a pity he was well paid he had the respect of us all, yet in my opinion he has soured the taste . I can understand to a certain degree his upset, fancy the Captain of Sweden being a bench warmer ( because that would have been his role). At least at Wh he will get first choice in playing.
Tony time I wish that was all I had to say to spud scum to make them leave, perhaps your the only one who can read. Can you pass the message around.
I wouldn't be too disappointed if I was you guys in his parting shots, most footballers don't handle rejection very well. In fact I think his comments were quite mild in comparison to what some footballers come out with, what surprised me the most, was how a football that at one point was almost unplayable. Has become a very average player, what's stranger still him picking Spammers. Having said all that as long as you have Wenger you will do ok, whether you can get back to the heights of 4 years ago. I doubt it, or at least not for a while.
Poor old Freddy. I think he's a bit upset he won't see Europe again until he sods off back to Sweden. Funny how he slags us off when he leaves, but wasn't it Freddy who said he loves the Arse (literaly) and couldn't play for another Premiership team. Well I guess when The Hammers go down next season his wish will come true.
Good luck to the guy, great servant of the club and on his day was absolutely unplayable. His powers wained a bit and it was the right time for him to go if he wanted to play regualarly. I'd really like to see Mark Randall takign up his place in the squad now... oh no wait a sec he's English!! I think Randall has looked a really good prospect and would love to see him get some tough games under his belt... besides probably better for my sainty than wishing for Robinio, Mancini etc!
kenny lunt
Lets be honest. Eboue is his replacement. Thats why Sagnas signing is so good.
Goofle how good is Mark Randall??
He is a Carick type player. Not that much of a winger but his passes are excellent. He is older than Merida but still plays ahead of him so who knows?
Topspur - You're not the only one wondering that. I always thought of Freddie as one of the most underrated players around, and was astonished that more clubs didn't come in for him, but his decline has been spectacular, I think all his injuries resulted in a loss of pace and in turn confidence with the ball.
Wenger has a knack of off loading players at the right time, but it appears to me that if you look at his record. He's hung on to Freddie maybe a season too long, hence only getting £3m for him. Was he really on £70,000pw?
He did his part fair and fine but at the same time i believe he had the fear of the youngsters who have shone in arsenal colours.
Yes mate he was. Wenger makes a few mistakes, he's only human, and I reckon one of his biggest was holding on to Freddie on a huge salary whilst letting Boby Pires go!!
Topspur, point taken, but it is still disappointing to hear your club being spoken of, in such a manner, by such a player. I'm sure we will understand once the dust settles down.
I don't like it either, you wonder why they just can't keep their mouth shut. I'm sure once Mido has signed by Birmingham we will have put up with the same, I suppose the difference is Freddie one a lot with you guy's. He should have had a little more respect.
It's a shame he's said the things he's said but people are entitled to opinions and to be fair, we haven't signed world class players, like I'm sure him and Henry were promised when they signed their new contracts. He was a legend for Arsenal and always will be but it was the right time to let him go. He didn't have the influence in games that he had years ago so, like Henry, Wenger has let him fly the nest so that our youngsters like Walcott and Eboue will get more chances on the wing.
he could be a good signing for west ham. for arsenal they are building for the future and its a case of out with the old and in with the new.
Dales_Dad, we are good for the present as well :). We will just be a lot better in future.
Ljungberg has just got the hump because he is no longer a great player and has been over taken by better players in our squad. Typical bitchy comments from a fag though!

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