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Manchester City vs. Arsenal

City of Manchester Stadium



Preview: Arsenal v. City (a)

Well hello again. It's been an especially long and monotonous interlull this time around. I figure that's because we're coming off a crushing, undeserved defeat to United. If you could excuse me for a second while I stand up and stretch my fingers. Okay, moving on.

Next up is another trip to Manchester to face some familiar faces in blue shirts. I don't want to dwell on this issue because, to tell you the truth, I'm tired of hearing about our African misfits. So let me address the elephant in the room very quickly.

Cheer Toure. Boo Adebaywhore.

It's that simple. Arsenal got 40 million quid in the coffers, and we're a better team because of it. Both players have settled well at Eastlands. One has been scoring freely, and the other received the Citeh captaincy free with purchase of a new home in the Manchester area. So both parties have moved on, and now, so have I.

What does grind my gears though, is City's divine right to Arsenal's Champions League spot. Not so much from the City supporters, who for the most part have stayed grounded, but instead from the media. I will never forget that picture on Sky's homepage during opening weekend. But then, after the first 90 minutes of our season, I haven't heard a single pundit predict our demise.

For all that, I consider this match more than just your run of the mill trip to the City of Manchester Stadium. If you forget about matches against Tottenham, Chelsea, Man United, Liverpool, any European team, FA & Carling Cup opponents, oh and Barnet in our annual preseason friendly, I don't think I have ever wanted to win a single game so badly. But after disregarding all those other games, I guess that doesn't mean much after all. Oh well.

Quick Vital Quotes:

With Arshavin out, Dudu is going to have to step up and Wenger has faith in him. He told the official website this: 'Any situation you face as a top-level player you have to deal with, and you can only do that by being mentally strong,' said the Frenchman.

'The situation has been created by the media impact of [Eduardo's] case, but that is not the worst. The worst thing is that now he is not given penalties when they are penalties. That is much worse. The one last night against England (when he was hauled down by Glen Johnson) was a penalty.'

Wenger, though, maintains: 'I do not believe it will affect his game. He is a player who has gone through much more difficult things than that. On the one side, a good way to deal with that is that he is in good health. This is a minor event compared to what he has gone through before.'

Manchester City Team News:

There was lots of talk about how Hughes was going to keep his plethora of attacking talent happy, but going into this clash, he only has two strikers to choose from, Bellamy and some bloke from Togo. Robinho and Tevez were both injured in the same match last weekend, as their respective countries faced off. Benjani, Michael Johnson, and Santa Cruz are also out, while Kompany is a slight doubt.

Player to watch: Gareth Barry

City's unofficial captain will be eager to impress in his first significant match since his big money move from Villa this summer. He will be looking to boss the midfield and minimize Cesc's influence on the match, even though he is not a proper defensive midfielder. If he can do that then City could do well.

Arsenal Team News:

So just when you thought that everyone was going to come back from the international break unscathed, we received news that Andrey Arshavin will be out till the away match at Craven Cottage on the 26th. That is a big blow for this weekend's game, just like City losing Robinho and Tevez is a big blow for them. Luckily for us, we won't need him against Liege, Wigan, and West Brom.

In other news, Tomas Rosicky played 60 minutes on Wednesday, and should be fit to make the bench. Theo will be back for the game against Liege. Djourou is out for 6 months, and Nasri could be back in training in a matter of weeks.

Predicted Starting XI: Almunia, Sagna, Gallas, Vermaelen, Clichy, Song, Denilson, Fabregas, Bendtner, van Persie, Eduardo

Player to watch: Cesc Fabregas

After missing the trip to Old Trafford with a hamstring injury, Cesc returns to the squad, hoping to leave Manchester with three points this time around. Barry will most likely be asked to marshal Cesc, but since Barry likes to get forward so much, Fabregas will have more room to work with in the centre of the pitch. I expect the Spaniard to continue his goalscoring antics.

Match Facts & Stats

City have lost more Premier League matches and conceded more goals against Arsenal than any other team

Between 1994 and 2006 Arsenal won seven successive league games away to City. However, the Citizens have won the last two out of three against Arsenal at Eastlands.

Head to Head

In the league, Arsenal have won 83, City have won 42, and there have been 37 draws.

Ref Watch:

Mark Clattenburg will be the head official for this match. Last season he handed out 114 yellow cards and 10 reds in 43 games. This gives him a 2.9 card per game average.

