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Arsenal vs. Man Utd

Ashburton Grove



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Preview: Arsenal v Salford

With Mr Simmonett laid up in a hospital bed with a broken ankle, it has been left up to yours truly to publish the match pre-view.

This will mostly likely be the easiest article I've ever written for Vital Arsenal as I am crapping myself too much to put any effort in, instead using this as a place for members to discuss pre-match issues.

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Paul Mustchin of Vital Arsenal:- 'I'm crapping myself'

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This will be the first match this season that I am crapping myself about.

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Coward Webb - I am especially crapping myself about the ref.

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Prediction? I predict I will crap myself before kick off.

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The Journalist

Writer: Paul "Crapping Himself" Mustchin Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday November 2 2007

Time: 7:29PM

Your Comments

Sounds like a bowel disorder of Tottenhamesque proportions!
This one of a very few fixtures that has me worried for weeks before hand. I was lucky enough to get a ticket for last seasons home win over United and I honestly thought I was going to die of a heart attack. But nearly died of joy in the 93rd minute. Thierry Henrys last ever contribution to his goals tally.....and what a belter!!
See Gordon Mcqueen on SKY ?...he says that they are a better side than us and he doesn't think many if any players would get in the Utd team !!...Also Ferdinand and Evra are better than Gallas and Toure....hope that the Utd pair do the same marking as they did last time at the Emirates !!...Specially when crosses come in lol
Let them think what they want radar.....we know where the quality lies!!!
I know what you mean. It's sometimes difficult to enjoy games like this as you get so wrapped up in the outcome. There are times when I just want the thing to be over and hope that the result has gone our way. The thought of sitting through 90+ agonising minutes when anything can happen is difficult to endure. Still, maybe we'll be 4 up in the first 10 minutes in which case I'll feel pretty relaxed and enjoy the game!
That would be the only scenario in which I could totally relax Amos, though they'd probably need to be down to nine men. Still, these are the games that make you love football (when you win).
That's a lot of crap for no good reason big man. We will win 3-1. How did the other fat git break his ankle then?
Rocky TH14 scored against Boro at the riverside after his late Man U winner.
I want to hear this story of simmys broken Ankle.
I believe Nick stood up and his ankle just couldnt take the weight. And Gunnerkid, if that's right you've spoiled my fantasy that I was there when Henry scored his last goal for Arsenal :(
Dave - The only reason I managed to make it through the last home clash with Man Utd because some old gimmer plyed me with plenty of beer prior to, and after kick off!!!!!
I can't help but appreciate the time and effort that went into this :-(
Why thank you Merlin, there's almost as much crap in here as one of your Liverpool wind up articles ;)
one of the best previews ive ever read...!!!! ;)
HENRY`14 someone mailed me this video ....check it out ...ITS HILARIOUS!
That old boy leads you astray too does he? We must steer clear of him in future ;o)
3 things that will happen in this game : A) Bad refereeing. B) A controversial decision caused by a dive from Manyoo Winger that will result in a goal. C ) Arsies will concede the first goal.
wonderfully crafted emotionally engaging piece of art! beautifully written. u should do it every week!
Kev, 1 thing tha will happen this season. Chelsea will not win the title!
Ozi Gooner
paul, the team news was very engaging. hahaha. nice one mate. anyways i feel the same as you, going to ikea to buy some furniture today proudly wearing my arsenal shirt. wearing brown pants tho just in case. arsenal 3-2. late winner.
an honest and well written article.... especially after a few drinks...
Excellent article, blow my mind, wish i could write like this. 2-2 draw. :)
will it ever happen
You know what kev, that all sounds far too familiar, and that we've heard that many times before :( God why is this taking so long......I just want it to be over.
Ozi Gooner, I never said we would. You are the firm favourites to win it, and if you lose your current position to some another team, your player's morale will drop faster than USA's current economy.
all hail mr. mustchin...and wat an ordeal we r in for.........i dont think i got this tensed even for the cl final
Man I'm feeling worse as time goes on......I'm off to the butty shop now for some breakfast!!
Cant wait for this myself. Only an hour to go now.
The turtles head is hanging out!!
Let the turtle run free baby, c'mon you gunnnnersss!!!!!, lets send their plazzy manc fans back to Kent in tears - like their talisman skippy the diving bubbling portugese ladyboy. ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL
we've got blackburn away in carling cup.. revenge on the cards
Bacon and egg sarnies downed, massive bottles of Stella chilled and ready to sink, tv on, COME ON YOU GUNNERS!!!
kick off in a few minutes........fingas crossed......
Cross out bad refereeing and Arsenal will concede the first goal. Now all we need is a CR dive. The Kevmeister gets it right again.
