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Burnley vs. Arsenal

Turf Moor



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Burnley v. Arsenal

Arsene's Kids will look to continue the new found momentum that the Arsenal first team has created with the wins over Kyiv and Chelsea, and advance to the semi-finals of the Carling Cup for the fourth consecutive year.

Burnley made all the headlines last round in their stunning upset of Chelsea at Stamford Bridge, and the group of players that Owen Coyle has at his disposal will surely be eying another Big 4 scalp for their mantle.

Vital Quotes:

Again Arsenal was questioned over the possibility of using a few more first team players. 'It will be the usual team for us,' Wenger told Arsenal's official website.

'But then with all the players we have out it may be even younger than before.

'The players who were on the bench at Chelsea will be involved, but those who started will not.

'That means Silvestre will play and so will Fabianski of course. We have some other first-team players [who] will play too - Vela and Bendtner.'

Burnley's leading scorer, 21 year old striker Martin Paterson, has expressed his excitement at playing the Young Guns. 'It will be enjoyable to come up against some of their players, but we'll be giving it a really good go,' admitted Paterson.

'It's a game of football and anything can happen.'

'We've got to be professional and turn up and work hard first and foremost, because if you don't work hard against Arsenal they're going to pass through you and make you look silly.'

'We don't want them to come here and do that to us.'

Burnley Team News:

Good news for the Clarets is that Wade Elliot could possibly be back for this tie. He will face a fitness test on Tuesday to determine the progression of his groin strain. Though defender Christian Kalvenes has been ruled out, as has Remco van der Schaa. Striker Steven Thompson will also take no part in this fixture due to cup ineligibility.

Player to watch: Martin Paterson

As was stated in the quotes, the 21 year old is Burnley's leading scorer. The Northern Ireland international has netted 7 times in 18 appearances for Burnley this campaign.

Arsenal Team News:

As Arsene said, nobody that started the Chelsea game on Sunday will play a part in this one. That means Johan Djourou, the rock in the defense during the previous Cup games, will not feature tomorrow. Though Bendtner will be recalled to the starting lineup after missing the last game against Wigan. Silvestre will the experience in the Arsenal team, and his know how will be crucial in settling down the young Gunners on their trip op North.

Player to watch: Carlos Vela

Of course Vela is always a player to watch for this team because of his immense skill and speed with the football, but I pick him here because I want to see his adjustment to the cold weather and physical nature of this game.

Match Facts & Stats

A big talking point for this match will be the weather, so being a meteorology student myself I thought I might give the forecast for tomorrows match. The high will be 2C with winds from the west at 10-15 mph. It will be cloudy with lows reaching -6C, and there is a 90% chance of afternoon snow.

Burnley has beat Bury, Oldham Athletic, Fulham, and Chelsea to get to the quarterfinals.

Match Prediction:

It will certainly not be a walk in the park for Arsenal, but I am very optimistic about this squad going all the way to lift the trophy. I will say a 4-2 win for Arsenal at the Turf Moor.

Next Fixtures:

