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Manchester United vs. Arsenal

Old Trafford



United V Arsenal Preview

Arsene Wenger is almost certain to rest some key players, despite the massive list of injuries going into a crucial few days of Arsenal's season. More on all that later.

No matter what team Arsene Wenger fields, you can bet your life it'll be an enthralling game. Arsene Wenger will stick to his guns and play an attacking lineup, although he could well set up with a 4-5-1 to offer more defensive stability. That would certainly be wise considering Sagna is out for personal reasons, and Clichy is a doubt with a hamstring problem.

Ol' purple nose has confirmed he will tinker with his team slightly, with one or two changes being made.

There's no doubt that Fergie will have his team well up for this one after two poor performances in the league.

Both managers will be desperate to avoid a replay as fixtures mount up for the Premiership run-in, while the Champions League kicks off again on Tuesday.

United may not have won either of their last two games, but they've conceeded just 4 goals in their last eight games, while scoring 18 goals in that time!

Last six (league and FA Cup): P6 W4 D1 L1

Arsenal's form is pretty good too. we've conceeded just two in our last six League and FA Cup games, and scored 15. Not bad eh?

Arsenal last six (league and FA Cup): P6 W5 D1 L0.

So with both teams in such fine fettle, and with the intense rivalry between the two managers back, it's all set for a fantastic match.

Arsene Wenger gave us a clue about his tactics in his pre-match press confrence when he spoke about Ronaldo. The Arsenal manager said: 'The only way to stop Ronaldo is to get him to defend.'

Vital Quotes:

Fergie actually had some words of praise for Arsenal, and warned everyone to 'fasten their seatbelts' ahead of the match: 'Fasten your seatbelts.'

'It will be a typical United-Arsenal game, full of great commitment, with competitive football, but good play as well. Both teams play good football.

'Over the 20-odd years I've been here, Manchester United and Arsenal have been competing for trophies most of the time.

'For me personally, it has been a challenge against George Graham and now with Arsene Wenger.

'These two clubs are run the right way and here for the long run when you look at the structure of both clubs.

'You know that in five or six years time there won't be many fundamental changes, given the ages and composition of both sets of players.'

Arsene Wenger said his team will dig deep and fight when they line up tomorrow: 'We will dig deep tomorrow because we want to win the game and we want to qualify.'

'Manchester United are a big club and certainly they will want to respond to the two disappointments they had recently, so it promises to be an interesting tie tomorrow.

'We will fight, don't worry. It's always better to win because it makes you stronger.

'I believe highly in that influence. You want to win and you want to win the big games especially because it makes your whole squad stronger.

'And I certainly feel they are still in the title race anyway. Two games ago we were second.

'That shows you how quickly it can change from one day to the next. And this year, it changes very quickly.'

Manchester United Team News:

United will be without skipper Gary Neville and Frenchman Mikel Silvestre. Louis Saha returns from a knee injury to give United a more direct option up front.

England striker Wayne Rooney returns from his suspension, as does left back Patrice (annagram of Pat Rice) Evra.

Player to watch: Ronaldo

As much as I wouldn't piss on him if he was on fire, he's a fantastic footballer and will pose a massive threat to Arsenal's goal, espically when he moves down the flanks with Clichy and Sagna missing.

Arsenal Team News:

Where do I start? It'd be quicker to give you a list of players that are fit, rather than those that are injured.

No one returns from injury since Monday, but both Kolo Toure and Manu Eboue return from international duty.

As I've mentioned, Sagna is out for personal reasons, while Clichy (knee and hamstring), Adebayor (muscular problem) and Song (muscular problem) join Arsenal's worryingly large injury list.

Player to watch: Eduardo Da Silva

The clinical Crozillian could be crucial with the likelyhood of their being very few chances. His deadly finishing will cause Van Der Sar problems if he get's any chances.

Ref Watch:

Little Alan Wiley will referee the match. If I'm not mistaken, he's got history with Rooney? Mind you, like most English Referees, he seems to have a dislike for Arsenal.

Match Prediction:

Although Arsenal have been in good form at both ends of the pitch, all their injuries will cost them a place in the next round. Manchester United 3-1 Arsenal. The return of Rooney, Evra and Saha is a massive boost, while the loss of Adebayor is a massive one for Arsenal.

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The Journalist

Writer: Nick Simmonett  Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday February 16 2008

