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Manchester City vs. Arsenal

City of Manchester Stadium



Manchester City v. Arsenal

After a week full of turmoil, a nice distraction for the Arsenal faithful arrives on Saturday versus a new look Manchester City. With a reported nine first team members out of Arsenals squad for a wide variety of reasons, Arsenal will literally be down to the squads skin and bones for this fixture. City have failed to deliver the expected promise that preceded them since the transfer deadline, and Mark Hughes' side will potentially see this as the perfect opportunity to right their ship, as Arsenal are nowhere near their best.

Vital Quotes:

Arsene addressed the need to get back on track asap. "I want us to come back to winning ways as quickly as possible and then get our level back slowly," he said. "To speak about titles at the moment is a little bit premature. Let's win the next game and then the next one and if we do that until January then maybe we can talk about the title.

"Let's just face reality, get our sleeves rolled up, show commitment and show that we can compete.

"In two weeks we have had nearly everything - the super high and the super low. From this we know we have the potential but as well that we have not had the consistency.

"I think our season will now be linked with how well we can deal with that kind of mental problem.

'I am not worried, I am focused on the next game. I know you cannot swim against what is statistically right [in the table]. But it puts us in the situation where of course we have to win games, and we have to beat the big teams, we know that.

Also an under fire Mark Hughes, received a generous backing from Wenger pre-match. 'Money is a very important ingredient and it looks like they have unlimited resources. That is why they will be a threat,' said the Frenchman.

'You cannot have unlimited resources and not be under any pressure of success, but I think he (Hughes) is capable to achieve that and I am confident he is the right man to do it.

'It is always a question of quantity. A little bit more money will certainly not move the players to Manchester City. But much more can decide some clubs to sell important players.'

Manchester City Team News:

Two key members in the City defense, Richard Dunne and Gelson Fernades, are back from suspension though the Swiss international faces a late fitness test. Starting keeper Joe Hart is out for the Citizens, but Danny Sturridge has recovered from an ankle problem and might play a part.

Player to watch: Robinho

Was there really anyone else I could possibly of picked? This typical selection for player to watch has been intensified in the past day because reports in the Arsenal blogosphere say that Gavin Hoyte will be the player to step in for injured pair, Eboue and Sagna. It will be baptism by fire for the young defender but with his speed he can stand his own with the tricky Robinho.

Arsenal Team News:

Obviously the big news is that Gallas has not traveled and will be stripped of his captaincy. I expect Almunia to wear the armband, only because a certain Spaniard is suspended.

Here is Arsenals missing in action list: Kolo Toure (calf), Cesc Fabregas (suspension), Theo Walcott (shoulder), Emmanuel Eboue (knee), Tomas Rosicky (hamstring) and Eduardo (ankle). Carlos Vela and Emmanuel Adebayor will be rested.

Possible Starting XI: Almunia, Hoyte, Djourou, Silvestre, Clichy, Diaby, Song, Denilson, Nasri, van Persie, Bendtner

This is an extremely conservative line up at its best, because I would like to see Ramsey and Wilshere come in for Song and Diaby respectively.

Player to watch: Gavin Hoyte

For all the reasons outlined in City's player to watch, is why you should keep an eye on the Young Gun. He is faster, more physically dominant, and a better defender than his brother, and he will hardly ever get a better chance to show his quality than today versus a world renowned superstar in Robinho.

Match Facts & Stats

This will be Almunia's 100th appearance for Arsenal.

Home and away

League (inc PL): Man City 41 wins, Arsenal 82, Draws 37

Prem: Man City 1 win, Arsenal 18, Draws 3

at Man City only

League (inc PL): Man City 28 wins, Arsenal 32, Draws 20

Prem: Man City 1 win, Arsenal 9, Draws 1

Ref Watch:

The official for the match will be Alan Wiley. Wiley has officiated nine Barclays Premier League matches handing out 1 red and 24 yellows, which gives him a reasonable 2.78 card per game average.

Match Prediction:

Who knows what Arsenal will show up today. I'm going to have to say a 2-2 draw.