6/12 (Sat)- Wigan (H)- Premier League

10/12 (Wed)- FC Porto (A)- Champions League

13/12 (Sat)- Middlesbrough (A)- Premier League

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Monday December 1 2008

Time: 9:36PM

Your Comments

Off topic and everything, but can we get active sometime and launch some kind of Vital Arsenal campaign to get Arsenal fans making some proper noise at home?
As for the match, I'm really looking forward to it. It will be difficult though. I agree, Vela needs to be tested in this enviroment. All those fans calling from him to bought on against chelsea as though it is certain that he will score a wondergoal as soon as he comes on gets on my nerves. I'm not saying he can't manage it, but people are starting to get a bit too expectant over him.
Snow? Frig me, that should make the drive fun! Unreserved seating this time though, maybe I'll get a decent seat for once!
Little Dutch
I predict the usual outcome, good win for the kids followed by a lame performance against Wigan and loss.
Yea LD, at game time with the wind chill it should feel about -8C. Burr.
Really looking forward to this game ....... do Burnley have undersoil heating? I'd hate for you to go all that way for naught again LD!!
Time for the CARLOS CUP! and
Its *****in frozzen oootside.
I don't live a million miles away from Burnley and I can confirm that it's snowy as a b'stard this morning. Keep an eye on the weather reports travelling Gooners!!
I'm travelling with the club so I'll be up to date. If they're gonna call it off, they better not wait until 7pm again like they did at Anfield a few seasons ago!
Little Dutch
Surely they'll have the common sense to know Arsenal fans have a fiar way to travel and will keep an eye on things.
Rocky, no they don't the club don't give a monkey's about travelling logisitics. Hats off to Dutch for going up tonight, if i hadn't done it in the cup last year i would've made more of an effort for this one. Good test tonight, although i predict something similar to the Sheff Utd game last year.
I was offered tickets for tonight, but unlike LD I have a grasp of my sensse and haven't taken leave of them! lol Ferkin lunatic mate, it's going to be taters up there tonight. The lads won't know whats hit them weather wise. 3-1 to the Arsenal kids and sound thrashing for me chinas on the darts board. All in all a good night to look forward to. LD what time do you think you will get back from the game? Thats a long old drive mate!!!
I would like to see Coquelin play alongside Ramsey.
Agreed Tom - He has talent, but maybe he has his chance in the future, whilste Randall will be given time as a judgement on his career will need to be made sooner than Coqelins?
I just don't see anything in Randall. Nothing at all that is above any other player at the club. Lansbury is a lot better than him.
No im leaning that way aswell Tom. But I understand why they will give him games so the management can make their minds up and then move onto the next potential first teamer ie: Coqelin (sp?)
It's just started snowing really heavy where I live, I hope it isn't this bad in Burnley or the game could be in trouble.
Rock - Would love to see Vela's face if the match went ahead!!!
I'm not sure if he's ever played football in extreme conditions, but me and my lad just went to build a snow man and we lasted about 5 minutes ... and he's half scottish!!!! lol
LOL Christ, that's bad! Vela's got no chance then!! What's the temp and is the outlook positive?
I dunno what it's like in Burnley to be honest. But it's below zero here, however is supposedly colder and snowier in Oldham than anywhere in the country, but my bud in Barnsley says it's sunny there. So I don't exactly know.
Although I have just seen an article from a couple of hours ago that says the pitch is fine!! YAY!
So basically no one knows whats going on or atleast is very confused! Namely me!
It's not as extreme as LD and the travelling guys, it's like 20 degrees C here. But I'll do my fair share of suffering for the team by staying up late (4-6am) for this game. :D
I wonder if any of the Burnleyites can tell us what the weather is like? Barring a massive blizzard I'm pretty sure most groundsmen can get the pitches in working order these days. My snow storm did exactly last long either.
Lou, have one of those pills. Totally worth it!
I love snow too GK - Though not at our football matches!! lol
I'm jealous. I want to have some snow here....
No problem Tomf, I've been doing it for the first team's midweek games. (Even the Spurs one, imagine the pain of not being able to sleep till 7am with my blood boiling!) The kids interest me even more so I'll stay awake till the very end. Maybe I'll even finish my usual post-match posts before going to bed lol.
Fabianski; Rodgers Hoyte Silvestre Gibbs; Wilshere Randall Ramsey Merida; Vela Bendtner
That'll do for me. Silvestre as captain no doubt!!