Time: 12:14AM

Your Comments

This is too long :oP
I am usually an optimist but looking at the squad, seems to me that AW is resting everyone for Milan and the league, which means that a draw would be a result. I hope the lads give a good account of themselves.
nothing but a draw will do!having said that i trust wenger enough to beleive in what he does and i can see us just knickin it fingers crossed1-0 or maybe 2-1 to us,watch this space
the arsenal
The injuries may well be real but they are also convenient if they are back stronger for the Milan game - and the even more important PL game against Brum. The result of this game won't matter at all in the longer run if it increases our chances of winning one of the other two trophies. For once I will go with Simmo feeling that a loss may ultimately benefit us more.
I can't see us winning this game anymore, we just have too many injuries now and have to concentrate on the CL. We really need to get a better physio team because these injuries seem to been happening too often for it to be just coincidence or bad luck.
UNITED,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED Finish the job we started, and knock the goons out of the cups, , ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED and I can't stand the Manc's, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED, ,...... UNITED
Ding dong, One would have thought that since you librarians are so incridibly sucessfull you hardly would even notice you were about to attend a minor game such as the one presented to you this weekend....I guess your club is slipping then....
Blue is the colour
Yid edy....Seriously fella...
Blue is the colour
Blue is the colour
I think it's one of those games where we could either give them a great fight and perhaps end up winning, which would be a great result given our injuries, or be trounced.
personally we would rather be knocked out of the fa cup and make it in the cl and the league!those are the trophies i really covet but we will surely give the mancs a fight in this one lose or win
the arsenal
i cant stand the mancs. i hope our team rips them apart. i love hear what excuses fergie comes up with this team. whos he going to blame this time? COME ON LADDSSSSSSSSS
Blue is the colour of your unused knob
Still using that HTML to get attention aswell, tut tut.
Another pessimistic prediction eh Simmo? :P But on this occassion I have a reason to agree with you.I think you do have to be pessimistic when going to old trafford because if you do win then its a great suprise! However we have so many injuries and as per bloody usual United are almost at full strength, and even if they do rest a couple of players, it will be extremely difficult to beat a very good side. Mind you, stranger things have happened though....
ok lads, this is one game i don't think we are up for. we have too many injuries, our squad is down to 14 fit players and alot are missing. united are favs, the bookies give them as fav just, i think this could be our exit, i cannot see united playing badly for the 3rd game in a row. i just hope we don't brawl or get a player sent off. yes wembley would be nice, but i would prefer moscow and the prem league myself. sorry to be pesimestic, i just can see a win, and we won't wanrt a draw this stage of the season.
I will also go with simmo here. A loss looks likely though I would like a fighting performance from our lads. I feel a loss would actually be better for us to focus on the Premiership which is the trophy I'd like to see the club win.
its gonna hurt if we lose this one,but i'd sooner be top of the league and have a better chance V AC milan
Anything but a draw!! That would be disasterous!
The line-up looks much better than I thought it'd be... I have a sneaky feeling that...
Lou the Gunneress
3-0 what a disaster
Im drowning in my own urine,*****ing my pants! How ***** are you
n17 yid
With that white kit on you mugs look very much like derby!
n17 yid
i dont know wats goin thru the player's minds.. none of them seem to be up for the match
WTF???????? Tottenh*a VS Arsenal Part II this is.. Only worse. Trarore and Lehmann have been extremely poor so far. Feckin terrible....If we lose this and NOT win the league I'll be *****!ng *****ed off....
fair enough.given our injury list and priority.and hoyte too.i'm missing flamini..
Our players just don't look like that they want it enough and United's players do want it.
No fluid to out play at all. looks like their half asleep. i don't mind us losing but dont wana get thrashed.
Youngest in Charge
Absolutely pathetic display. If Wenger continues with this stupid policy of having such a small squad which clearly cannot cope with all the competitions then he should just throw the mickey mouse cup & the FA cup in the first round by playing the academy side & that way we wont have to go through things like this. I don't see how losing 6 or 7 nil to Utd will benefit the club in any way, shape or form!!.................n17 yid, you should be used to seeing a team in white get humiliated, after all it happens to the spuds every other week!!
Ashburton Gooner
n17 yid, you're saying nothing new. You've been doing that for the last 9 years. oh, and we're absolute pants. Eboue, Berto and Traore are out of it, 2 shots three goals conceded. *********.
fu(kin' disgrace.....
Spartan Gooner
I remember way back when we lost to United. You came on our site saying how just because we beat you 5-1 we were nothing special and that United rightfully put us in our place...what a load of BS. Now I'm glad Hleb said you guys have forgotten all about the hammering we gave you. Now he can start fresh with a mauling from United. A 3rd straight trophyless season...Arsenal sure are a big club. And don't start the stuff about Spurs being $h!t...because you simply have nothing to say!
AG, your sly digs at Wenger at every possible occasion are boring.
WHS, 'nothing special' is a compliment for your little club. Utter $H1TE on the other hand is the truth.
I hate to say I told you so but erh.............. I told you so. I said the manc's would finish what the MIGHTY SPURS started and put you out of all cups, Now watch the leagu and CL slip away. Bunch of loosers. ..... Arreee Manc's Tottenham, Arreee Manc's Tottenham, Arreee Manc's Tottenham in disguise .......... Arreee Manc's Tottenham in disguise, Arreee Manc's Tottenham ..................................
we can see you sneakin out' , we can see you sneakin out'
Is Eboue the daftest player ever? What a (unt. Losing 3-0 and makes the dumbest challenge ever. Fu(cking terrible game to watch.
