Arsenal - Willy Wants To Skip
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Willy Wants To Skip

Arsenal centre half William Gallas says he would be 'very proud' if he were chosen to wear the captain's armband at Arsenal next season.

The 30-year-old France international captained Arsenal as they lifted The Emirated Cup on Sunday, following a 2-1 victory over Inter Milan.

Arsene Wenger has admitted that he is indeed in the running to become the next Arsenal skipper following the departure of Thierry Henry.

In an interview with L'Equipe Gallas said: 'I am 30 years old and I want to have more responsibilities both for my club and for the national team.

'I am attracted to the idea of giving advice to the youngsters, to leading a group.

'If they chose me to become the captain, I would not say no.

'On the contrary, it would make me very proud to wear the captain's armband for Arsenal.'

I have two problems with Gallas becoming captain.

The first is that in his interview he says 'If they choose me...' I don't like the 'they.' A captain should be a part of the club, not just the team. He should have said something more like 'If the boss...' They sounds like he is refering to Arsenal as a different entity. Not something I want from an Arsenal captain.

The second is that he is too outspoken. Last season his complaining about the team was refreshing, as the season ended and his moaning got worse, it became annoying. His comments about 'one considering their future,' are the final nail in the coffin for me. How can you have a captain considering their future so openly? It's another Henry waiting to happen.

The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday August 1 2007

Time: 7:59PM

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If its the only way he'll shut up...
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01/08/2007 20:22:00

Call me fussy, but he's not entirely convinced me of his playing credentials in an Arsenal shirt yet, nevermind about captaining the club. If he can back his bark up with some bite this season then maybe, but at the moment it's no go in my opinion.
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01/08/2007 20:25:00

I read an article recently saying he is nicknamed skip by the French national side. As I've said many times, his tendency towards being outspoken I see as a good thing, this team lacks a bit of bite sometimes. But I would still have Gilberto as skipper, with Gallas vice.
Little Dutch
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01/08/2007 20:25:00

When he says - if THEY chose me, I think he is referring to the rest of the team and Arsene, and I dont see anything wrong with that. This might just be what Gallas needs to shine in an Arsenal shirt - some responsibility and a feeling of importance. But I agree with LD - I just cannot look beyond Gilberto for captain.
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01/08/2007 20:29:00

Gilberto for captain, i think you made to much of the "they" in the article, but i agree he could be another Henry waiting to happen. Frankly Gilberto deserves it the most.
SD Gooner
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01/08/2007 20:29:00

Your being a bit too picky on your first point IMO. but still I would much rather have Kolo as our captain anyways.
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01/08/2007 20:31:00

Gilberto is the best choice
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01/08/2007 20:56:00

Bert, Kolo and Willy are all worthy contenders (in that order). I hope that choosing one at the expense of the others does not lead to any ill feelings between the three. This is becoming too big an issue and should be sorted out asap.
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01/08/2007 21:28:00

Kolo before Gallas for vice captain and after last season Gilberto deserves it. He is Brazil captain already right?
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01/08/2007 21:35:00

agree wif JakeB
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01/08/2007 21:49:00

Ill go for Gallas cause of his experience etc.
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01/08/2007 21:50:00

The youngsters have alot to learn from Gallas imo Berto is just VC and will be that
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01/08/2007 21:51:00

The more I think about it, the less I see Kolo as captain. He's a top player and a top bloke, as is Gilberto. Gallas is a top player and, to be frank, as much as I am made up to have him as an Arsenal player, I wouldn't exactly be eager to have a pint with the guy. But nice guys don't always make great leaders, I think Gallas has the materials, Kolo I don't see dragging the team by the scruff of the neck when we're 1-0 down away from home. Let's be frank, as a personality, Henry was a tosser. But that never concerned me while he was ripping defences apart.
Little Dutch
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01/08/2007 21:51:00

he will be happy to skip???what skip the country wishing he was still at the chels!!!
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01/08/2007 22:10:00

I agree with Little Dutch and don't see Kolo as a captain, something quite not right there. Obvious statement but I think being captain really brought the best out of Gilberto, and added something to his game. There was something just right about seeing him in the tunnel at the beginning of a game, leading the team out with an expression that said "we mean business". Gilberto seems like a great guy and has never said or done anything but show his commitment to our club. He is the right choice easily IMO.
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01/08/2007 22:45:00

Gallas would be a good skipper for a couple of games when Gilberto is not available but not really right for long term captaincy role.
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01/08/2007 23:57:00

He doesn't derserve it. He been w us one season & was injured for much of it. Wenger better not give it to him just cause he wants him to stay at the club.
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02/08/2007 00:13:00

I would have one problem with Gallas being skipper. When the chips are down, is he going to whine and complain about the youngsters not doing their job or is he going to say it is the team the is not pulling its weight. I think the former rather than the latter due to his past out spoken ways. Personally, I did not think the guy performed last year and in a year when we were taking stick, Bert rose to the challenge. To me , he is the skipper and if Gallas is vice, thats fine though I would prefer Cesc as I think anyone who is passionate as he is will be the fire that we need and he is young so the youngster will look to him as they can relate.
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02/08/2007 02:04:00

Also, to be honest, what we lacked last year was a skipper. TH pouted and shrugged alot and I think Wenger let his loyalties to TH hinder his judgement. Bert should have been skip last year from the start and even when he was, he still lived in TH's shadow and temperment. We needed a TA04 instead of a TH14.
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02/08/2007 03:10:00