The pitch looks okay too! :)
I suppose with Silvestre playing, it means Djourou has become Gallas' first choice partner. I like that.
Offside pay-back lol!!
Er TP Djourou and Gallas got some 'minor' knocks from the Chelsea game.
I can't watch the game (I'm in class), I can only follow the live updates, so the goal was offside huh? how justified! haha
We really need to impose ourselves more in midfield and tighten up the defence, Rodgers is an inexperienced kid and it really shows. Conceding an offside goal is one thing. We could have conceded more at the back, though we could have scored if not for Jensen's goalkeeping especially at those 1on1s.
The goal wasn't offsides. Bendtner finishing is really off some games.
Good 1st half. Burnley deserve their lead and have been well-organised, pressing Arsenal high up. Their goalie's had a really good game - saved 4 one on one chances. The Arsenal finishing needs to get better.
McDonald wasn't offside, it's the crosser of the ball. When the through ball came in, the guy on the right flank was offside before he crossed the ball for McDonald to score from Fabi's initial punch.
That's a marginal call, but the kids all stopped there putting their hands up.
Rodgers off for Lansbury, good call. I guess HOyte will move to CB now.
I knew what you meant Lou, but it still wasn't offsides
I apologise, I've watched it again on my recorder. He's aligned, misled by the crap commentators at the time. One of them has just p!ssed me off again when Gibbs got hit by that guy's elbow, "That's lack of experience you see. Better get used to it. Every attacker uses their elbow in those situation, kid."
THink I should just mute the nutters as I can't figure out how to switch to English. :(
Too many players giving the ball away lads. I can't see any comebacks here. Merida had one great dribble in the box earlier this half, but he just keeps kicking the ball to Burnley since.
Yeah but credit to Burnley, they're the pressing game personified. It's a great learning curve for the kids. I said this before and I say it now, if they crash out of the domestic cups, so be it. The kids own the campaign.
How crap is Bendtner - he has missed 3 one on ones !
But this last one, just like another one, was more like Jensen came off the line really quickly to block Bendtner. To be fair I thought one vital thing was Rodgers in CB - when I saw the names, I'd thought at least it'd be Hoyte in CB, Rodgers in RB. The defensive understanding wasn't there we started badly and the kids lost confidence, including Fabi.
As I'd predicted, I've done my fair share of suffering - I really really want to write a letter of complaint to the TV station on the commentary, not that I'm bitter about the result.
Tough for the kids away from home
All credit to Burnley, but if the Arsenal strikers, Bendtner in particular, would of took their chances I think we'd be moving on. Bendtner has been very, very poor today. No effort or desire in his play.
Disappointing 2nd half, we didnt really look like we wanted to score (I think Merida had the best chance early on, but hardly anything after that). Bendtner was poor tonight, if he wants a 1st team place,he does not deserve it. Simpson looked far more lively. I also expected Randall to put in a challenge before the 2nd goal. Well played Burnley, they deserved the win.
When we went one goal down, it became interesting how they'd respond cos it's the first time they even conceded in this campaign. My conclusion is: the kids team is exactly like the first team, need to keep their heads up and try different solutions a bit harder when things get tough. It's a great experience for them. If they stay on the bench till Jan, they'll come back hungrier for the FA Cup hopefully.
Bendtners attempts looked half hearted. Hope he doesn't think he's too good to be playing with the kids. It's completely the wrong attitude if thats whats going through his head. Lets face it, his performances for the first team have hardly been convincing even against Kiev when he scored. He's not the only poor performance out there, there was poor concentration and lack of understanding in defence and the passing was very sloppy in midfield at times. Still it's a learning experience for the kids, hope they get a run out in the FA cup now.
Really hope Wenger uses the first team in the FA Cup. Take whatever we can get from this season, we need a trophy.
Now we will go on and beat Wigan as we have lost our weekend games when the kids have won during the week.
I thought they responded well in the 1st half, Lou. We had 3 good one on one chances after going a goal down. 2nd half response was disappointing, for me.