Oh, if it makes you feel better. You won't lose this game. You won't win it either.
Yep you appear to be right on the button so far Kev......Howard Webb is the biggest **** on the earth.
I take back my apology from last week to Almunia. Any keeper who is that ***** at the near post shouldnt be playing for Reading let alon Arsenal. HE IS *****E!
Ozi Gooner
We were actually a bit unlucky with that goal. Rooney's "shot" was never going in, Gallas OG for me. To be fair to United (cheating ******** Andersson aside) they have shut us out very well.
Come off it OZI, how could you compensate for a shot that was not even going towards goal to hit you defender in the arm and wrong foot you? Definately wasn't Almunia's fault.
HAHAHAHAAHA, Arsene thought he was gonna hug him. Hahahah...
I think we need to start games 1-0 down we seem to play better that way :P
so tired of predicting results...that was one of the funniest goals I've ever seen. The lad was so nervous that he kicked the ***** out of the air. lol. Now rocky, please, give credit to the Kevmeister. All of my predictments came true. : p
WOW... I'm really proud of ARSENAL... GOONER TILL I DIE
i just turned 10 yrs OLDER !!! i cant stop shaking !! we really r looking like champions...!!
Now we know that Niko turns into Tony Montana when he's drunk.
A great call by the linesman!!
If the officials didn't give that goal I was prepared to fly to England and kick the crap out of all four of them! Van Der Sar's arse was touching the back mesh on the first shot across the line by Gallas...looked like it crossed the line two more times before they finally figured it out. I'd say that was a satisfying heartrate is slowly starting to drop back to normal.
Almunia is a *****in' comedy act Rocky. After that second goal are you still gonna argue bout it?
Ozi Gooner
lOL Kev lad I'm just a lickle tired and emotional, don't blame the midday bottle of voddy, thats the easy way out ;)
Also another stone wall penalty turned down by Webb when the ball came off Hargreaves arm in the box, what a *****in' clown, if it wasn't for that muppet we would have had 6 points from the last 2 games in stead of 2.
Ozi Gooner
and you really don't wanna see my not so little friend :0
fair result... *****in electric in the pub..... thats a prem winning performance from our boys.. good things will come if we can keep this up.
The CC draw was this morning too and we have to go to Ewood park for the quarter finals. Liverpool travel to Stamford bridge.
almunia is a good keeper but hes not good enough to be our NO January we need a new keeper with out doubt
Webb is fkin female genitalia, pure coward - grow some bastid sphericals you unflushed ferkin toilet
I'm sure I don't niko, I'm sure I don't. Oh well, Gelzea ( as Avram calls it) will play now. Farewell, and congrats on tha result.
man that was a good game...if only we kept our concentration at the back, but a good draw anyway. The only negative is that we have let chelsea back into the race :(
yahoooooooooooo.. back to the top and lets roll on guys.. still top of table after the acid test.. we've got a couple of games we can win and lets open up a 3 point gap over utd with our game in hand.. credit where it's due, manyoo were terrific in their counter attacks and if we didnt turn all our possesion into goals, it would hv ended a sad day.. very brave call from wenger calling on gilbert and eduardo for hleb and rosicky who i thought were our men of the match.. almunia, hmmm i think the door has slightly opened for lehmann, i think lehmann'll play midweek, adebayor was great in linking up play but he is missin van persie and the sooner we get him back the better it is for adebayor
Concentration at the back my *****i' arse, if only we had a keeper that could even be number 1 at the special olympics. He is a joke, how can a keeper playing for a team at the top of the PL not be able to save at the nesr post and not realise that Evra is much, much, much, much quicker than him? If we want to stay top of the PL we need to get this clown off the field quick. I'd play Lehamnn on mushrooms over that Eminem wannabe.
Ozi Gooner
I'm not denying Almunia is not the ideal long term choice between the stick OZI, just that the dude was in no way responsible for that first goal. I'm ******** knackered after that match, I was shattered when Ronaldo scored thought there was no way back, but Captain Fantastic saved the day.
I guess we have to give credit to the officials. So much has been said about them but this time we have to take our hats off to them. A game changing decision in the dying minutes a top of the table clash isn't always easy to make.
Mate at least if he was within a metre of his near post he wouldnt have looked like a retarted goldfish for the first and for the second I dont even have any insults, it was *****in' stupid i am truly lost for words. Both they may have scored anyways but he still doesn't have to try so hard to make himself look like a polished bell-end. I also think Lehmann would've saved the first and had a chance on the second and if there is one place on the field you should never except mediocrity it is between the sticks.
Ozi Gooner
I don't think Almunia was at fault for the first goal and the second goal was poor defending before poor goal keeping. But yes i agree we need a new goal keeper in January or start fabianski.
No way was it Almunia's fault on the first, Ozi. Gallas touch took it away from him.