Match Prediction:

I think Arsenal will win. I think Adebayor will score. I think Song will dominate Ireland, and I expect van Persie to provide at least one assist but still not get on the score sheet himself.

I'll go 3-1 to the Arsenal.

Next Fixtures:

16/9 (Wed) - Standard Liege (a) - Champions League

19/9 (Sat) - Wigan (h) - Premier League

22/9 (Tue) - West Brom (h) - Carling Cup

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The Journalist

Writer: Brice Coffer Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Friday September 11 2009

Time: 6:45AM

Your Comments

Arshavin's a big out for Arsenal. According to some from this site he's the third best player in the world, or is that the fifth.....or was it the seventh, anyway he's a big out. I have a feeling that big Ade will be out to punish Arsenal for all the trash you've been talking about him so you can mark him down for the opener and probably another one as well. I feel things might just click into place at home in this game and if this happens the Gunners will be in for a flogging. 4-1 City.
Is there any truth in the rumours that Cesc isn't fit for the game?
If cesc is not fit i will be massivly peed off. He should not have gone out in the first place considering he missed the last 2 games for us with injury. Arshavin should not have played either. Its ridiculous. Countries who take players against our will and then send them back injured. Oh and Theo too
Unfortunately it's an age old problem that we'll never win.
bluesnozza, he us the third or fourth best, and much better than Robinho, despite what some of your buddys would believe. And why not boo Toure?
Why not boo Toure? What? Ade will score and will hear his name being sung and assume it's all good things
Tom, does that question need an answer?
A Cultured Left Foot today had a decent proposal for international injuries. (We all know a sensible idea such as this will never be taken on by the asinine, self congratulatory ****s that run the game, but stick with it). If a club tries to prevent a player from being called up and subsequent medical tests discover a player IS fit enough to join up, the player is suspended for the next two club matches. Let's have it the same both ways, Arshavin was played when he was demonstratibly injured, ergo he should be suspended from Russia's next two matches.
Little Dutch
Why boo Ade if you are not booing Toure? He handed in a transfer request and wanted out, just like Ade. He put in similarly bad performances last year as well. I wouldn't boo either to be honest.
Cos Toure won stuff with the club, was here a lot longer, didn't have attitude on the pitch...could go on..that enough for you? ACLF is definitely worth a read every now and then, doesn't tell you what to think, a lot of posts/opinions are just like re-reading Arseblog.
Didnt make ridiculous comments about beyonce & Milan, didnt wh ore himself to clubs etc
Ordinarily, I can't be arsed to boo ex players. As far as I'm concerned if they're not turning out for us anymore then they're just another player and I couldn't really give a ***** what they do. I can understand the barracking of Cole and, to that end, if ever an ex player deserved to be booed it's Adebayor. Toure's performances dipped, but not his effort. He represented the club with dignity and tried his hardest in every single game. I always felt Toure was a player who knew what being an Arsenal player meant and I for one will applaud him warmly before the match. His handing in of a transfer request- well that stuff happens in life, he wasn't happy anymore but he didn't bitch and moan about it, he got on with it. The deal to sell him was right for the player and the club. Adebayor is a very good player (not as good as he thinks he is, but he is damn good) but as a man, he is the type of human being I detest and have no time for in life. When he scored 30 goals he demanded a pay rise, openly invited offers from other teams and gave it the big I am- then lied about it afterwards. When that 30 goal haul was exposed as a one off, he blamed the fans and the lack of Fabregas (I don't remember him attributing the 30 goals to Fabregas or suggesting that Cesc be entitled to part of his pay rise in 2008). Now he's gone, he's still wittering on about the supporters, about how he now feels loved after the nasty savaging those cruel Arsenal fans gave him. Jesus, the guy was subbed in three consecutive semi finals because he stopped just short of sitting on the halfway line in a deck chair. I've no time for a man that not only takes, but demands the plaudits when the going is good but refuses to accept responsibility when the going is bad. Adebayor is a pretty appalling character and, though I won't boo myself because I think it might motivate him more, I fully understand why any Arsenal fan would. The fact that he was booed by the travelling supporters at Old Trafford when subbed in the CL Semi Final tells you this isn't a case of "lovers scorned", he's been unpopular for a while and deservedly so. Good riddance to human trash.
Little Dutch
bluesnozza, you're a fantastic example of why I've begun to change my mind about City fans, who I've always respected and liked. Amazing what money does to people's heads, turns them into obnoxious idiot a-s-s-h-o-l-e-s.
