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Blackburn V Arsenal Team News

Summer signing Eduardo Da Silva will make his debut away to Blackburn.

The teams's are as follows:





Van Persie

SUBS: Almunia, Senderos, Denilson, Song, Bendtner





Santa Cruz

SUBS:Brown, Ooijer, Tugay, McCarthy, Roberts

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Sunday August 19 2007

Time: 2:43PM

Your Comments

How on earth is Savage still on the pitch??? What a *****er!
Dead impressed with the team so far. They've refused to let Blackburn bully them and we've seen some fantastic counter-attacks. Eduardo looks the dogs swingers, let's push on and get a couple more goals in the second half! I hope Gallas' injury isn't too serious, looked like he was in a lot of pain.
Robbie ******** savage again. Toure was pulling his leg away, there was no contact but still Barbie went down like he'd been hit by a tank. Again, how is he still on the pitch??
and Lehman does it again...
Spartan Gooner
Well we lose our composure, and a Blackburn goal soon follows. The boys need to buck their ideas up, stop letting the bully boys get the better of us and show everyone we can overcome these tactics.
Lehmann needs to be nailed to the bench.
Simmy your all wrong here. Its all *****in Lehamnns fault. God damn him. The only goals we have let in this season have been from his stupidass errors.
if wenger has so much faith in the younger players,then its time to put jens firmly in his place ,on the bench,and put in our polish youngster,because i cant go on seeing jens throw our title away by making so many stupid mistakes,he is a liability
fran merida
We probably would have seen that win out but for the mistake by Lehmann. Absolutely gutted, but at least we haven't lost.
Damn right he is. I dont care that he was great in our CL run. Times have changed and his place is on the bench.
It's all over, RvPs second goal marred by another Lehmann howler!!! I have to agree with G4L here. Fabinaski next!!!
Our kids can't keep digging this doddery old teutonic granddad out of his self imposed foxhole, c'mon Arsene give Almunia the chance he's been waiting for.
Just got back from watching the game. Taxi for Lehmann...And a quick one plz!!!!
Do we think we would have held on to the lead if it wasn't for Lehmann's mistake?
Yeah, the game ended as one all. Even though Arsenal drew I am happy they are starting to fight back physically. Would have been nice to end with 3 points though always good to start of strong and gain momentum.
Good question Vin. And the simple answer is...Yep!
Blackburns tactics again was to just kick us out of the game. But what was good to see was that we took it and gave it back!
I still think there are a lot of positives to take out of the game. We did fight back although we didn't control the game in the second half. Blackburn are just a bunch of thugs though, nearly all of them. We're still unbeaten and there'll be no loss confidence (apart from Lehmann!).
I hope someone breaks Savage's leg, I just can't like that player filthy snake.
I don't think we could have held on, Gooner_Vin. Blackburn seemed to be playing better in the second half. I thought an equaliser was imminent but the way it came was kind of shockng. I think a point was good enough. But the filthy, thuggish attitude of Blackburn was disgustung. Why cant they just play football the way it was meant to be played?!?!?!
I think had this game been played last yr.. we wudve lost.. we showed tonnes of resilience and strength and came out of a tough fixture with a respectable point.. I'm just irked at Lehmann, cuz he simply keeps making silly errors.. why flap at something coming straight at you? I thot he was 37? He seems to have lost all his experience suddenly.
We shud hv kept the pressure up in the 2nd half.. how were we able to push for the 2nd goal after their equaliser but not before.. yes lehmann was at fault but so was our tactic to hold on to our 1 goal lead.. had we gone a goal down, we would hv bossed the 2nd half, but why not do it when we were leading.. hope gallas isnt out for long, sad to see our players get yellow for the softest of fouls like the ones for eduardo and flamini..on the positive side, 1) our rivals didnt fare too well either 2) we showed we r not gonna be bullied arnd by the thuggish attitude of opponents 3) we get to see how good man city is really next week at home 4) we'll get back adebayor, rosicky real soon 5) we hv a game in hand which shud put us up in 2nd spot and above newcastle
6) a point away from home to a side who r genuine europe contenders cant be bad
well put mcgooner, your first point especially, we should have killed the game off by pressing for a second goal, particularly when scoring inside 20mins.
To be fair guys, I think we would have equalised anyway, aside from Lehman's howler. He must be feeling like quite a liability at the moment! I thought first half we were using some overtly aggressive tactics that was disappointing to see but I think in the second period we just played good football and matched you guys all the way. A fair result.
I disagree. You really didnt create anything. You hit the post on a header but Lehmann had it covered. You might have scored on one of your set pieces but we defended those pretty well IMO.
The positive of our rivals not fairing well is also a negative, the fact that they messed up should have been good for us to get that extra distance and give us more comfort in our game. I guess it's neutral to be more specific we didn't gain an advantage and we didn't go at a disadvantage.