yet again the *****in ref cost us two points. we had a clear penalty on hleb in the first half, and hleb was clearly fouled by the **** brown in the build up to united's first goal. but great effort by the lads, what a comeback in the end..
Oh come on lucky, the ref wasn't so bad. A drew was deserved in my opinion.
but you tell me, wasn't it a foul on Hleb by Vidic. didnt he pull Hleb's shirt? and didn't Brown push Hleb in Rooney's first goal?
I thought the ref was a complete ****, though I don't think Hleb was fouled, Brown used his body well.
yohoo just got home from the pub...WOW now that was a game. the first goal was not almunias fault but on the second a called goal before ronaldo had the ball sorry but is drop him instantly he is not title winning material try fabianski if we have to.
ooppss i meant i'd drop him
Rocky he clearly pushed
I don't think that was a foul on Hleb by either Brown or Vidic nor was it a handball by Tevez. I'm saying the linesman has to be given credit for making such a courageous decision too.
Rocky he clearly pushed Hleb away. and what about Vidic pulling Hleb's shirt and bringing him down in the box? i'm so *****ed off right now..
yea almunia should have held his line and left the defender deal with the prob for the 2nd...
It certainly was a penalty, no doubt about it. But in the lead to their first goal? Not for me. Football IS a contact sport and all Brown did was issue a good old fashioned shoulder charge, Hleb was moving so quickly he lost his feet. Not a foul.
and Almunia came off his line twice, and got punished the second time. i don't think he should have come that far, and the defenders were no where to be seen when Ronaldo tapped it in. i would give Jens one more chance before Fabianski, but the boss will continue with Almunia for the moment. ***** man two points dropped..
and why did Arsene take off both Hleb and Rosicky off in the last ten minutes when the score was still 1-1. the win was clearly there for the taking, and he took off both the flair players and brought on Gilberto. and if that penalty was given, it would have been a totally different game with us leading so early..
I would consider it a point gained. Coming back against one of the strongest teams in England in the last 10 minutes is never easy. We should give credit to ourselves. No one can question our title credentials now(Although, I hope they do).
Anyone else thought Rosicky looked disappointed when he got sent off? He didn't even thank the crowd. That scares me a little to be honest. He didn't have the best of games again.
I'm sorry not sent off. I meant when he was taken off. Ooops!
I wouldn't look into it too much. He could possibly have wanted to leave on a high note but we were not winning he may have felt that he let the fans down.
Rosicky was fine todya and anyone would look disappointed if they got taken off against Man U.
Ozi Gooner
I do worry about Tommy, he has so much to offer be seems to be the make way every game, he may get sick of it after so long. Still if we bring in Nasri he may be off anyway ;)
Can anyone here seriously say Almunia is a Pl winning keeper? He is no Cach, Seamen, Schmeichel or Lehmann that is for *****in' sure!
Ozi Gooner
We all know Wenger will bring some one in later. But for the time being, he's better than Lehmann and we should stick by him.
I would have thought that Jens deserved to be dropped for his clangers to make sure his concentration was 100% from here on in, but after the disgusting things he has been saying I dont want him in the goal.
Yeah I beleive Almunia is our weak link in the team. Still he should start ahead of Lehman. Lehman brings bad karma he is a disfunctional guit I don't care if he reaches the best of his game yet again I feel he should leave in January for what he said partially to make an example of him as the team is young they may try this stupidity if they realise it goes unpunished.
Agree with gunners here. Lehmann's got to go. He hasn't even apologised. But till Wenger buys a new keeper, Almunia should be playing simply because he has more experience than Fabianski.
Talk about highs and lows... or lows and highs as the case may be... had a brilliant time with a load of Burmese Gooners in my local... thought for once that the game lived up to its hype for once, and it was good to see that the game was played with very little of the cynical gamesmanship that so often marred this fixture in the past. IMO we played the better football, though the mancs were awesome on the counter and defended superbly. In the end Id have to say a draw was a fair result, and other than a few niggley fouls that should have gone our way, the ref had a fairly decent game. MOTM is a tough call but i think Hleb takes it once again... All in all a great advert for the prem and a nail bitingley (?) good game....PS Ozi, soz mate I think you're being a tad harsh, I'd much rather have Manu in goal, but to each their own eh?
Too many JDs and tabs though... feel like a sack of $h!te now....
Little unfair re comments about Almunia. He did make a mess of the 2nd Utd goal, but you can't say he's let us down since taking over from Lehman this season. I was at the game today and Utd are a class act. The result was a fair reflection of the game, and it has shown me that we can compete with the best this season and a win next week in Champions League will give us the 'perfect start' to the season in my eyes.
What a game !! Fair call there, Kaotek. A draw was a fair result for both teams, though there would have been no complaints had Arsenal nicked a win. We controlled the game though ManU's executed their plan well by hitting us on the counter very well. Good call on Gallas' goal, to be honest, I didnt know what was going on. Good performance all round by the lads.