Oh and traore was lost today.
I would be really really disappointed if we don't win the league now. We don't have any more "distractions". We need to win something this year. We've won feck all for two years and it's high time we get a trophy or two.
***** !!!!! what a *****e display !!!!
Time for the doom and gloom squad to appear. Gloaters of all countries, unite!
Let's face it we knew we would lose this match. Like the Spuds game it might dent the ego a little bit but all that has happened is that we have gone out of the FAC. We will have a few back hopefully for the Milan game and even more importantly the game against Brum. Unlike last season we are still 5 points clear in the PL and still in the CL. Going out of the cups won't have done us any harm over the long run.
If we do win the league I cannot wait to see the faces of Van da Sar and the (unt Nano. Bloody cocky****s.
top of the league
What a pillock Eboue is! We pay his wages throughout the ANC and the clown gets himself sent off in his first game back and now he sits in the stands for 3 games. I hope we take a couple of weeks wages off him.
G4L, your continous posts are boring but there's not much I can do about that either, so like me you will just have to live with it!!
Ashburton Gooner
G4L, we're going to Wemberley, you're going to Craven Cottage. Nuff said. WE CAN SEE YOU SNEAKING OUT! WE CAN SEE YOU, WE CAN SEE YOU, WE CAN SEE YOU SNEAKING OUT!
Did I touch a nerve there AG? Sorry, but your anti-Wenger stance is not boring - it's pathetic. You seem to wait in excitement for every setback to have a go at him. Did you really say we have a small squad?
WHS, actually we're going to San Siro.
WHS, since when did AC Milan play at Craven Cottage??...........I'm looking forward to seeing Spurs lose at Wembley & I bet you don't come around this site gloating after Chelski thump you!!
Ashburton Gooner
Actually I quite enjoyed the game. My favourite bit was watching pun-nani doing the keepy uppy, while ar5ena1 stood by clapping. I thought it was most amusing. Puregold I told ya it'd be funnier than watching than watching Cerny drop the ball. See i'd never visited this crap site before, but seeing as you can't resist the chance to invade our site and talk 5h1t, ....... think i'll pop by more often now.
As far as I'm concerned, Eboue adds nothing to Arsenal Football Club and it's time for him to move on. Those muppets on BBC get on my t&ts too. If a foreign or Arsenal player wasn't allowing a free kick to be taken, they'd be up in arms. When Rooney does it, I kid you not the comment from Lawrenson was "oh look, he's just having fun and enjoying himself"....!!!
I think we all need to say well done United, and let the spuddies have their fun.
Enjoy life at the San Siro. 1 touch every 25 minutes will prove to be a big waste of money for all of that are going. As for the Wembley comment....No, I'll still come on here whether we win or lose. Why you may ask? get to Wembley, we beat some "big club" 5-1. Oh was the reserve team...just like today when you got spanked. I cant wait until AC finish you off 4-0 in midweek. Your mouths won't be too chatty after that...but if AC win it's probably because you played your reserve team...
Did Fibreglass play today, only I watched it and never heard his name.
G4L, it takes more than comments like yours to wind me up & I'm entitled to whatever opinion I choose, especially as I actually attend games as opposed to being an armchair fan. As for my comments regarding Wenger, if he fails to win a trophy for 3 years then serious questions should be asked, however we all know the board would never do that because football is a poor second to making money & there is nobody better in football than Wenger for making money!! If you are going to throw a cup match why wait until the semi final or until you draw your major title rival, surely it makes more sense to go out at the first opportunity?? Before you come back with some silly comment about Milan being a bigger game than this, just ask yourself why it is we are even having to play Milan or would that be because Wenger threw away the CL group as well??
Ashburton Gooner
how do you bounce back from such a pathetic, embarassing performance? i don't believe you can. you certainly aren't the best squad in the PL, that's painfully obvious. you've had your good run and now it's over.
PG(tips).. now, ..... what was funnier, watching Cerny drop the ball, or watching Hitla's model example pick the ball out of the net four times. Answers on a post card, or to
watching Cerny drop the ball
WHS I wouldn't bother mate (G4L etc..) their fighting among themselves, does the names Bentner and Adeybeyor ring a bell.
I see all is bright in Spudland again. You know next season they are going to end up in the top four don't you? No really next year will be the one!! Seriously!! If not then 2011 - whne the year end's in one!! OK this year they are in the bottom half of the table but that's just temporary they really are a big club you know. With a bit of luck they might make 10th and will release a DVD telling how they managed to turn the season around. Of course they are still in the Carling Cup and they have a chance against Chelsea. IF they win it there name will go on the trophy alongside 'boro and Blackburn. If not they will still release a DVD anyway. By the way did you know they did the double almost half a century ago??
ajwb I said answers on a post card or the net. (and not the net Hitla's boy spent the afternoon sitting in the back of either)
WHS, nobody is saying that today's game was against our reserves, however you must be some kind of idiot if you believe the team spuds beat was our first team. You won't have to worry about the winning part at Wembley because that won't happen. Infact I'm that confident I placed a very large bet on Chelski to lift the trophy simply because spuds really aren't a threat to them.
Ashburton Gooner
Quiet tonight eh girls? Oh I forgot...this is the Librarians forum...No singing allowed....
Blue is the colour
Glad your good at history amos, cause it'll be a long, long time for you lot see sliverwear again. For some reason you lot always fall at the last post.
How“s that FA cup thing coming along btw? LOL
Blue is the colour
Yeah we're not as good as chavski, and we beat you 5-1 so errhhh.
Poor performance lads.pathetic. It was nice to see you felt humiliated at OldTrafford, I suggest you to slope off under your rock for a while.congratulations