rovers never looked liked scoring,they may have had some of the play second half but they just didnt create anything from open play,so it was a shocker for lehmann to gift them that goal
fran merida
we probably might have ended up drawing, if lehmann didn't make the mistake. it would be more painful if it was a 90th minute equalizer.
Hi lads, just got back from the game and I must say 1-1 fair result. One thing I must say though is that you may complain about the "thuggery" but Arsenal players dont half go down easily. So many "head injuries"!!! And Rovers ran rings round the Gunners for about 20 mins in the second half... lets try and be impartial guys I know it is hard in the passion of the game but Gamst hit the side netting, Derbyshire nearly scored with a header... 1-1 fairs fair. Accept it.
And one thing guys... you didnt give any kicking back... your players just rolled around on the floor. I know you dont like it but its a mans game. you'll all moan about these posts i know but when you get past the arrogance and bias... its true.
Mikey shut the ***** up if you dont know what your talking about. Your team were a bunch of thugs. You had to see the TV replays to see how god damn dirty u were. Derbyshire tried to break Sagnas hand with a **** move of stepping on it while he was on the ground. Then Gamst purpsely put his cleats in Fabregas head while he was on the ground too.
You want to talk about rolling around on the floor look no futher than you own *****er that is Savage. The only dive in the whole match belonged to him. That had to be the worst dive ever. He went and looked for the contact after Toure had already stepped away.
In the first half the only thing you tried to accomplish in the first half was to get our players injured. Your a small minded idiot if you dont see that. Its a mans game huh? With your *****ty support you cant even fill up ur small stadium. Empty seats everywhere. Enjoy your mans game in the group stages of the UEFA cup cause your not going to make it past that. While we enjoy playing real european giants.
lets not get too carried away gunnerkid.. we're not yet in cl group stages.. if they support their players style of play, its up to them to do that.. what goes arnd comes arnd..nlast nite we were able to combine style with substance and were unlucky not to come home with 3 points.. credit to them as they did something i didnt see any other teams do, that is boss our midfield for a good portion of the 2nd half.. wenger shoud rectify this and if we r not wasteful we can easily rout man city next week to get ourselves running again
It is a shame that Arsenal fans have to hang onto these over the top labels levelled at Rovers. I'm not looking for an argument because I generally enjoy the banter and views of Arsenal fans. However, it is disappointing that just because you were held by a solid and much improved team you have to resort to aged terms. We are physical, yes, that is part of our game and at times, brief incidents suggested we were being a little over physical. However, we did present a good account of ourselves in the second half and did boss your midfield, something not many teams will do. I think also it is fair to point out how petulent your young stars got when things weren't gouing their way, ie when we were controlling the game for long periods in the second half. I also think some of the flash-points you guys have stipulated, such as Derbs 'stamp' and Gamst's knocking of Cesc's head were not intentional incidents. Anyway, I have ranted on long enough. I wish the Arsenal boys all the success for this seaosn and am looking forward to watching Bendtnar mature. He is going to be a real talent.
Rovers did play well in the 2nd half, but that should hardly deflect criticism away from the fouls and physical nature of the team. I thought that Blackburn were tryng to move away from th bully boys tag, but some of the 'physical' football that you speak of is out of line. You call it petulance, but I see that as fighting fire with fire (or something along those lines).
So with your closing comment in mind prits, its fair to say that Arsenal are bullish, thuggish and don't play the game the right way? What did you guys think of Eduardo's debut. I thought he looked average but he is at least confident.
It seems pretty obvious that you had the second half roversman, but your claim that you may be 'a bit' physical is the kind of excuse used to justify your team's over-reliance on muscle and anti-football as a way to try and beat us. You're up to a lot more with some of the players you have, but it's plainly obvious that you decided beforehand to barge us out! If I'm being brutally honest I would have supported this strategy if I was a Rovers supporter, although there are 2 'buts' here: 1- You cant outplay us, so resort to the next best means to achieve points... 2- you end up defending some shocking incidents of thuggery (ie cheating) shown by some of your players.
roversman - nice play on my words, but you know what I meant. If Arsenal complain about Blackburn tactics, then its 'quit moaning, its a mans game and get on with it', but if we use the same methods (in a far less limited manner) in an attempt to counter what is thuggery, then its 'Arsenal are also thuggish, and dont play the game in the right way' ? Seems as if there is no win situation if you are Arsenal.
And the problem here is not with the tactics. I think Arsenal have realised by now that teams with lesser football ability will try to disrupt Arsenal's flow with fouls, and I think we can cope with that as a team. But the violence of some of the tackles, and more importantly, the pre-planned intent is out of line, IMO.
