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Tiny Totts vs. The Arsenal

White Hart Lane


13:30 BST

Spurs V Arsenal Preview

It's that time already folks. Arsenal V Spurs, Wenger V Jol, the team from South London V the team from Middlesex, it's The North London Derby. (Work that one out?)

Arsenal will travel to the Lane full of confidence after enjoying such a productive start to the season, while watching their smaller neighbours enjoy a less than encouraging start.

Be not fooled by the form of either side, this kind of game is not always about form or talent. If it were, Arsenal could win every North London Derby with 9 men, with their feet tied together, and with blindfolds on...and without a 'keeper. But no, it's not always about that, so don't be suprised to see Spurs pull a goal or 2 out of the hat.

Despite what I've just mentioned, I think it's only right we take a brief look at the form of the two sides.

Spurs have played 5 games to date, winning only one of them (a 4-0 home win against the worst team to have played in the Premiership - Derby). Three defeats and a draw have seen Spurs fighintg for 14th place in the Premiership, as oppose to the 4th they would have us believe they will achieve this season. We saw the most typical of Spurs performances during the last of Premiership games when they took a 3-1 lead away to Fulham, only to throw it away (3-1, and you fucked it up).

Arsenal on the other hand, have been getting the results they deserve, and winning games that last season, they would have drawn. The Gunners have more victories in all competitions than Spurs have managed points in the Premiership.

If you believe the tabloid talk, then Martin Jol's job is in the balance going into this game. If Tottenham win, he'll once again be a hero at Three Point Lane, lose, and he could be out of a job.

Wenger, on the other hand, has confirmed that he'll be with The Arsenal until at least 2011 after signing an extention to his current deal. Arsenal players are already coming out and speaking of the extra bit of unity that

Vital Quotes:

Martin Jol proved how much of a genius he is by not only pointing out that Spurs haven't recorded a victory of The Gunners in 9 years, and that his side are in need of some points: 'It's not only getting above Arsenal it's beating them. That would be a nice thing, because we've not beaten them for nine years.

'The main thing for us is getting points on the board. We have to change things. We're in a position we don't like and we have to improve on that.

'There is not a big gap so if we get the win we'll be fine.'

Arsene Wenger revealed that he never had any doubt he would sign a new deal at Arsenal. Speaking to Sky Sports News the Arsenal manager said: 'I am more committed than ever to do well for the club and I want to go very far with this team because I have strong belief in the players that I work with at the moment.

'There was some scepticism among people but I have always had strong belief in these players.

'You always wonder 'can you do well enough for the club' and you also have to think what kind of orientation you want to give to your life, because at every stage of your career you have to make choices about which way you want to go.

'So you think about it but there was never really any doubt.'

Tiny Totts Team News:

Tottenham welcome back a host of names ahead of Arsenal's visit to 'The Lane.'

Dawson will return after making his comeback against Fulham two weeks ago, Lennon has been in training for a week, so should start, Ekotto also returns along with Tottenham's record signing, Darren Bent.

Pascal Chimbonda is likely to play, despite being arrested during a corruption inquiry on Monday.

The only player missing for Spurs is likely to be the forgotten man that is Ledley King.

Player to watch: Dimitar Berbatov

The only top class player at Spurs, so I could choose no one else.

He is yet to find his shooting boots this season, but class is permanant and all that. If Gilberto slots into that Centre back role, he'll need to keep those long balls at bay.

The Arsenal Team News:

Arsenal welcome back one player from injury in the form of Bacary Sagna.

There are, however, some serious problems in defence. With Djourou out on loan, Gallas injured and Senderos suspended, Arsenal are left with just one fit centre back for the trip up the road. Gilberto is likely to drop back from midfield to compensate, meaning there is a space up for grabs next to Cesc Fabregas in centre midfield. Diarra could get his first taste of proper football in The Premiership, although it's more likely that Flamini will slot in to hassle Tottenham's more creative midfiel...oh sorry, my bad.

Manu Eboue will also be missing with his troublesome ankle injury.

Jens Lehmann is once again 'injuted' after suffering an elbow injury while on international duty.

