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Arsenal vs. Dynamo Kyiv

Emirates Stadium



Arsenal v. Dynamo Kyiv

A new epoch of Arsenal Football Club begins on Wednesday as Francesc Fabregas Solar will lead the team out of the tunnel and onto the Emirates pitch for the first time in his young but certainly not neoteric Arsenal career. He will escort out a morale stricken squad to face Ukrainian side Dynamo Kyiv, and in this match Arsenal will be looking to seal their qualification into the knockout round of Europe's most prestigious club competition.

Vital Quotes:

The pre-match press conference was dominated by captaincy talk. "I believe that personally the captain is the voice of the club towards the outside," said Wenger at Monday`s pre-match press conference.

"Of course he is one of the leaders of the team but I have told you many times that I do not believe in one providential man in the dressing room that sorts out all the problems.

"A successful team has a shared leadership inside the dressing room and he will be one of the leaders but not the only one. It is very important that we share that leadership inside the dressing room."

Of course the previous captain was a hot topic as well. "I rate William as a player and a man," said Arsene. "I have a big respect for him. But he was working as a captain in a very difficult media environment.

"He was under big pressure from the press and at some stage you don`t want that high pressure to effect him or the team.

Suggestions are suggestions, I cannot stop them. But for me William is a player who is committed to the Club.

"I also think he could be stronger as a player now because previously he took all the problems of the team to his heart. I think this could be a new start for him and he can get stronger as a player."

Arsenal Team News:

A few more injuries to add to the list. Nasri and Diaby are both back on the treatment table. Wenger must of pulled another cheeky slight of hand over us all when he said Adebayor was rested over the weekend, because the Togolese striker will once again not play a part. Bendtner and his pink boots will most likely start up front with van Persie, unless Wenger would like to go adventurous and send out Vela. Fran Merida is being reported to start on the left wing.

Kolo Toure (calf), Theo Walcott (shoulder), Emmanuel Eboue (knee), and Bacary Sagna (ankle) are all out.

Player to watch: Fran Merida

While the spotlight will surely be on one Catalonia youth product, another Barca youngster will be making his first Champions League start for the Gunners. Wenger described him as an 'absolutely amazing talent', and the eighteen year old will be looking to display that talent tonight.

Dynamo Kyiv Team News:

Dynamo can woefully boast a substantial injury list as well. Oleh Gusev, Carlos Corręa, Ayila Yussuf, Artem Kravets, Malkhaz Asatiani, Olexandr Shovkovskiy, Taras Mikhalik Miloš Ninković, Olexandr Romanchuk are all out for the Ukrainian side.

Dynamo lost their last league outing by a single goal away from home to rivals Shakhtar Donetsk.

Player to watch: Ismaël Bangoura

The former Le Mans striker moved to Kyiv in the summer of 2007. In that time he has become a huge fan favourite, and in his first season he notched 26 goals in 32 appearances. In the reverse fixture in this group, he caused the Arsenal back line a good deal of trouble and scored the go ahead penalty. I can see him having a repeat preformance tonight.

Match Prediction

As nonchalant and atrocious Arsenal is playing at the moment, the Champions League has been a good competition for us to briefly bounce back in. Kyiv will put us under a lot of pressure because their back is against the wall, but I can see us prevailing in the end 3-1.

Ref Watch:

Luxembourg official Alain Hamer will the head official for this European tie.

Next Fixtures:

30/11 (Sun)- Chelsea (A)- Premier League

2/12 (Tue)- Burnley (A)- Carling Cup

6/12 (Sat)- Wigan (H)- Premier League

The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Tuesday November 25 2008

Time: 3:02AM

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I wouldn't be surprised with any result. So I expect a 3-0 ish win. However, if we don't win this, we're gonna get spanked by Chelsea. tough times :(
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25/11/2008 03:22:00

Our games are impossible to predict at the moment. Any kind of win will do. And please, no more injuries....
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 03:29:00

100% agree with Codchops, any sort of win and no more injures please, please, PLEASE! Look forward to seeing Cesc lead out the team. Wish I could be Gunnersaurus on this special evening..
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 07:55:00

Merida to start? That's quite a surprise actually. But it will be nice to see what he can do in a proper big game.
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 09:54:00