Next Fixtures:

25/11 (Tue)- Dynamo Kyiv (H)- Champions League

30/11 (Sun)- Chelsea (A)- Premier League

2/12 (Tue)- Burnley (A)- Carling Cup

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday November 22 2008

Time: 12:38AM

Your Comments

were's gallas?
Well in case you haven't heard....
vPersie will score all the goals in this match...
I think Gavin will have a hell of a game tomorrow, but still I see him making at least one mistake that Robinho will capitalize on. There's no doubt in my mind that we can win this game, but this is reality and this Arsenal team makes it very hard. And that's why said 2-2.
Excuse for my ignorance but Gavin Hoyte is a different player to Justin Hoyte or is there a mix up.
Sorry but didnt read the story properly.My apologies.
No problem. Gavin is Justin brother.
GK I agree with you: (1) it looks like a high-scoring game with pacy/tricky forwards forcing mistakes on either end. (2) Gavin is a promising kid, he'll relish the chance of facing Robinho. (3) It'll also be interesting to see how we react to the big changes as a team and to get a glimpse of the team dynamics without Gallas (about which I'm cautiously optimistic). Another thing I'm worried about is the post-international break syndrome. And with all backs to wall and all that, I can see the boys to come out and fight, kind of like we did against ManU. Whether we'll have another dip like the one against Villa is the next question to be asked.
Hey, funny vid of Ribery in the new pink boots. Bendtner has the same ones and may wear them today:
maybe they can tone down his heavy touch
Almunia is captain today...
The team is correct. Fabregas will be captain from now on because Almunia will not keep it.
like us we have no1 that stands out as to be captain, only king. similer problems no leaders and a lack of bite, crazy in 6 months diarria defore leaves for first team footie, then flam keane an berba leaves that summer.
Is it just me or is our defence ok, what we're lacking is a bit of creativity going forward now?
Sorry, I jinxed it... :(
How about using Ramsey for better creativity? Diaby ran with the ball a lot, instead of passing it, and it got stolen quite a few times. We also need more through balls into the box - something that Ramsey could do better than Den and Song in Cesc's absence. If Den could do more creative work, I'd have no problem keeping him as he's looked solid so far.
Wilshere would be a better option if we are to play somebody on the right. Byt the defence was and is still playing well. just one major cock up from Clichy and Silvestre.
Wilshere shud def get a chance if he has hes homework done. i think gallas wont play agin unles there peace made but i think ye have to buy in jan, to be honest 4th place is at stake
I just don't see us scoring..
serious changes have to be made in this current squad. I would def consider giving Wilshire and Vela a run. At this point we have absolutely nothing to lose. Bendtner has been horrible up front the last few games. Come January players will have to be bought or we could be in for a very long season.
why is denislon still on the field he is playing with zero urgency
Denilson looks worse and worse in a game, scary..
Jeez, this is truly awful, we're playing like a mid-table side.
denilson looks great when we are winning but when we are up against it he goes missing.
We all know we're consistent. But the players' inconsistencies within one game are even scarier..
The club should refund the ticket money paid by all the travelling fans. Its a shame that gooners have paid to watch such appalling stuff.
As disappointing as this is, its time for us fans to keep the faith. The worse thing is though that it looks like Liverpool and Chelsea may drop points today.
Prits - think you're absolutely right.
one long ugly season this is gonna company by the name of diageo will be receiving a lot of my moolah this season
3-0 and this is just getting seriously embarressing. We have become a laughing stock and it is NOT acceptable.
2 games, 0 goals scored 5 goals conceded. That is relegation form.
man city 3 , gooners 0 ha ha ha ha not so sure of yourselves now are we ? wengers had his day bye bye
Prits you're right from a customer perspective. But as fans it's time, while we want the players to be defiant and mentally strong and all that, we lift our team. I really hope the home crowd will do so in the Kiev game midweek. We need to pull everything and everyone together to get through this tough period now.
Karma for all our ***** taking of Spurs earlier in the season?? lol
would someone ask Whinger to switch the lights off on his way out........
Scott Spur
off with their heads. d both of them
Lou - you're right. The only good that can possibly come from this is that Arsene realises that his strategy isn't going to work and takes major action to rise to the challenge. I remember when we just about scraped 4th a few seasons ago at the expense of Spurs. That was with a better side than we have today, it still had Henry, Gilberto, Lehmann, Hleb. This is a far weaker side and I think finishing outside of the top 4 is definitely on the cards.