Player to watch: Eduardo Da Silva

Spurs' defensive pairing of Dawson and Kaboul may be towering and powerful, but neither will like a player like Eduardo. He will be forever moving in the box, making him nigh impossible to mark, while his lethal finishing will pose a threat whenever he is on the pitch.

Match Facts & Stats

Tottenham have managed just one clean sheet in their last 33 Premiership matches.

It's not all bad for Tottenham though, they've lost just one of their last 18 home games - the 3-1 defeat at the hands of Everton last month

Arsenal haven't lost a game since April 7th when they lost 1-0 at home to West Ham

Arsenal have already been awarded 3 penalties this season, scoring 2 of them

Match Prediction:

I had a dream that Arsenal won 6-7, but that's too outrageous. I always worry a bit when we go to The Lane, so I'm going to go for a 1-1 draw. Eduardo to score for Arsenal, Bent for Spurs.

Likely line ups:

Spurs: (4-4-2) Robinson, Chimbonda, Dawson, Kaboul, Bale, Lennon, Jenas, Zokora, Malbranque, Keane, Berbatov.

Arsenal: (4-4-2) Almunia, Sagna, Toure, Gilberto, Clichy, Hleb, Fabregas, Flamini, Rosicky, Van Persie, Eduardo.

Those Arsenal fans who are making their way to White Hart Lane should take care, most Spurs fans tend not to be welcoming when we're there.

And as Danny Dyer says: 'They've got a naughty little firm.'

The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 14 2007

Time: 2:25AM

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2-1 to Arsenal. Persie and Rosciky to score.
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14/09/2007 03:16:00

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14/09/2007 04:02:00

I think Ade will start ahead of Dudu, but you're right about Flamini. It will be a cracker of a game, and I expect a lot of goals (the Spurs defence are normally generous, and the Arsenal defence is not 1st choice). I will go with a draw 2-2, though Arsenal might just nick this one 2-3.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 04:30:00

Right norty li'l manna
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 07:49:00

This one's difficult to predict, because the internationals stopped any run anybody might have had. They have a number of players just coming back from injury, and should be lacking sharpness. On our side, Gilberto travelled very far, and our team might not be as finely in tuned as we like. We're still going to beat them, except if all that stuff about the new spirit in the squad was just idle talk.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 08:44:00

QOute of the day by Gardner "there is nothing sweeter than beating Arsenal". How the **** does he know????
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 08:50:00

i heard that Gibba wouldn't be playing as he had a game for Brazil in midweek.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 09:00:00

2-1 to Arsenal. Adeybayor scoring both.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 09:06:00

*Sorry, Adebayor.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 09:07:00

thfc till you die, let's hope that's sooner rather than later. One less moron in the world will benefit everyone.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 10:31:00

thfctillidie thats pathetic mate
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 10:38:00

Hatespur. You have misquoted Tony Gardner. Say sorry
Jacky B
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 12:03:00

I think my comment on thfc just got deleted.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 12:05:00

thats cos his got deleted. what did he say? lol
Jacky B
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 12:07:00

I just hope Sopcast play this game, I've waited 2 weeks for it!!!
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 12:20:00

He was the usual cyber warrior sort Jacky.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 12:24:00

hatespur, SAY SORRY!
Jacky B
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 12:26:00

say sorry hatespur jacky's getting edgy and thats the only spurs fan with any sense...
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 13:51:00

THATS ITS! he better hope i don't see him tomorrow
Jacky B
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 13:57:00

Bloody sorry already. It won't happen again.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 13:59:00

Rocky, why delete the idiot remarks? I know that overt racism and direct threats are out of bounds, but in this case we could let people see things as they are. This guy basically issued a general threat that he would be kicking the crap out of anyone he came across after the game if Spuds lost. No harm in leaving that for folk to see and wonder what percentage of his brethren are like him.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:05:00

apology not accepted!
Jacky B
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:06:00