Star 3000
Adebayor, Adebayoooor his dad washes elephants and his mum is a whore. Does any of you goons have his phone number, only that im a film director and want him to play the lead part in the new platoon film!
n17 yid
have a ***** over 5-1
AG, as you're entitled to your opinion so am I. My opinion is that it is rather ridiculous to be waiting for a bad result to happen in order to have a dig at Wenger. If u want to believe that this game was sacrificed - fine, but in my eyes that's *********. We had an injury list longer than the list of trophies won by the spuds in their entire history, and the only thing u can come up with is we have a small squad, and Wenger's policy is crap blahblah. Last time I checked on we have over 25 players in our squad, approximately the same as everyone else in this league. The only difference is that our 1st team has less overpaid ****$, and more youngsters. We simply weren't good enough tonight as a team and ManU were.
You have some front talking about silverware YidEdy. It's so long since you have seen any you have forgotten how to spell it - if you ever knew. It's neccessary to have some grasp of ancient history to recall anything your lot have done. So what do you reckon the score in the CC final will be against Chelsea then?
This is so boring, it's like being at the library, ............... sssssssssshhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh we're trying to play football. gotta go, got a hot date at wembley next week. we'll let you know what it's like.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz 5-1, 5-1, 5-1 zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
Yes, Yes - YidEdy we know you are ..TRYING play football we have watched you... TRYING.... for many years. And it has been a real hoot. So what's the score going to be against Chelsea in the CC final then?
how any arsenal can slate ronaldo for diving now after seeing adebayors dive. disgraceful.
Meh what a pile of utter ****.... Got the feeling after about 5 minutes in that the lads weren't up for it at all.....almost as if Le Prof had told them to take it easy with Wednesday in mind..... Other than that I strangely don't should hurt but it doesn't at all.... I just feel sorry for the likes of LD (the Away gooners were great, the mancs barely made a sound until the 3rd..... pretty sad state of affairs really....) who actually forked out for that dross....
Yes it was a silly dive by Ade. Completely pointless too. What good was a penalty at that stage of the game? Still United fans are hardly in a position to take the moral high ground on such events now are they.
Oh and wasn't Brackley an irritating t!t? He could barely contain himself every time Rooney was on the ball, and when Fletcher scored the forth, his voice broke like he was an adolescent having his first tommy tank..... Meh, meh and double meh........
just like the spurs game, im over it. no harm done. when arsenal win there in the league to edge closer to that PREMIER LEAGUE TITLE (what really counts!) I'll be one happy guy. Spuds, you need to look at your own team. Out of the FA Cup, sure to lose the larger cup final, STILL in the bottom half of the table, and never gonna get to play in the CL. Thats ok, gloat at us being out of cups that are not a priority, when we lift that title, be sure that you hear all us gooners gloating then. The only game that matters between man utd and arsenal is in april 08.
we don't really have time to dwell on this defeat and let it hurt us. we have a very important game coming up, and the best way to bounce back would be to get a win on wednesday. and this result will only help us in my opinion. Wenger will now know what more is required in a knockout competition, and we will be absolutely prepared for anyone and anything in the Champions League..
I have no problem with Arsenal and no soft spot either. The only thing that amazes me is how Arsene's team can't learn to lose with dignity. The way your team behaved in the second half was a disgrace, and it's not even remotely the first time. You are exceptional when you win, don't get me wrong, but neither Arsene nor the team can't handle defeats.
I've also got a feeling that this will give us that extra desire needed when we go up to old trafford. This loss will give the players even more of a reason to get the win there. Looking for positives, this may just make us stronger for the run in. Like in 2004, we went out of the FA Cup semi's to utd and the CL 1/4 to chavski, then went undefeated to win the league. Let man utd and lil spuds gloat tonight.
i cant believe u arsenal fans cant even take a bit of stick..u lot played pathetic football today and u know it..its true that spurs havent won a major trophy for quite some time but it has nothing to do with ur pathetic result today..and i am realistic enough to say that we dont have the quality to be top 4 yet..but the fact is we beat u 5-1 and u got thrashed agian 4-0...derby in disguise..
I'm with you on this one Kao! We may have lost to Utd but I don't care a bit. I'm sure that come May, if things don't work out as we all hope, I'll look back with regret, but as things stand I couldn't give a flying! It's the Prem I want! I'd even take a dip in the CL if it guaranteed us the Prem.
Good. I couldn't care less if they are bad losers. They hate to lose.
better two get a drubbing twice a year than lose 15 games in a season.
What's the chances of Man Utd drawing Chelsea in the FA Cup and the CL (providing they both get through) around the same time they play each other in the Prem. That could really do some damage!
AG is right - we don't have a squad big enough to win all 4 trophies this year. Few other teams have. The mistake would have been in thinking that we do. But we do have a squad big enough to win the PL and maybe the CL with any luck. In the 4 games after the CC exit, when it mattered enough, we played 4, won 4, scored 11 and conceded 1. That CC defeat didn't harm us at all and with the distraction of the FA cup out of the way this one won't either.
we may be the underdogs for the carling cup final but we will be up for it...not like you lot who think that going out of a competition is the best way to increase ur hopes of winning the other competitions..get ready for the milan thrashing..u lot play exceptional football but arsene and his team are bad losers just like u arsenal fans...