great, another rubbish performance today. Bendtner, Diaby and Denilson need to take some rest. Give other players a chance to play. Please wake up, Wenger. 3-0 and should have been 4-0. there are clearly some players who are never good enough to get us to top 4. by top 4, i mean the fourth place.
agree with scott spur
I think three years of trying to do things in a highly compromised way has finally caught up with Wenger and Arsenal FC, the only positive is that now there can be no doubt whatsoever that the club has taken a wrong turn somewhere, it is there for all to see and no excuses, promises or speeches about "Belief" can convince anyone otherwise anymore. Too many freeloaders, too many quality players sold, not even close to enough quality signings being made. In a sick way I feel glad that there can be no denial any longer.
Professor Calculus
Wenger has got things badly wrong. At the start of the season I thought I'd wait before criticising his lack of transfer activity but it's so obvious now we are lacking in quality and experience. I can't understand why he is so stubborn, he seems to be sabotaging his own chances. It stinks of arrogance, he seems to wants to prove he can build a great team without spending any money to show his superiority to other managers. It's like a boxer trying to prove he can beat his opponent with one hand tied behind his back. Except it's not working, he's suffering humiliating knockout after knockout. I still don't want him to leave, just to swallow his pride and admit he's got it wrong and rectify the situation.
This team lacks leaders more than anything. Time for AW to scrap his plan, and make use of our hard-earned cash in the transfer window. Today there was no conviction in their passing, noone making a run to open things up, noone willing to take responsibility, noone to make things happen. The worse thing is i tought Man City were average.
OK, end my pain. end the season now, we take 4th place and UCL trophy, and spuds relegated. ENDI IT NOW!
Adams, Keown, Petit, Vieira, Campbell, Lauren, Pires, Henry, Bergkamp, Ljunberg, Gilberto... all these players took responsibility. The current crop is afraid to play.
I feel sorry for any Arsenal fan who paid good money to see that crap. Hopefully when attendances start to fall the board and manager will stop taking the fans and their money for granted and start investing in the team. Hopefully the ghost of christmas past, present and future will visit Ebeneezer Wenger on christmas eve and make him change his miserly ways. (",)
If wenger is sacked/resigns, you'll be in a real crisis.
Remember the team that took us to the Champions League Final? It had established, experienced players with some young talent - Lehmann, Gilberto, Henry, Pires, Hleb and Toure alongside Fabregas, Flamini, Senderos and Eboue (with RVP and Clichy on the bench). How can Wenger think that our current squad can achieve anywhere near the same things??
Just saw Wenger's post match interview. He was clearly downcast. He said 'We were in control of the game until the 1st goal and the result is flattering to Man City'. Come on Arsene, come on, we know you don't believe a word of that.
When asked about Gallas, AW became very defensive and wouldn't answer any questions then he said the spirit was fine. We'll probably win against chelsea next week and all will be fine again. What a total shambles...........
Like Jubair, I had also very readily put my trust in Wenger despite the lack of signings, and despite me and you and every Gooner crying for a DM in summer. Maybe there's more to it behind the scenes than we're aware of. But with the famous scouting network and Wenger's eye for talent, there's just no way we couldn't identify a player or two, it must have been a question of money. But then the board members keep telling us how much cash there is in the bank and that they leave it entirely up to Arsene to spend it. It remains a mystery whether we're not as comfortable as we think, or it's simply that Arsene over-estimated these guys in the team, or they were indeed okay at the time but have let the manager/us down big time after the season started.
Agree Prof. Now the boards precious 4th place is under major threat someone might have to tell Arsene that he needs to stop trying to proove he can turn water into wine and start producing results. Arsenal FC is not a project.
Yeah I wish AW would admit we were not good enough,at times like this we'd appreciate a bit of honesty. Who does he think he's kidding? If his trying to protect the players I'm sure it's not working. Even they know when they have been outplayed.