I can't believe that some people are calling for a new keeper ??...are we going to need a new keeper everytime we concede a goal or two ? We are sitting at the top of the league - unbeaten - with a game in hand and talking about replacing the keeper !! If you were offered this pre-season would you have turned it down ? And if somebody told you we would go thirteen games undefeated with Almunia in goal to achieve that...would you have said we need a new keeper ??.....the mind boggles !!!
It isn't this game why I think Arsenal need a new keeper. Almunia just doesn't fit even his body language he himself looks like he can't beleive he is where he is ( though he is happy). I don't think he should leave Arsenal but I see him as a cover goal keeper. Thinking about it I don't think Arsenal need to buy a new keeper Fabianski still needs to prove himself. I want Lehman to leave though he is like a rotten apple, a rotton apple that can spread to the others.
Blaming Almunia for either goal is over the top. There hasn't been anything in Fabianski's performances that mark him out yet as a better keeper and Lehmann has made more than one clear error in his appearances so far. United played a good game today but at this level whoever scores the first goal is going to be able to dictate the pattern of the game. We went out to win it in the second half but needed to be in a position to play them on the counter in the last 20 minutes. As we were still 'chasing' the game, though not behind, it suited their game plan and they are a good enough side to take advantage of it.
Blaming Almunia for the goals is not on, for me. ManU were just plain lucky with the 1st goal, coz that shot was not going in without the Gallas deflection. Almunia actually had the shot covered. It was poor defending with the 2nd one, too much space for the ManU attackers.
Gunners....I can understand the idea that we would always want to improve the team but I think that contemplating replacing Almunia at this stage of the season would be complete madness. There is fantastic spirit running right through the club and the team needs continuity......Ask our back-four if they fancy bedding in a new keeper this season......I can imagine the type of answer you would get....As long as the results keep going our way there is no need for any changes !
Yeah I understand that point, right now there is a balance in the team and I can accept that. If Arsenal replaced him I could understand why, I just don't want Lehman to go back in goal for his words I seriously beleive he should leave in January I have lost all the respect I held for him.
I was the game today. Great atmosphere but personally I feel more tension in these games against Man Utd tha any other side. Can't overstate just how important that equaliser is. And it was brilliant at the end singing to the United fans "we are top of league, say we are top of league!"
Listen to Ferguson dribble from the hole under his nose! 'I think Howard Webb has a great chance to be the top referee but today was a big game for him and, at times, he favoured Arsenal,' Ferguson told MUTV. 'Their second goal came from him not giving a free-kick for a foul on Louis Saha on the far side. It should have been a foul for us.' 'It is very difficult for the referee,' he said. 'On our bench, we were getting terrible abuse from people two or three feet away from us. 'There is a lack of security here. It is absolutely disgraceful the abuse you and your staff take. All sorts of things are been shouted and screamed at you and there is an absolute danger here.'
I thought Almunia was very poor today. He rushed out too many times for balls he just couldn't get & at one point in the 2nd half he would've definately given away a penalty had Evra not played a quick ball into the box just before he got clattered by Almunia. I'm just glad the linesman saw that goal at the end because everybody else missed it, including the ref!! Van Der Sar trying to make out it hadn't crossed the line at the end of the game was disgraceful!! Webb was poor again & the linesman who flagged Adebayor offside fairly early in the game when he was clean through must have been on drugs, because he was being played on by their right back & it wasn't a difficult decision, then there was Hleb who was clearly brought down after having his shirt pulled off him. All in all I can live with a draw but its disappointing that although this game was a much closer contest than the Liverpool game, we were very slightly the better side & yet again its only 1 point. If the match had been at OT I'd be a lot happier than I am, being at the Emirates I feel fed up, because you always want to win all home games against your big rivals!
Ashburton Gooner
drop almunia and buy buffon
Who got it all right? Who who who who who ? Who predicted everything correcttly ? Who who who who who....
There is no crisis here...Almunias errors of judgement today will have not gone un-noticed by the coaching staff and I am sure he will get the message.I don't believe for one minute that he can't learn a lesson from that and put it right. He had a bad day at the office. Lets give the guy a never know...
yeesh. I am only just now back to 'almost' normal functioning levels. My head has been *****in killing me since the game. Beers last night, early beers and a high pressure match, shouting, and over exuberant celebrations do not sit well with me today.