SFFI, if we win the title, you think ANY arsenal will think back to the 5-1 or 4-0 and be ashamed. We know what we want to win, the PL AND CL if possible. The PL is enough for me though. We have been top of the league ALL season apart from man utd going there on goal difference. EXACTLY, YOU dont have the quality, so all the spuds fans gloating is funny seeing as they are so far behind us in many ways.
G4L, you're entitled to an opinion & you won't find anywhere on here that I've said otherwise, after all it wasn't me coming on here & starting on you now was it?..........As for the rest of your comment, well how many important players were we missing tonight? Clichy, Adebayor & Flamini could have played & if they genuinely couldn't then what does that say about the squad that he had to put 3 'injured' players on the bench? I make it Sagna, Rosicky & RVP the only first teamers truly missing, so he either threw the match or he has a poor squad, take your pick!! As for the overpaid bit, I suppose the fact we are paying unproven youngsters so much money that we have the 3rd highest wage bill in the premier league you could say thats just as bad as having overpaid names, the difference is the names usually don't get stuffed by a Utd team missing 3 of there own best players!! I'm a fan, I don't like losing & yes I am getting tired of hearing about other priorities when the FA cup is still a great competition, if you don't understand that then you truly don't understand football in Britain for people who didn't just start supporting the club because it was successful.
Ashburton Gooner
Spurs fan from india, you'll be up for it because its your only chance of a trrophy. Cant you understand that because we want the title more, we really dont care about the FA Cup. and dont even mention that other cup.
yea ian7,we dont have the quality yet but still we beat u,that is a big enough margin..we can gloat about this fact with pride..u guys must accept that u have one of the worst footballers in eboue...the guy is a complete disgrace...
Thrashed by Spurs 5-1 and now United 4-0 looks like you are getting done badly big ALL the big clubs HAHA.
yea,better play the kids for the fa cup along with the carling cup next season..and we do have the uefa cup...and with ramos in charge,i fully expect us to have a strong chance of winning..
thats the thing, you'll cling onto that 5-1 for ages. I might as well remind you that we won the league ON YOUR GROUND, doesn't get much worse than that does it? In may, you remind me about the 5-1 and 4-0, i'll send you a pic of arsenal lifting the PL trophy 2008. I'll add 2004 to that aswell, arsenal celebrating at WHL.
And no, thats going to bayern munich.
it was really sick of u to say that u dont care about the FA cup..moreover,from a fan of a big club..the cup needs to be shown respect..
yea..and the quarter final berth goes to ac milan...lolz
I can understand where some of these opposition fans are coming from on this site. I care that we got hammered in this game especially as Man Utd were so far superior to us it was embarrassing, & why just because we lost 4-0 does it suddenly become a competition we don't care about? Personally I love the FA cup & I don't think 9000+ supporters that travelled to Manchester think its just a rubbish trophy that we can do without!!
Ashburton Gooner
Your 'armchair vs. attending' fan argument is rather lame, and fyi I did not start supporting the club when it was successful. By your comments, it could only be you. If Arsenal doesn't win f*** all - sack Wenger. Adebayor, Flamini, Clichy, and Senderos were carrying knocks so it's quite clear why Wenger didn't want to risk starting them, when he has fit players like Bendtner, Gilberto and Traore. The team that went on the pitch wasn't poor, they just didn't show up.Yes the squad is obviously poor by your standards as we have lost 4 matches total this season. The only few teams that have a better record than that in Europe are Inter Milan and Juventus (I think).
Arsenal fans stop making ******** excuses! Fair enough to those who can accept defeat but stop all the *****e about "we didn't want to win" bla bla bla. ALL players and managers want to win and should concentrate on winning the cup. ITS THE FA CUP. Stop being so arrogant and saying that you didn't want to win it. United had many players missing as well...your performance was poor. You were dirty, couldnt string 3 passes together and your defence were awful. Please stop the ***** about "we put poour kids out", "we didn;'t want to win". Any player or manager who doesnt want to win a game shouldnt be worthy of playing or managing a club. Arsenal fans can come back saying all sorts of things about Spurs..couldnt care less...but learn to handle defeat graciously. Oh and Ian7..going to win the league then eh? When will the time come that you go out of the Champins League and it will be "we didn't want to win it anyway".
I think none of the Gooners truly think they "don't care" about the FA Cup, but care less about it compared to the EPL and CL, which is normal. Quit clutching at straws. Spuds don't know the feeling so it is ok for them to wet their pants over it.
Its more about wanting to go for the bigger comps. AG, are you saying the FA Cupis more important that the PL or CL. Its better to put your all in those comps, esp as we are 5 clear, we have a really good chance to win it. 2004 we tried hard in the FA Cup and against chelsea in the CL we suffered badly. If we win the league, you'll forget all about this loss.
spot on ian7
Im off to watch barca for now
G4L- Of course its a lame argument to you because you have no answer to it!! Maybe you should learn to read properly because once again I didn't say you had started supporting the club when it became successful, I was talking in general about certain supporters who only care about the league & CL because of the prestige involved. The rest of your comment really isn't worth answering however I want you to find one comment of mine where I have said Wenger should be sacked? If you can't then you really are pathetically sad as you are clearly trying to drum up support from others on here by suggesting I have said sack Wenger, when all I have said is that questions should be asked!!
Ashburton Gooner
"we really dont care about the FA Cup. and dont even mention that other cup."............Thats part of a comment from Ian7 so does that back up your argument G4L???? NO, so its you clutching at straws. Fans don't pay out good money to watch a team play a game they don't care about & whilst its obvious all gooners want the league & CL they all want the FA cup as well.
Ashburton Gooner