Lou, I think AW has overestimated the quality of the youngsters and thats the main problem. He does have money to spend because he has said so. Why would he say he has money when he hasn't and take all the blame. Listening to what some sky pundits were saying a few weeks earlier it seems AW doesn't seem to like big physical players anymore. He seems to want to build a team of small skilful players like the spanish team (but even they have Marcos Senna). Unfortunately he's got the balance of the team all wrong and the players we have are not skilful enough. It's very frustrating and I hope he begins to realise his errors before things get much worse.
I know some fans weren't unhappy that Hleb left but I have to say that he was a very creative player for us who could make things happen in the final third. We've got a lot of pretty passing that takes us up to the final third but then the quality isn't there to make a difference. Worse thing is we could have made up ground on Chavs and Scousers!
No one minds when players leave especially if they are getting on a bit, but you have to replace with them equivalent players or better as Ferguson has done at MU. There might be a few flops when you make expensive signings, but you have to take that risk to challenge for honours. Wenger doesn't seem to be prepared to take that risk. We've got a healthy financial situation which is great but it would be nice to have a team that can challenge for trophies as well.
I agree with you Vin on Hleb. His unique ability of finding a creative pass was an important asset to have and complementing Cesc's really well. I would've taken the risk and used Ramsey for that reason and that's a question mark over the starting lineup. But even so, that's the kind of work that supposedly RvP, Nasri, Diaby and Denilson should have tried to do more today. What's frustrating to see was that they were too ready to pass it backwards to or sideways, sometimes to other teammates (without a clear purpose), other times to the opponents (Diaby and Den guilty) adding pressure to the patched-up backline who started okay but made mistakes kinda inevitably against their tricky forwards. The risky component of our game is that we attack to defend. When our attack is *****e and keep losing the ball, we invite pressure to the already vulnerable backline.
Why would we create chances today with 2 defensive midfielders? If Cesc is injured you simply replace him with Diaby or Ramsey if you believe in your squad as Arsene tells us he does? If Arsene believes his squad is big enough and good enough why no direct replacement for Walcott? Arsene is turning into Clough mark 2, although his addiction is the beautiful game.
Are we just a team in transition? Since Vieira left we were a team in transition waiting for this big stadium which would allow us to compete on the transfer market with the top5 european clubs. 3rd season in the stadium and we have not used any money at all, we have made no real signings, just promising youngsters signed with the money of the outgoing experienced players. Arsene's transfer balance has been positive for the past few years. Maybe Arsene sets himself a personal challenge like winning the title undefeated, which he did. Now it must winning without spending a fortune on a shoe-string budget to show off to the rest of the managers and show that you can succeed without billionaire sugar daddys. I am puzzled, people. I am puzzled.
Then you realise that Walcott, Diaby, Eboue, Nasri, Rosicky, all these players aren't original wingers but keep being played there because we can't afford specialists of the position. Or that Song and Toure aren't right-backs. Maybe that's another challenge: being interchangeable and adaptable. Capello showed on wednesday that real balance can only be achieved when you play the right players in their preferred positions.
I like this forum because fans on here are knowledgable and not reactionary and fickle like other forums, but the fact fans here are not annoyed with Arsene shows he has really tested our patience too far now. AW sees himself as some kind of football visionary rather than just another football manager, he needs to pull his head out of his backside and apply some basic common sense to the situation.
Cheer up lads, at least your not 19th in the league with Gomes in net 2moro!!!
Cheer up Hud-Yiddo, at least you've sacked the goalkeeping coach.
I dunno jubaire, have you read gunnerchis comments, you get the odd muppet slipping through the net!
Yes TR7 I know, you always get some cretins, but the majority of posters seem to be genuine fans. Best to ignore idiots like that by not even acknowledging their comments.
Totally agree mate
lol you guys are really cool, kudos! I have a question: at 0-0 now, what kind of result would you want for the Villa-ManU game? lol
I think we were in a situation where something really bad had to happen so all these problems could become transparent for everyone too see from the board to the players. Hopefully AW realizes now the were in deep dodo and does something about it or the coveted CL position well be gone.