Andy-bayor. I police the article comments network wide as well as site eds, not sure if it was me or rocky who deleted the post you are talking about, we delete very few (less than 1%) but anything racist or violent has to go, if the poster repeats them they also have to go! I think there is a boundary between showing the poster up for what he/she is (and I agree with the point you are making) but also keeping the threads suitable for all users to read. We simply can't keep threats to members/fans there although we can report serious threats to the police and the users isp.
The Fear
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:12:00

In which case.....Martin Jol said this morning "I have a massive head and a poo football team. The club were right to search abroad for a successor because i'm a fool and I am a lookylikey for Elmo Putney".
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:13:00

And Arsene Wenger said "I have good eye sight, and am I a sore loser and a ninny"
Jacky B
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:17:00

lol, a ninny??? Great word.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:21:00

Lol. I do like to use it. Pretty apt for asswhole whinger
Jacky B
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:24:00

Fair enough The Fear, no qualms with what you guys need to do. If you want to sanitise it, you could just leave their name there but replace the comment with stock lines like "Violent/Racist Remark Deleted." People ought to know the kind of thing they can expect if for example choose to visit WHL!
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:31:00

Oh and I forgot to say: Don't deny me or I'll be round to nut you!
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:31:00

I hope you don't have a patent on it. I might be nicking it from time to time.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:35:00

Gilberto must be tired. If the fat on jol's face hasn't covered his eyes yet, he should know that, and play fast guys on Gilberto.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:37:00

Yes he must be worn out bless him. Having to lay in a bed in business class for ten hours must be awful. Especially after paying all of 3 Premiership games. Poor little lamb. I'll have to say a prayer for him when my alarm goes off at 5.30 a.m for work every day of the f***** week.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:49:00

"Yes he must be worn out bless him. Having to lay in a bed in business class for ten hours must be awful. Especially after paying all of 3 Premiership games. Poor little lamb. I'll have to say a prayer for him when my alarm goes off at 5.30 a.m for work every day of the f***** week." hatespur lmao. assuming you're on the average income, you do so for about 1/20th of what Bert earns.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:55:00

wish i was a football earning loads of money, driving expensive cars, flying first class and playing football twice a week, and training a few hours a day, must be a hard life !
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 14:56:00

Exactly simmy. You detected the sarcasm in my post then? It does pee me of a tad this tiredness rubbish. Being out for 12 hours a day, only to get home and bath the kids and read them stories and try to get bit of grub down my neck in between, i do find it hard to sympathise.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 15:04:00

bathing the kids and reading stories should be a pleasure! though a tiring one. Do you read them Tony adams autobiography? Or is it the Perry Groves one you go for? both should be written in English basic enough for youngsters to grasp ;)
Jacky B
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 15:55:00

though tough as being a dad is hatespur, it can't be worse than being a football, like PUREGOLD. He must get fed up of being kicked around all day!
Jacky B
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 15:57:00

I hope you smash the spuds and give them a reality check. They think top four is on the cards but it could easily be bottom four after the weekend.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 16:02:00

Have you read Gazza's autobiography Jacky?? I think it was ghost written by 5 bellies (not Paul Robinson, Gazza's mate Jimmy).
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 16:36:00

Anyone fancy Adebayor with Eduardo tomorrow? It would good to see a target man and a goal poacher play together. Eduardo would cause mayhem on the spuds defence with his runs.
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 16:40:00

PG where have you been?
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 18:15:00

Of course Berbatov is a player to watch. But we need to watch Gareth Bale too, especially when we're still not sure if Sagna's 100% or if he'll play RB/CB, with Gilberto a doubt as well. And they have Lennon coming back, though I doubt if he's 100% yet. Oh, their Chimbonda got arrested I heard? LOL
Report Abuse
14/09/2007 19:12:00

hey lucky, its silly season at work, i am doing 3 peoples job at the moment ! i do look in, but rarely, am trying to get back here more often though. having read most of this , i think it is fair to say, footballers are overpaid without doubt, where the general public earn in a year what they earn in a week , work longer hours and find the money to support our teams.
Report Abuse
15/09/2007 10:19:00

Come on the Gunners, win me some money and further condemn those under your shadow. Good luck for today.
Report Abuse
15/09/2007 11:50:00


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