That last line should read "all genuine gooners want the league & CL they all want the FA cup as well."
Ashburton Gooner
Ian7, if our squad is as great & as big as G4L keeps saying then why can't we compete for 3 competitions (one of which only has 6 games)??
Ashburton Gooner
why would I want to answer a lame and ridiculous argument AG? All non attending fans have worthless opinions on the Arsenal and those who attend know better? Because you say so? In your dreams fella. If you are a attending fan, how did you get back from Manchester that quick? Nice one. Where did you read my claim that YOU said "sack Wenger"? The sad part in this conversation is that you've only had 4 true occasions to 'ask questions' and you're clearly upset with that small number. Sorry.
AG I can understand our point of view, but for the financial benefit of our club, our stadium costs demand the biggest financial return that we can possibly get. I hate that as much as you do, but because of this we have to be where ther money is in the short term. Yes we have a well paid squad, but this squad is an investment, just the same as our first team was an investment 2-3 years ago, when our fringe players mature a little more, then we truly will have a squad that will be able to compete in all competitions.
your obvious intent to read what you want and ignore what makes you look like a tit is commendable. btw all genuine gooners want to win the carling cup as well. Or not?
most gunner will want to win all the trophy,some are optimistic and some are realistic..going to OT with half of the squad..nope,2/3 of the squad injured is very difficult for the team..even for least we did not go down to some championship club like liverpool does..MU will have more games than we are but today team lack desire or influence..2 player back from africa are hardly in same wavelength with the entire match show that flamini influence is important and fabregas is missing him on the pitch and show that gilberto and eboue are somewhat a liability for us now..
right now can't wait for next weekend, and see how the teams rebound against brum..if they can,maybe they can go all the way, if not......
Again I didn't say an attending fan 'knows better', I merely pointed out that I have more time for a real fan's opinion than a glory hunter like yourself (yes I am calling you one now). As I said thats only a lame argument to you because you have no answer, if you had a genuine answer to it you'd have thought of something better to say than just calling it lame.............." By your comments, it could only be you. If Arsenal doesn't win f*** all - sack Wenger." Thats a line from your comment which you are suggesting I've said G4L, which clearly you are well aware I haven't said, maybe your memory is that bad you can't remember one comment to the next!! As for going to todays game you're quite right I didn't go, however despite the fact I'm currently on a 6 month contract in America I have still been to half the games this season, how many have you been to??? Unless its a similar amount or more I suggest you keep your mouth closed on that subject!! I take it you've only been a fan since the start of this season & you think Arsenal was formed this summer & that Wenger took charge then, otherwise you'd know under Wenger Arsenal have lost a lot more than 4 games!!
Ashburton Gooner
What pointless blabbing AG. The amount of games you've been this season does not make you more knowledgeable, and certainly doesn't make you more of a real fan. I've been to a few games myself this year, and try to go to as much as my work and studies in continental Europe allow me. You're just a fortunate Gooner. Instead of trying to measure "whose **** is longer", you should get your head out of your arse and realize that Wenger had half of the team injured and therefore played squad players that lost to a better team on the night and that's it. Out of the FA Cup we are. Boo-hoo let's ask questions why did all these players get injured? Why did Sagna have personal problems right now? So, am I going to dwell on this and 'ask questions' like yourself? No. Why? Because I am not obsessed with the idea that AW is doing something wrong, with which amazingly, a vast majority of the gooners in the world agree. And Arsenal has lost 4 games THIS SEASON (I wrote this in caps so this time you might get it). I can only imagine how many questions were you asking a year in the time before Wenger, since you obviously follow the Arsenal a long time.
AG n G4L, we need to stay united and accept we were undone by two things: man utd were the hungrier lot and our players didnt turn up and the one who did were'nt good enough on the day.. life moves on.. we hv an excellent shot of winning the league and with some players coming back we can go all the way in the c.league.. wenger has been in the business for years and he knows how to get the team recover from this.. we'll hv some money to spend this summer and rest assured wenger will strengthen the squad, as well with vela coming back we can only get better
AG and G4L........remind you of Adebayor and Bendnter?
that's what I've been saying McG. We were undone by a poor performance of a makeshift team. Should we dwell on it and ask questions of Arsene's transfer policy? Hell no. We have Milan on Wed and a 5 pt lead in the league to look forward to.
Comments Scorn? Isn't that a pretty vicious word for one football game? Arsenal got caught having to use back-up fullbacks and the over-the-hill Gilberto because of injuries, so this result was hardly a surprise. Guys like Justin Hoyte and Armand Traore -- who is just a kid -- were overmatched by United's wingers but they didn't lack effort. Only ability. I fail to see how that makes these young people worthy of scorn? If you want to pour out a bit of scorn, save some for Nani and his teasing, showboating and all the rest of it. That stuff will come back to haunt him, just as Eboue's antics have done to him at Arsenal. I'm an American who's lived in Britain and long been in love with the world's game. But one thing I cannot understand is the vitriol and anger directed at losing teams in any given week. Given the players' wages, you expect effort and commitment -- yes, definitely. But if they try their best, why is everyone so quick to slag their character? Sometimes you just get beat. The other guy plays better. Arsenal was picked fifth or sixth prior to the Prem season, now leads the league by five points in mid-February and off one horrible day using several reserves at Old Trafford, you say... Scorn? Way, way over the top. heres a post from some guy called steve in california