Youngest in Charge
Bergkamp was a Myth
what are you talking about, Van persie was more of a threat then anyone else.
Youngest in Charge
Van Persie is an arrogant piece of Sh*t. Always injured, always falling over like those other two dicks, Bergkamp & Reyes. Always whinging to the ref, I'd love to get him in a room on my own!F*ck him off now!
Bergkamp was a Myth
^ what the ***** are you saying
Youngest in Charge
Is it a record that all the top 5 teams failed to score after the international break?
Ahh take no notice of him, he's another one of the so called "fans" we get on here
"So called fans?" I actually go and have been going for 36 years unlike half the spotty faced 20 years old Tory boys on here who watch from their armchairs! F*ck Off!
Bergkamp was a Myth
Youve got a very low tolerance level for a seasoned supporter BWAM.
I just dont understand why you are here slagging our players off so ferociously thats all mate, it just seems a bit strong for a fan
Say it as you see it! Can't be ars*d with all the rose tinted crap! Bergkamp, Gilberto, Ljungberg were overated like Van Persie, Walcott & Bendtner are now. Flamini & Hleb get too much credit for having one above average season in their careers, Senderos was a liability, Hoyte was out of his depth, yet all these armchair supporters on here watch a few highlights and wax lyrical about everyone! Get a grip, get a season ticket then get an opinion!
Bergkamp was a Myth
Ive got one and I disagree with much of what you say and how you put it across.
Bergkamp was a Myth
i dont agree with u either myth
"I just dont understand why you are here slagging our players off so ferociously thats all mate, it just seems a bit strong for a fan" I'm not a fan, I'm a supporter, there lies the answer!
Bergkamp was a Myth
Having a season ticket is a privelige many dont have but it doesnt give us a better opinion than ANY other fan. Because you pay X amount of cash out and actually support the team financially means you can slag off the players?
Because you pay X amount of cash out and actually support the team financially means you can slag off the players? iceman10 Yes it does..I pay my money which pays the players wages to a I have more of a right to slag them off...are you totally stupid????
Bergkamp was a Myth
If I am a shareholder of HBOS I am entitled to an opinion of MY company and be critical of the directors if I so wish....more than someone who has NO connection with the company ICEMAN....doh!!!!! get it now?
Bergkamp was a Myth
More right to slag them off than who? Guys who set their alarm clocks for 4am to sit and watch them get hammered by City? More right than people who simply cant get tickets because of the level of demand? supporter? dont make me laugh, your not even offering anything constructive... just name calling players and fans/supporters bcos you pay out a bit of hoo.
Your handle says it all!
Bergkamp was a Myth
So does yours! Not Brady was a Legend or Adams was the King, just negativity... Yeah I think Dennis was a legend, so what? cant you handle a difference of opinion or because you have had a season ticket for a few more years than me does that make you right and me wrong? "your support is F*@king *****! lol.
I'd hazard a guess hes one of the boo!! and shoot!! boys LD has spoken of in such glowing terms on here on previous occasions! lol
Well how r u feeling all to be 5th in the league???Anyhow I can smell some of Gallas here.But still respect Arsenal bcoz they r very unpredictable.
Brady, Adams, Rocastle, Smith, Overmars, Pires, Vieira are all legends. Bergkamp had 2 good seasons and 8 poor seasons. He was an embarassment after 1999 when he bottled the semi final penalty and gave Man U the treble.
Bergkamp was a Myth
BIAM we have a few like you on our site so why dont you leave Vital and go elsewhere and also how would you be if you were in our situation,i shudder to think.Berkamp was a legend cause he was a yid at heart.Bog off.
Supposed to be BWAM.Typo*
Oh Look!...another armchair supporting college boy nerd from the countryside, this time supporting Tottenham..LOL
Bergkamp was a Myth
Bergkamp was many things, a great player, a spurs supporter, but never a myth... :)
BWAM have you ever really even supported Arsenal at all, or are you just in it because you like to shout radical and largely unjustified opinions?
unjustified opinions????
Bergkamp was a Myth
Keep - Clichy, Sagna, Adebayor, Fabregas, Diaby, Nasri, Ramsey, Wiltshere, Vela, Eduardo, Almunia, Djourou............ Sell - Van Persie, Bendtner, Walcott, Gibbs, Gallas, Hoyte, Fabianski, Rosicky, Senderos and Eboue
Bergkamp was a Myth
*unts like you are everything thats wrong about our home support. I bet you've sat on your useless fat whiny arse and moaned through all of those 36 years. Never once have I read ANYTHING constructive or contributive from you on here. Your handle is a *ukkin disgrace and even the spuds here figure you for a joke. Do the club a favour and return your season ticket, you bitter old tw*t.