LD, what an absolutely BRILLIANT, SUPERB post on Ade, just genius work!!!! Amazing that some can't see the difference between Kolo and Ade -- we can cut Kolo some slack because he gave us so much for so long. Including trophies and a CL final. Ade, on the other hand, is the only Arsenal player I know of who went onto the pitch (WHL no less!) while we were being thrashed by the Enemy and the first thing he chooses to do is insult a teammate rather than rouse his teammates to fight like hell. That one incident alone tells you all you need to know about the man's massive ego and selfishness. His honeymoon at City won't last long, just like it didn't last long in his 3 previous clubs and on his national team. He's had trouble in every single team he's been with, he will again.
wow, don't think I cannot see the difference. I am no fool. Just playing devils advocate. I dislike Toure as a player and his attitude regarding the transfer more than most I suppose, but I would never take his Legend status away or boo him, however much I didn't like his actions.
I don't really recall Toure as having an attitude about the transfer. Arsenal wasn't working for him professionally or personally anymore so he asked to leave (had he been granted his wish in January, that action would have seen him forego his loyalty bonus and would have enabled a smooth transfer with little agent intervention). We refused his request and he didn't say another word. In fact, he even worked and won his place back in the side. The chance came to leave and he took it on the club's terms without complaint. If ever there was a good willed transfer in Arsenal's recent history- Toure's was it.
Little Dutch
I can't believe it even took explaining. Kolo I'll still call Kolo. He was a great servant of the club and has moved on. I wish him well cos he's a respectable human being. The other guy I'll just forget about him but remember a handful of great goals he scored, including those at WHL and Villarreal. Now I feel confident about this game despite AA's absence. We've got a point to prove - maybe some players were as p!ssed as we were reading some of those reports saying they're going to take our CL spot surely blah blah blah. So let's go and prove that's nonsense.
Tom you're not playing Devil's Advocate very well, more like just going against the grain for the sake of it. Toure's not an Arsenal legend either.
shewore Is the club really this idiotic?!? A monkey could have done a better job advertising than this. EPIC FAILURE!
Gkid that could have been a wind-up lol. Or if Arsenal appoint an ad-serving network to sell the ad space on, they should be fired.
"just going against the grain for the sake of it" - Right, I am going against the grain for asking why you wouldn't boo Toure if you are going to boo Ade, but I guess you are not stirring it up by suggesting Toure isn't an Arsenal legend? There is a flaw in there.
I'm sure you'll all have your 'Rooney' United shirts on this weekend...? Back to your game at hand, I'm really hoping you both lose! Is that possible? FIFA has to make something like that possible soon! But seriously, I think this will be a very good attacking game with many talents on show. Arshavin's loss could be big for you and Adebayor will definitely be on a mission to show Arsenal fans his true ability. Vermaelen and Gallas will have to be at their absolute best this weekend
Toure isn't an Arsenal legend, definitely deservers a few paragraphs in the book, but not a chapter. If you'd been supporting Arsenal for more than 5 years you'd know that.
FU, I'm assuming you want us to lose cause you've seen now that we are true contenders and probably better than united this year?
If Adebeyonce had a brain he would realise that no player that ever scored so many goals against Sp*rs would ever be hated by gooners unless he had really *****ed them off. Feckin tool
Yeah we'll all be wearing our Rooney shirts complete with grass stains on the chest from all that diving.
I agree with shewore, the word legend is thrown about too lightly. That word is the preserve of the likes of Brady, Adams, Vieira, Bergkamp, Henry, Pires. Toure probably sits just below that strata with other great servants like Parlour, Merson, Smith etc. Still well worth a round of applause at least though1
Little Dutch
Did I say I thought Toure was a legend? I would be the first to agree with you. I was just making a parallel between your comments that I "go against the grain for the sake of it" with your comments which, many would assume, go against the grain.
I think Toure goes into your "unsung heroes" collection LD with the likes of Lauren.
I always thought he was over-rated to be honest. He was great in his first few seasons as first choice (Invincibles etc) but for the last three years I would have happily seen him at another club.
Tom you make some half decent points about Arsenal a lot of the time, but you let yourself down with points that don't make any sense & trying to be clever. You're the one that said you're playing devil's advocate. Don't be so ****ing difficult implying that you're arguing for the sake of it, then get called on it, and pretend that you weren't.
TPowell- I'm not sure how you think I would ever want Citeh to win a game of football. I'm hoping for a draw but if possible a loss for both teams.