fran merida
i just read that on some other blog,i agree with him,with out our full backs we were always going to struggle,hey ho,we will just have to concentrate on the league and CL
fran merida
G4L, in the comment I was responding to from yourself you didn't mention anything about losing 4 times 'this season', you simply said I only had '4 true occasions to ask questions' nothing more. If you said this season in a previous comment much earlier then fair play to you, but in all honesty I'm not going to re-read every comment you make!! I really haven't got anymore time to argue with yourself & even if I did I don't think I could be bothered as you are coming across as a bit of an immature kid with all your petty insults, like calling me a 'tit' & using phrases such as 'in your dreams fella', pretty much the things you hear school kids say!!! I just hope you aren't studying the English language because it doesn't appear you read things too well. I haven't said anywhere that people attending games are more knowledgeable, just that I personally respect the opinions of those I consider real fans. As an example, somebody who's been to every game this season has a better idea of how a player is performing than I do, that doesn't make them more knowledgeable about football they are just more current on the players than I am. If somebody comes on here slagging off the team but hasn't even seen them play, why the hell would I want to take on board that persons point of view?? As for being a 'fortunate gooner' that just shows how little you know. I've worked extremely hard for everything I have & don't go asking for handouts or spending years studying to avoid work like a majority of kids do these days. As I say I won't be responding to anymore of your comments & would appreciate it if from now on you could refrain from posting childish comments regarding me as this is a site for all, not just for you & therefore everyone's entitled to their own opinion & you should really understand that by now!!
Ashburton Gooner
i will say it again, england gunners are fickle. one game and all the blogs are lighting up i am sorry to say this but all u are pathetic gunners. i have never set foot on england soil but i have more faith in this arsenal team. when we win the league and beat ac milan i dont want to hear u fickle gunners bragging coz in the difficult times yall STINK. again just like last season i was the only one who knew that arsenal are gonna finish 1st or 2nd. when henry left i knew that ade will give me 15 goals this season so i say to all u gunners that listen to the media and MOTD, U should trade ur tickets to the kenyan gunners that have strong believe in this team than most of u
u think manchester is good enough? the shaddy injuries, the ***** team selection, the lowly motivated players, we have a manager that communicates to us and yet u tend to listen to the media. lemmie say if u didnt know that arsene did not want be in the fa cup, then i say that u are not a real gooner
I could watch your petulant, cheating, diving, arrogant set of babies get stuffed all day long. Enjoyed your 4-0 almost as much as the 5-1.
Milan v Arse = Milan Win, Chavski v Arse = Chavski win. Out of 2 Cups and your lead cut to 2 points. Sound familiar? Feb last year! What goes round........ :-}
"Same old Ar5ena1 always cheating", "Same old ar5ena1 always cheating".
I thought Lehmann was actualy your best player and was close to MOM. 4-0 flattered the Arse you were that pathetic..enjoy your week at work girlies:-)
AG, the 'fortunate' thing was re- your geographical location, nothing more. For the rest of your opening up, I have no comment. You've been found out by everyone here re your views on Wenger, hence zero support to your attitude and comments on that topic.
Tut Tut all this gloating from supporters of a club in the bottom half of the table all season. So little to crow about but so much noise. Anyone would think they were still in the FA Cup themselves. What do you reckon the score will be in the CC final then?
The dynamics of the Arsenal team were totally out last nite. Gilberto's time has come. His cumbersome display in the middle of the park emphasises how much Flamini means to the team. Time and time again Gilberto was cramping Cesc and played the ball back wards on most occasions. I have seen Traore play quite a few games now and he does not impress me. He is tentative going forward and cannot defend to save himself. Time and again he let his man get in behind him. We we just not good enough last nite. It was a very poor performance, no matter what team was on the park. We need to pick it up for AC Milan. Hopefully we have Sagna, Clichy, Ade, Rosicky and Flamini all back and the surface is not intentionally bogged down.
Aussie Gooner
We also need a few additions to the squad in the summer. A winger, central defender, goalkeeper (although Jens was just about our best) and a wing back as Traore and Hoyte arnt up to it just yet.
Aussie Gooner
I remembered telling you gooners that you will end up trophy-less AGAIN this season ... LOL !!!
the arsenal --- "but we will surely give the mancs a fight in this one lose or win" ... Idiot, there is no fight at all, you guys were thrashed ... LOL !!!
Many of you were saying that the results between SPURS and ar5ena1 was a fluke. BUT ITS NOT. Tonight's game showed that you guys lack the depth to be a champion. Say good byes to your EPL and CL dreams idiots ... LOL !!!
akenyangunner ... "england gunners are fickle": England gooners are also proud and arrogant.
Spurs_fan_from_india, when they lost in the CC to us, they claimed that they don't care about CC. Now they are saying they don't care about the FA Cup. Soon it will be the CL Cup and the EPL Trophy !!! LOL !!!
Ian7, if our squad is as great & as big as G4L keeps saying then why can't we compete for 3 competitions (one of which only has 6 games)?? Ashburton Gooner Only 6 games. Theses games get harder and harder the further you go with games being played twice a week. no matter how big a squad is, you cant expect them to fight on all fronts. Our squad is young, we should be happy with just the PL which we have a great chance of winning. Of course the FA Cup means something to most gooners, it definitely means something to me, but THIS SEASON the priority isnt the FA Cup.