I challenge you to say that to my face on Tuesday night, brave boy hiding behind a computer. Name the pub and time, or block at the Emirates and tell that to me...oh I forgot, you live with your mum and dad in Hertfordshire and will be watching on TV you snivelling little greek boy!
Bergkamp was a Myth
And a racist to boot, disgrace to the badge.
Want something constructive? Get rid of all the yes men sitting on the bench with Wenger, Yes Arsene, No Arsene, Whatever you say Arsene...get rid of Pat Rice ...what the fu(k does he do?
Bergkamp was a Myth
He's adorable isnt he! lol
As you've been going for 36 years all I'd have to do is take the brake off your wheelchair and roll you down Holloway rd, put your teeth back in and grow the *uck up gramps lol you're too old for fighting . I aint greek btw- sorry to disappoint. Sounds like you're hacked off cos the BNP let slip your details. Now man the *uck up and stop whinnying like a petrified goat, you're embarassing.
He's about as welcome as a sweaty lasagne on the spurs pre match lunch menu.
I wish we still had Jens Lehmann!!!!!! Almunia is rubbish. Time to lose that faggot hairstyle you 3rd rate keeper.
lol! ice and Nik! I hope you realise you've signed your own death warrants now! lol....
Our midfield was very poor,Denilson and Diaby were atrocious and I dont think they are good enough to be honest. Diaby is always playin with the ball and Denilson has no composure and no vision. Samir Nasri has gone AWOL since the Man U game. Bendtner was ...........well Bendtner.I think Van Persie had a decent game especially with a rubbish midfield. My season is over,if Arsene does not see anything wrong wit this team and he thot we controlled the game b4 the 1st goal????? why waste emotion on this team, So many players are not worthy,total clearout,,, the summer.OH MY GOD, am so distraught.What went wrong????
BWAM is as useful to Arsenal supporting as Jimmy Bullard is to modelling.
Jim is a top geezer, could replace Denilson easy!
Bergkamp was a Myth
Pair him up with Kevin Nolan and kick some @rse instead of letting people take the p*ss out of our midfield!
Bergkamp was a Myth
THe more booze he gets down his throat the funnier he is! lol
BWAW - "I'm not racisist but I dislike non whites" lol. You guys have been spoilt rotten over the last decade, one season where you MIGHT not get CL and it's the end of the world for some people. Get a grip, it's just an effin game
Iceman10.....See you in the Rocket, at 6pm on Tuesday! I'll be waiting..... Tim will tell you what I look like;-)
Bergkamp was a Myth
Yeah, lets bring in Chris Morgan and Joey Barton aswell.
Im guessing you will be the bald geezer with the DM's, braces and drainpipes?
BWAW...I like that better than BWAM actually, well done..I might change my handle name to that!
Bergkamp was a Myth
Why not just change it to "W"?
Iceman10, don't worry, you'll find out soon enough, only 3 days to go.... speak to LD! :-)
Bergkamp was a Myth
We must be in troub, all the spuds on here are the ones being rational and talking sense!. Did I slip into some parallel universe whilst 'laxin in my tub? or has the better half spiked me merlot with hallucinogens?. Phartman is spot on. One ***** season and all you see and hear are bleating *ucking 'gooners' looking to sack everyone from the ball boys up. We have been totally spoilt of recent years and like all brats toys are being thrown from the pram when we don'rt get our way. If we're to be a club in crisis so be it. These kids need serious life lessons and now they're getting it, If they're still with us next season they'll be twice the player and person for it.
Im shaking in my Air max 95's BWAM
Well said Stavros, you're talking much more sense now! Good lad! Keep it up!
Bergkamp was a Myth
HAHAHAHAHHAHHA is this guy seriouse hahahahahah. he's on some high school bu11 ****. "meat me after school and i'll beat you up" oh noo iceman run for your life. booo
Youngest in Charge
Cheers gramps will do
nikolaijns make sure those Air max laces are done up properly and ready for use on Tuesday! ;-)
Bergkamp was a Myth
Are you taking him dancing old timer?
"Meat me after school?"....oh dear, these young kids should have paid attention at school more...poor spelling lad!...poor spelling!
Bergkamp was a Myth
Stavros, he'll dance to my tune all right if he doesn't say sorry!
Bergkamp was a Myth
at least we have the Carling cup to look forward too. January should be interesting as well.I think Fabianski should be given a chance.
Youngest in Charge
F*@K me its John Sergeant!
Fabianski is a liability!
Bergkamp was a Myth
Gavin Silvey should play in goal!
Bergkamp was a Myth
Calm down BWAM.
nikolaijns...I know you're not really Greek...Hey!....I'm visiting Taipei at Christmas....I'm told by a mutual friend you will meet up with me for a night out and watch a live game! Fancy it?