I agree that wearing the armband did raise Gilberto's game in the last season. He's not the barking type but his calm temperament and maturity are what we need in this young side. And just because he's a bit quiet doesn't mean he lacks the passion. He's been with us for years now while Willy still hasn't exactly won the fans over. And Kolo's been a very loyal servant too, for that matter. He's not the barking type either, but the kids to trust him and look up to him. So my pecking order would be: Gilberto > Kolo > Gallas > Cesc even, reason being that Cesc is the guy who drags the team to keep fighting and he's a creative player that can change things around, which is vital in keeping the team spirit, when when things go against us.
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02/08/2007 05:24:00

Gilberto would be the best skipper.
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02/08/2007 09:09:00

I think Gilberto deputised by Kolo and on third will be the grooming of CESC
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02/08/2007 10:14:00

Out of loyalty it should be the calming Gilberto. We would nearly all agree that Gallas will probably never be 'Arsenal' enough but we are paying him (like all other players) to carry out a task, and I think we need to be more practical about this. Gallas is the one (today) with the best credentials for captain's role. He might have a big feckin mouth and a massive obstructive ego, but giving him the armband shuts him up, forcing him to channel it positively. There are many in the team with better attitudes, but none with the same steel as this guy. I do not see making Billy captain or vice as an affront to our club, and I think we might just be surprised by how well it works.
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02/08/2007 10:24:00

ok.....first of all simmo the they was just abit too juch..i mean c'mon.....i agree with andy and ld.......galla s may not be arsenal through and through but the guy is a leader.....and i think the only way gilberto wont be captain is if wenger decides to bench him and play denilson/diaby/song/flamini instead.....i cant see anyother reason y gilberto shouldn't be wearing the armband if he is starting every game..........and kolo well he jus doent come across like the guy hucan shout at ppl..he is like the guy everybody likes always smiling that type of dont really think he'd make a gr8 captain and he hasnt come out and voiced his desire to be captain either......cesc on the other hand might make a good captain but i dunno wat it wil do to the egoes of the senior players......
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02/08/2007 14:09:00

As a spud I hope you give it to Gallas, for me he's not captain material. His behaviour at Chelski ought to give you an insight to his personality, and if I'm not mistaken. Did he not make some less than flattering comments about Gooners ambition?
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03/08/2007 02:46:00

I would never, ever believe anything the current Chelsea administration has to say regarding anyone elses character. It's a bit like Myra Hindley lecturing you over unpiad parking tickets. Secondly, he was right to question where this club is going, any player in the current Arsenal squad who is happy with fourth place should leave now.
Little Dutch
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03/08/2007 06:18:00

That's fine LD, but do you want your captain doing it in public. If Wenger is trying to buy a player, and that player reads those comments. That player could interpret those comments as their being a problem in the camp; beside I do recall the furore on here over Freddie's similar comments!
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03/08/2007 06:59:00

There is truth in that, the thing is, I was doing an article on Gallas only last night, and I was looking at the quotes that have caused such furore, and they really are quite tame. The English press are just incredibly selective with what they print. For example, he took responsibility for our poor defending at set pieces, his words were, "I am old enough, I will change it, I will take responsibility." Strangely, that never got published (like when he blamed himself for being injured for so long). If I were an Arsenal target, I would probably look at Gallas and think this is the kind of guy I'd like as a team mate, someone who is never satisfied. Freddie's comments did not trouble me greatly, my interpretation was that it was out of nostalgia, he knew he was surplus to requirements and I think he weas thinking about the days when he was a top player. He always gave his best for us and I bear him no ill feeling. What players say once they've left doesn't really register with me, because they're not Arsenal players anymore. (The reason the hatred to Cole is so strong is because of his behaviour while he was still employed by the club. Though again, personally, I couldn't give a flying ***** about him).
Little Dutch
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03/08/2007 08:58:00

Well LD, I think you'll find Chelski's fans would feel the same way about Gallas as you do about Cole. Or for that matter Wigan fans towards Chimbonda, who I'm glad we signed. But his behaviour leaved a lot to be desired
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03/08/2007 13:21:00

Yeah, but Chelski fans are hardly the most neurologically gifted. Gallas had one year left on his contract and wanted to leave, the club wouldn't let him. That was about the size of it. Not turning up for their American tour was not the way to go about it, but Chelsea hardly treated him with dignity. The way he left Marseilles certainly left a lot to be desired, but Wenger has had "troublesome" players before, and they've never turned out to be the bad boys. The second they did (e.g Petit, Overmars, Henry) they were sold. I can understand Wigan feeling sore about Chimbonda, but Cole's departure was a pretty special case, writing an autobiography trashing your club after you were caught going behind their backs is pretty spectacular. I think possibly only Mo Johnston and Paul Ince in modern history have been quite so stupid. The stuff about own goals that Cheslki came out with is just the most leaky argument I've ever heard. If he threatened to score an own goal in a Semi Final, why did they still pick him? Why wasn't he sued for breach of contract? Why did they try so hard to keep him at the club?
Little Dutch
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03/08/2007 13:47:00

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03/08/2007 15:53:00

"Yeah, but Chelski fans are hardly the most neurologically gifted." Thank you for proving my point daspecial 1. Indeed, you do seem a bit special.
Little Dutch
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03/08/2007 15:57:00

Little Dutch; "henry was sold because he became a troublesome player" Give it a rest. Henry left because he realised the club are moving backwards and are unlikely to win much of any significance for some time. (just like fabregas will realise soon enough). your excuses, making out wenger had had enough of henry and decided to sell him, dont exactly put you in the most "neurologically gifted" light
Report Abuse
03/08/2007 16:44:00

dont really fancy billy as capn . maybe le boss just wants to keep him quiet for a while, imo kolo should be capn and fabregas third capn, bertie remains vice capn
Report Abuse
07/08/2007 12:54:00


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