I honestly thought we'd get turned over today, I've felt it for a number of weeks, what with the way the mancs had played themselves into form. But we played our good game, Hleb was again magnificent, Almunia less so. Befor etheir second goal, we had a warning of Evra making his late break into the area, and of Almunia rushing out unnecessarily from his goal to the same position where he was when the goal was conceded. Both went unheeded, which was disappointing to say the least. But the fighting spirit was there, so was the possession. All in all, a fair result, and I actually think Webb ended up having a fairly good game.

One other thing that REALLY fecked me off, was Anderson, going up to the ref and waving a imaginary yellow card to try and get cesc boked after a tackle. That kinda **** gets me seething, I hate it when one of our players does it, i hate when an opposition player does it. And my god he looks like an annoying little ****, no wonder he plays for manyoo...

»»Arsene Knows««
What a brilliant game. Third-Gen match report can be found here:
Well kev, you you you you you you didn't get it all right. You predicted Ronaldo would cheat by diving that will give a goal to Man Utd. Anyway, wow, you must be so proud of yourself to guess that there will be bad refereeing from a guy who's not performing well recently and as for Arsenal conceding, well, three things can happen either Arsenal scores first, Man scores first or no team scores. So the odds are 1 in 3 that you will guess right. You must be a gambling man. In that case, I will not play blackjack against you, in risk of losing all my money.
For me the culprit is really Adebayor. Okay Alumia made a bad mistake on the second United goal as anyone with a decent mind would know Evra would cross for Ronaldo/Carrick. Adebayor's finishing was very bad yesterday. A couple of clear chances were squandered by him. Eduardo also fired the ball into the stands when he should have at shot on target. I still can't figure out why Wenger would sub Rosicky and Hleb out together.
Great game to watch as a neutral. Could that last minute goal prove crucial come May?
He tried to dive during the second goal but didn't lose his balance, that did , however, confuse almunia, who thought ronaldo was out of the play. Making almunia rush towards evra. See, I did get it all right.
Why the name Salford?

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