Bergkamp was a Myth
Looking at AW's comment on he does really seem to believe that we deserved something out of the game. Now that's worrying. Maybe he thinks the squad is so strong he doesn't need to buy in Jan. After all last year he said he was after a CB and a DM only to change his mind later on. The need for experience is so blatant and I feel not buying experienced players harms the young ones as they go through hard times without know how to handle all the pressure. That and the lack of trophies might drive Fabregas and co towards other clubs.
Yeah yeah, now with the sweet talk. So I'm Thai now? Or are you just wishing I was? Sounds like your excited about taking out lifes' frustrations on those pert little chickboys. Bet you can't wait Only a month to go then BWAMMM!! - Zimmertime. :)
thats the final straw.... if wenger doesnt spend in the january transfer window then he should go - we are an average team right now- we are a team that should be trying to get into the top four. we are behind liverpool, aston villa and man city now. we are not good enough to compete for the title. todays performace was simply embarrassing - just like last weekends performance. i feel ashamed to be an arsenal fan right now now. wenger needs to realise that we are not good enough to compete for the title - its UEFA cup for us next season im afraid, and for a club that needs the money to pay for all our debt we are going to struggle next season as well - SOME SOME ******** PASION YOU ARSENAL PLAYERS - YOUR A BUNCH OF OVERPAID PILE OF RUBBISH
BWAM... you are a disgrace to be called a gooner. Offering out a fellow gooner ? what kind of sick f*** are you? name your block, I'll come pay you a visit on tuesday and lets see just how big you really are, i don't need to bully on an internet site, make threats from an armchair, just tell me what block your in on tuesday night, I'll come say hello.
bergkamp, was a great player an joy to watch as a premier league fan of english game just like klinsmann was for us if only for season, players like him are well entruly aday an berba to name a few, loyalilty is gone in english game all money for these players an they dont care about our clubs, history, riverly, monney talks
there's ALWAYS'S 1...LOL
More in-fighting to add to that between the players lol? No need for that. Niko, Taipei is in Taiwan (full of Chinese), not Thailand lol. Run Iceman run! If you need a place to hide, we have a few spare armchairs here lol.. Seriously BWAM, while I disagree with some of your comments, I ask you and everyone in the stands to be patient and not boo the players at home in the next game. We are officially in a crisis and really need to pull everyone together now. Cheers.
I just want to say you lot were poor .....and for once we capitalised on it.....and you were actually lucky it wasnt by a much higher score.....thanks anyway !!!
GoonerLou, I hardly ever boo at the game, all I am saying it is the right of paying member of the public to do so if they feel an individual is not putting in the effort. Anyway the season is long, plenty to play for, chin up!
Bergkamp was a Myth
look at the bright side of it guys, not much has changed in the league table, with the other three dropping points too. we had 27 points from 16 games when we did the double in 98. the team went on a outstanding run after such a terrible series of results. like Arsene said, he has seen worse, & i definetly back him to turn this around..
Why, when your facing a front 3 of Robinho, Wright-Phillips and Benjani, did they play such a ridiculously high defensive line? It reminded me of the game at Highbury against Leeds some years back where Arsenal kept playing little through balls behind them and scoring easily. The starting midfield was negativity personified with more creative options on the bench. City's defense is p**s-poor and didn't test them at all. I'm still waiting to see the reason why Van Persie is being paid 80,000pw, performance related pay may give them something to play for because the club's pride appears to be something they don't care about.
Bergkamp was a Myth banned. We don't talk to fellow members of Vital, let alone fellow fans, in the way you have.
BWAM I don't know who you are, you obviously know who I am, if you want to play stalky stalky "I know where you live mwah ha ha" go ahead. But a) don't bring up my family on here and b) don't go offering fights to other members whose contribution is valued and has been for some time. It's childish in the extreme.
Little Dutch
Bergkamp was a Myth quote Iceman10.....See you in the Rocket, at 6pm on Tuesday! I'll be waiting..... Tim will tell you what I look like;-) if he went to champions league games he would know that the rocket isnt open to arsenal fans midweek..btw i have two season tickets..does that mean i have twice the right to complain
fran merida

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