It would be nice to see more than 9 players OUT of the treatment room come this weekend or we will get our arses handed to us by the ChelskiSibneftDynamos. Tonight, we should be ok, Kiev are about as impotent away from home as a 90 year old man who's forgotten his blue pills!
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 10:46:00

I wouldn't want to be too dismissive of Kyiv, but the Cesc factor, the siege factor, and the Emirates factor should be enough to see us win this without too much trouble. I'll put my tuppence into the 'please no more injuries' flat-cap, too...
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 11:39:00

a new era is about to begin.
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 12:20:00

Please LG, I do know where my blue pills are. Go you Gunners.
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 13:04:00

Brice, I'm a sad old ******** and I like to know our opponents team news as well, it's difficult to find when we play European team news, but check this out If you go to, click the Arsenal match at the top of the homepage, then click 'press information' and you'll get a full .pdf of info on both teams, team news suspensions the works.....excuse me while I fetch my anorak!
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 13:10:00

my time has come...and im ready for it....
fran merida
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 13:42:00

LD, atleast you got the first bit right! ;o) We should be too much for Kiev, when you consider what the yong lads can do, then the even younger lads in the 2nd team can do. The problem arises when you start to mix and match and they are almost strangers to each other. Thats why the reserves look so good is because they all play together all the time and injuries make a team look even worse when you try and integrate them together!
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 13:49:00

I am very glad Fran might play tonight. He is a lot better on the wing than Diaby or Denilson. We should use these young players in games like this to see if they have what it takes.
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 14:15:00

Tom, agreed, atleast he is using a round peg for a round hole! It may seem logical to give a first teamer a shot at that position, but if he doesn't play very well there why not put the young lad in, he plays that side of the pitch and obviously has talent! Go for it i say!
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 14:29:00

sure you're not 'arsenal column,' sure you're not
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 15:29:00,,10268~1466414,00.html Ahem.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 15:31:00

Bloody Hell LD. How come we are in crisis and can sell out for our kids in the Carling Cup, and the supposed Premier League Champion elect can't sell out for a London Derby? Surely they don't think the result is a foregone conclusion do they ;-)
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 15:46:00

LD thank you, but the trouble for me is that I am supposed to have these up the day before and when we play in Europe, especially against Eastern European teams, all the team info for our opponents comes out about 7-9 hours before kickoff. I searched all over the english version of Kyiv's website last night, but they also were going to publish team news this morning. I will now use the UEFA website more often. Though I usually do not have as much trouble finding team info than I did last night.
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 16:41:00,17033,8746_4548363,00.html Another one you might enjoy Brice, as well as our other American members.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 17:02:00

That was a good one LD. A couple of thoughts about the article: not all female football players are lesbians, but they are almost all attractive for some reason. Also, not all is good about being a fan in the US... waking up at 7 in the morning on Saturday after staying up til 4 drinking heavily is something I could do without. But that would mean stop watching football or stop drinking, neither of which is an option.
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 17:15:00

LD a good read, but ultimatly hes wrong. A football fan derives as much satisfaction from his past time as he allows himself! Regardless of location or nationality, although a good attempt by him to justify it!
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 17:16:00

That's funny about the Chelsea tickets- initially they said on the official CFC site that Arsenal had returned some tickets from the away allocation, which seemed odd, but then they had to recant- "Ooops, Arsenal didn't return tickets, our own fans did" Yeah, they need a 60,000 seat stadium all right.,,10268~1466298,00.html
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 17:38:00

There were definitely some returns from Arsenal, as they went back on sale a week or so back.
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 18:00:00

Good article about soccer in America. I will say, however, he's got it all wrong about the lesbian component. I'm involved in a pretty big soccer club here and play in a handful of coed leagues - not a single lesbian in the bunch. A metric asston of hot soccer moms and not yet moms but not a lesbian to be found. Not that there is anything wrong with that... LOL
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 18:08:00

Almunia; Djourou - Gallas - Silvestre - Clichy (our best defence); Ramsey - Song - Fabregas - Denilson; Vela - van Persie. It will be interesting to see the strike partnership working together.
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 19:09:00

Report Abuse
25/11/2008 21:33:00

I can't believe the discussion about the "free kick" as they called it towards Nicky's goal. It's quite clear that the ref stopped play because of Djourou's interview and it was a drop ball. These pundits man ..... pffffttt
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 21:34:00