Oh and sorry guys, my rants in a one man defence of my team seem to keep getting larger!
prits, sorry to have played on your words there but I have to defend my boys. I haven't tried to come onto your page with disillusions about us being a non-physical side. I have put my hand up as an objective fan (well as objective as one can be about their own team) and pointed out some of our failings in the first half. It just irritates me when all the talk is of our bullish style. Arsenal are always going to get a physical reception from teams becasue of your cultured passing. We took football to the Emirates last season in what was a thrilling encounter and got thrashed. As much as we continue to strive to play footy we have to be careful against sides like Arsenal. Also, I think the ease with which some of your boys go down and ultimately stay down for longer than is neccessary exemplifies our physical approach! May I also point out that when Sagna had his hand trod on he went down and stayed down. When Samba had his trodden on he got up and carried on despite the pain.
credit to blackburn as mikey gamst and roversman said they did boss our midfield but i tot there was an intenet to cause injury by the black burn players and serious robbie savage wat the ***** is he doing....he goes and knocks aeverybody out and then dives......roversman and mkgamst i ask u.......y do u hav him.seriously he is an embarrasment to football....wat du guys think....btw eduardo was ok.....but seriously we mst sign absolutely gutted that we missed out on anelka he is really looking..there is till time..i jus hope we get we badly need a winger and ne news abt the gallas injury?
All well and good defending your team roversman, but you can't have your cake and eat it ffs! How can you be irritated - you defend their style and at the same time get annoyed with the 'verging on violence' badge. It's your bloody style and its truth - deal with it! Also, please stop trying to dishonestly fudge the issue by calling us actors/pansies etc... You were thuggish and I deny you or God himself to tell me otherwise!
Andy-bayor, where I can admit that our boys can be aggressive and were at points on Sunday, and that Sav can be an embarrasement, you seem to struggle to come to terms with what has become a pre-requisite of playing for arsenal; staying on the ground for long periods following a knock. This is a tactic that you boys regularly deploy away from home. But hey, fair enough, that's just your style! Just as Sav is disturbingly embarrasing at times when he feigns injury and then moment's later clatters into a player, it would seem as though messes Cesc and van Persie have a pencahnt for this annoying tactic. Still, other than the long periods on the floor I thought Arsenal equipped themselves, once again, at Ewood with a brilliant approach to an away game, well in the first half anyway. If you have or do read my match report you will notice I mention that. For that I take my hat off.
I have read your match report, roverman, and commented on it as well, and surprise surprise, the only problem I have with that report is the way you omitted any mention of the excessive fouls by Blackburn, yet castigated Arsenal for their immaturity and petulance :).
prits, that is a fair assesment. As I said on our page thank you for taking the time to read my review. Despite my emissions that you mentioned, I felt I gave a fair reflection of the game. Whenever I write, debate and argue about Rovers I always try and maintain a degree of objectiveness. I'll also take this opportunity, as I have on our pages to thank you guys, the Arsenal Vital crew, for once again engaging in interesting and well constructed debate about our game. Some of you have very negative views and a handful are narrow minded enough not to listen to opposing views. However, the vast majority of you are receptive to other views and once again I have enjoyed the banter with the Gooners! Good luck for the rest of the season adn I'll look forward to re-igniting this debate when we come to the Emirates, although hopefully we won't be hammered this time.
Blackburn are the dirtiest team in the league by far! I hate Mark Hughes, they just cant cut it with fast free flowing football that Arsenal play.
roversman, I went over and read your article and I commend you for trying to be even-handed, as well as appearing to be a very civil chap. What is not acceptable though, is for you to justify your gameplan by blaming us for rolling on the floor too often. Why dont you just say "We tried to kick the feckers off the park, and serves them right... in the end we got a deserved point". Now that would have been more honest!
Alas, I can't please everyone. Thanks for the kind words though Andy-bayor. Good health to all at Arsenal.
shame your team don't feel the same way roversman! christ that was like watching thunderdome yesterday 22 man enter 11 man leave. A slow and painful death to you sobbie ravage.
well said roversman.. in the end 1 point a piece is a fair result.. we'll look forward to the return game and also hope we draw u in the fa or carling cup so that we can return the favour.. and as for the pyhsical approach comments, i think we hv debated on it long enough and we shud put it to rest, for this time at least.. good luck for ur game with the toffees..come on fellow gooners, lets shift our focus on man city and put them where they truly belong

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