kenyan gunner and ivan, im an "england gunner" so am i fickle. before the season started i knew we could win the league and still do. Im not slagging off the team, im backing them for the CL and PL. So they lost a game, i didn't really expect them to do the treble or quadruple. One major trophy is enough for me. Dont be so quick to lable people fickle just because of where they live. Gooners shouldn't be arguing, we should be focusing on milan and bham.
Mourinho, bless his cotton socks, once labelled Wenger a 'voyeur' because he would talk about Chelsea in interviews, as they were at the top of the league. May I suggest that there are a few voyeurs on this forum, more interested in our club than their own. Oh, and we're on top of the league.
getting done by 4 goals is starting to become abit of a habit my woolwich friends!! Lmfao
in 2006, before the first leg vs Madrid, we went to Anfield and didn't show up. that was one of the worse performances i've ever seen by an Arsenal team, and last night was up with that defeat. and then everyone knows what we did to Madrid, so here is hoping for the same again. and Wenger has said Sagna might not play this wednesday too as he has a big family problem. does anyone know what that is about?
You Spuds fans are a sad, pathetic lot. As usual you are more interested in what is going on with Arsenal than your perpetual bunch of second-stringers. I am not going to say we didn't care about the Cup, ofr course we did, everyone does. Wenger said as much in his post-match interview. We have to put our hands up and say we played appallingly, and if you play appallingly against such a very good team you will get punished. It's worth remembering that the Spurs result last month set us off on a superb run of form - let's hope this does the same. He who laughs last, Yiddos. Crawl back to the ****hole that is WHL.
The players didnt seem up for it, and that was unacceptable. ManU were the better team, but the gap was alarming on the day. I said earlier that losing will be better in the long run but the manner of the defeat still hurt. Eboue is a ******** idiot. Looking at the bright side, we can now focus more on the Premiership.
very poor gooners. it was just like he sent them out to lose. rubbish if ya play like that in a few more games this season you will hand title over to mancs
Never mind the cup, you can focus on winning the league instead. You can always cheer us, Pompey in the cup, as we have a huge chunk of your ex's in the team.
To all the Tottenham fans, envy is an unattractive trait. Dont even respond to them, they have nothing to do with this game and you just vindicate their lack of intelligence by replying. To AG, wouldn't the world be a happy place if we all had the money to jump on a plane from the US to the UK 20 times a year just to go to the grove and yell 'shhoooooooooot' at our own players? Sadly it doesn't work like that and anyone who says that people who watch games from the othersdie of the world for some reason has less of a right tocomment on or feel a part of the club is just showing the signs of elitism and xenophobia that are the all to common problems of English football at the moment. Clap, clap, for making yourself look a ****. I normally respect your opinion and the way you argue it, even if i dont agree with what you say, but in this case you sound like a typical snobby muppet.
Ozi Gooner
haha you got slated by an ozzi....fair dincums
fran merida
still top of the league and having a laugh. 5 pts clear btw. Spurs are top of the bottom 10 league
Arsenal areThe worst losers in sport. Everytime they lose or drop points its ALWAYS something whether starting on other managers (Jol, Pardew, cesc vs hughes) winging, diving, red cards, off the ball incidents, teammates fighting amongst themselves (a personal favourite of mine, bendtner vs ade whl 5-1 :) ) mass brawls (man utd countless times, chelsea ccfinal, newcastle at home) A lot of you must know this deep down and some even take at swipe at Eboue. But it more than him. Its the petulence that Wenger instills into the team from a young age. This is not gloating. This is critising a set of babies A disgrace to sport
4-0 Should Have Been Ten...! Wish It Was For Devaluing This Competition....You Are A Disgrace.....!
We are only bad losers because we are not as experienced at losing at Spuds. It's something they have had to get use to over many, many, many years of failure.
I for one am feeling sick right now..not as much as yesterday but still sick.....I hope the reasons for AW's team selection were genuine and we really did have so many injuries because if we didn't and we were humiliated all in the name of priorities then I will be sick for much longer. I have been a gooner for over 40 years and quite frankly feel embarrassed that we seemed to "chicken out" of this game.The whole thing began to stink straight away when we started to hear the enormous list of injuries building up during the week. Then looking at the starting line up and seeing Ade,Flam and Clichy benched, I started to have a rotten feeling in my gut. I somehow knew we were going to get hammered. And what's more it looked like the team did aswell........Whats has it come to when we have to be humiliated by our closest rivals just to rest players for te CL...I do n like this one bit !!!
shut up n get on with it. ***** happened so let it be. if we think we feel aweful about it then think how gutted the lads must be feelin let alone Arsene. lets get on with it, stickin it up the Arse, come on you Italian tarts!!! (n stop makin a fool outta yerself and criticizing one of us, yeah face it Eboue is one of us, sucks but its true)
Unabating gloom here after yesterday. I don't buy the argument of the squad not being big enough. If Adebayor, Flamini and Senderos were on the bench, they should have been used to start with. Arsene called this one totally wrong and I believe his 'resource planning' with an eye to Wednesday, caused - directly - the horrific performances we saw. There surely cannot be a more embarassing way to lose a game than like we did yesterday.
Well now there will have to be a different approach ...Our strongest line-up will be needed..a possible 19 games dicking about now....
As depressing as this game was i wish many Arsenal fans would stop being so negative towards the teams ambitions. We are still 5 points clear at the top of the league and only have ourselves to blame is we dont win the title. Fans from other clubs should also stick to their own website. Deep down we know you want to be in our position anyway.
Aussie Gooner

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