What did they say Rocky? I've endured 90 mins of 5h;te from a Chinese commentator here too. He said there's a handball on Bendtner's part, and then 'corrected' himself by saying Cesc took the free kick when the ball's still rolling seeing Bendtner's in space yadayada. Believe me, he's even more 5h;te than the English 'pundits'.
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 21:39:00

when Aliev was rolling around on the ground in 'pain' all the while watching the play unfold then got up and started sprinting up field was high comedy. definitely made me start laughing
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 21:39:00

Well Kiev played on whilst Johan was down, and when we got possession back the ref blew up. Kiev waved any right to have the ball kicked backed to them when the didn't stop played. I'm not blaming them for not stopping playing, but Cesc was well within his right to play the dropped ball.
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 21:43:00

Oh well.. And yeah TP, it cracked me up! It's really late here, that's like 5am and I still laughed like mad..!! Highlight of the game!
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 21:47:00

Er, congrats Jack on being the youngest Gunner to play in the CL! (Result is everything now - I said I wanted any kind of win before the game and we got it - not much else I feel like talking about really.) And congrats Cesc on his winning start as the Arsenal captain!
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 21:51:00

Clean sheet & qualification, couldn't have asked for more. now lets have a few of our injured lads back for this sunday & lets give them a real fight & show that we are not quite out if it yet..
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 22:03:00

Yeah Luckys, according to Star/Sky, Arsene said in his post-match press conference that 3 of the 5 injured players could come back for the Chelsea game: Ade, Sagna and Nasri. Hope so!!!
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 22:20:00

I've criticized Bendtner a lot this season, but credit where credit is due that was a hell of a finish. It must be the pink
Report Abuse
25/11/2008 23:50:00

I was also very proud of the crowd who gave fantastic support for Gallas and the team.
Report Abuse
26/11/2008 04:33:00

In fairness, the goal was naughty, if it happened against us I would be livid. Fabregas duped Kyiv quite unfairly. The Kyiv player was going to play the ball back to Almunia and Cesc told him not to bother, intimating he'd do it himself. Obviously he didn't! He lied. But I'll be honest I was well aware of it, I didn't like it, but I still celebrated vociferously. Desperate times and all that. It was one of those games where you say we got the points and don't really think about much else. Not a great performance, low on confidence, shorn of players and it showed. Still, we're through and that lifts a bit of a cloud on the club this morning.
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
26/11/2008 09:04:00

LD - That will teach them not to cheat, dive, play act, elbow and late tackle throughout a game. The thing that drives me nuts this season is our CL group stage opponents. We couldn't have 3 bigger teams of cheaters if we hand picked them. We all know the Portugese dive all over the shop, Turkish Teams are cynical and the Eastern European teams are lightweight serial divers and play actors. yet not once have we let these scuym bags get the better of us or rile us, i just shook my head in pity for the cheaters last night that feigned injury at the merest touch. They got what they deserved, nothing!
Report Abuse
26/11/2008 10:00:00

That's a reasonable argument, particularly with Aliyev's piece of comedic genius. The bigger part of me thinks two wrongs don't make a right, but like I said, I can't pretend it bothered me unduly at the time. Welcome to the world of the football fan, we're fickle and myopic as *****!
Little Dutch
Report Abuse
26/11/2008 10:37:00

Im not myopic, i just can't see past the end of my nose!!! I must of missed the "comedic genius act" from the Kiev boy whislte I was using the facilities, what happened?
Report Abuse
26/11/2008 10:41:00

LG - Do you remember Lehmann playing injured against Bolton a couple of years ago? It was like that but ten times worse. The dude was wrything around in agony, screaming like he'd broke his leg, he had a little look up and saw play was going on and he sprung to his feet like an olympic gymnast. I wish Almunia could get up that quickly. However I still disagree, I see nothing wrong at all with what Cesc did.
Report Abuse
26/11/2008 10:59:00

Christ that's embarressing! It makes me cringe when I see that! Why don't teams complain after the match, lodging somthing formal and as he wasn't punished at the time we can get him "done" for cheating and trying to con fellow professionals! Surely that would cut down the cheating?
Report Abuse
26/11/2008 11:21:00


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