Yeah Prits they did respond after conceding but that's still patchy and some of the kids were probably trying to rush things a bit. We didn't only start giving the ball away in the 2nd half. I honestly can't remember even a handful of our trademark fluid passing moves. When a move led to a chance up front, the final decision-making wasn't there, be it shooting or looking for one final pass when the keeper's coming out. What I meant was that we were just not calm and cool enough and I thought it's partly down to the fact that some kids were not used to chasing a game.
Too bad we couldn't hang on till Eduardo comes back to help in this campaign. Can't wait to watch him in the reserves this month, perhaps he'll even get a place in the FAC team!
if only eduardo was fit for this game we would have buried boots couldnt score in a brothel with 50 pound notes selotaped to his old chap
fran merida
Both Bendtner and Randall looked poor tonight. I don't think either have a future at our club. Perhaps we should buy the Burnley goalie! :-)
Frosty B
Bendtner is the biggest waste of space, sack of crap, useless, unwarrantedly egotistic, ******** I've seen play for Arsenal in a long time. Randall would get knocked over by a strong breeze or a heavy-flow shower tap and Fabianski has the jitters so bad i'd swear he'd been up for the past week free-basing crack. The rest of the kids, despite having a far from great game, are still okay.
Ozi Gooner
Oh yeah, Silvestre is a ******** joke to. Everytime hegets the ball he just walks up to the first striker turns back again and passes to the LB or hoofs it long, the most predictable player I can remember. FFS, you play for Arsenal now, a little bit of creativity wouldnt hurt. Also he cant defend for *****e which is a big problem for a CB.
Ozi Gooner
Calm down lads. These matches are not for Rodgers, Silvestre, Randall or even Vela. It is a chance for the truly class players to take it upon themselves and win a game. Wilshere, Vela and Ramsey were a bit off today, as was Fabianski, but they were still our best four players. And why was Coquelin not playing from the beginning or even subbed on at right back for Rodgers? Bischoff looks good aswell.
Take "Vela" out of the first line and add "Bendtner"...oopsy!
Thank you, Burnley. even in the previous wins in CC this season, we know some players won't make it at Arsenal. honestly, English youngsters at Arsenal are overrated. in the team vs Burnley, none of the English players will progress to the first team, Gibbs and Randall included. Merida could be a useful backup player, nothing more. Wilshere and Ramsey are still young and have a lot of room to improve. Vela is like a duplicate player of our former player, Reyes. Anything Reyes could do at Arsenal, Vela can do it too. Nicklas Bendtner, you will never know how he is going to perform. He gave us 3-4 rubbish games and scored a handball goal next, and another wasteful finishing yesterday.
fcde, you have just proved you are a complete tool. Gibbs and Randall where your examples of English players that are seemingly more likely to progress to the first team but won't because you say so! I don't think any Arsenal fan expects Randall to make more than 10 appearances for Arsenal and Gibbs is nowhere near the player Traore is so he is very unlikely to play games for us. As for Vela, he is so far away from Reyes in terms of playing style you would think that one is Mexican and the other is Spanish! oh...
fcdematthew - What are you talking about? Bendtners goal wasn't handball against Kiev that has been proved time and time again by the replays which show conclusively that he took it across his chest! As for the English youngsters being over rated, over rated by whom? Against who's better judgement? If our management think they are worth a shot in the CC then that's good enough for me. Considering they outplayed Wigan and Sheff Utd comfortably that’s a good sign that they can play a bit.....! Well you would think so anyway!
We were close to spanking Burnley yesetrday. 6 one on ones and none taken. If we scored the 1st then it would of been a rout in my eyes and we would of been talking about how good they are. In a way its better to have lost this game than face possibly Spurs in the next round,lose and hear them go on about it for the next 5 months.
I agree with Paul Ownz on both the fact that if Bendtner had of nailed his first chance (possibly even the chance to equalise as well) it would've been a route as Burnely would've been demoralised and that it would be ***** to face Spurs again.
Ozi Gooner
Would've, Could've Should've....YAWN!!! Here's one for you; If Spurs WOULD'VE won all their games this season we would be top of the league! you were *****e yesterday, just face it.
Oh look everybody the swamp dwellers have come out to play! (yawn)
If you're rather poor quality team had even managed to win half their games you wouldn't be above the bottom 3 on goal difference............Now pipe down sunshine.
(yawn) Talking to thin air. So typical. Full Stop.

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