shewore, I simply asked the question, just like many ask the question of Fabregas in relation to the stick Ade gets (when it seems that Cesc has also flirted/discussed moves to other clubs). Ade is clearly worse than Cesc and Toure, but my point was that Toure is hardly a saint to our club, and whilst I would not expect anybody to boo him, I don't think he should be exempt from criticizm at the very least. And I did say I wouldn't boo either of them. As LD says, once they are gone, they are gone.
Maybe I should have been more clear in my initial post.
We will miss Arshavin, but City will miss Robinho and Tevez more because they don't have the squad depth we have.
is anyone else scared that by us simply mentioning his name, Rosicky will somehow re-injure himself in the next 18 hours or so? haha
Who the f***'s Rosicky? ;)
haha, i heard he's this really good czech player, haven't seen much of him though...
Imagine if we got him ...what a great NEW SIGNING that would be, like the Croatian guy we got over the summer transfer period! ...anwyways! I don't think we'll miss Arshavin in the lineup with Eduardo back. I reckon we should go for same lineup we used against Everton, cept Dudu in AA's posistion. Everyone agree's with me? ...Good!
Imperative that we win. We need a massive boost up after the OT game. Don't the players get enough motivation just by having to think of the same game last year? Time to show where we have improved , shut some gobs , and move on.
Tom, you look like a C you next Tuesday arguing about why not boo Toure if you boo Ade. Toure handed in a transfer request for personal reasons (eg, Gallas), after being a loyal servant and champion of this club for 6 years. Ade came here as a trouble maker and left in the same way, after doing, in essence, four fifths of ***** all. I know you're young mate but pull your head out of your arse, that is the biggest load of ***** i've ever heard.
Ozi Gooner
I wouldn't boo either of them to be honest, i don't think Ade has been that disrespectful too us at all. Whats more important than who we don't have is who we do. Concentrate on the players in the squad, winning games and making them the best team possible. Ade didn't fit into our squad anymore, he knew it, we knew it, that's why he's gone. Lets all be happy and get along? :)
Oh, and anyone got any news on the squad tonight? I'm itching to see if our new Czech signing is playing? :P
Can this new guy from Czech Republic play the second game in a week though? I think we could have the tough little Croat and that skilful Dutchman to support the free-scoring big Dane for a good front three. But I guess the Frenchman's quite set on putting the Dutchman in the middle, the Dane kid out wide, which I find a little strange still. What do you guys think?
I am getting married today at 2pm !!!!! My heart will be at the Church but my head will be at Eastlands. Come on you Gunners ! Just win 3-0 and give me a ' perfect day '.
Congratulations CockneyRich! Let's hope your day goes perfectly! Check this article in the Telegraph interviewing Adebarndoor - not that it was needed, but this cements his fate with the Arsenal fans, astonishing comments from one of the most egotistical footballers ever known -
RVP is the only player we have capable of playing the central pivot role in a front 3 Lou. Bendtner is big enough, but not incisive enough with his passing (and height isn't all that important considering we play the ball to feet 95% of the time). Eduardo likes to make to many runs behind the defence to play that role, and Arshavin simply isn't big or strong enough and to often drifts in and out of games. Robin is the only player we have with the height, strength, skill and vision to play that role successfully. He's not gonna score a lot doing it though, as he essential is becoming the same type of player Rooney was for United with Ronaldo and Tevez as wide forwards. For him in this position, setting up the goals for Edu and Nik, and making space for Cesc and Denilson, is his main responsibility.
Ozi Gooner
Anyone else feeling excited about this game? I soooo want to beat them, don't know why! Maybe I do know, it wasn't a fair result that we lost when we went to Manchester last week. And we were *****e at the same stadium last season and we owe ourselves a great performance and result. We've also got to prove that we can deal with the fired-up ex-Gunners. (I almost forgot Silvinho's there too.) Not to mention that we need to prove last week's defeat was a blip and keep going on the good run. I can see a high-scoring game, goals > 2.5. Robin, Bendtner and Eduardo to score would be most pleasing.
Robin as a CF, I'm still not sure. He has this tendency to come back to take the ball. There's an instance when he cut it back, there's nobody in the middle to capitalise on it. Sometimes when we send in crosses, he's not the best header of the ball in our team. Bendtner should be at the end of those crosses, not the one sending them in. I'm still not sure about Robin as CF and Bendtner as RW. But then if we let them both play in a proper 4-4-2, I don't know how to set up the midfield either. Maybe we need someone like Eduardo for us to work more like a 4-3-3 and less like a 4-5-1 now?
Absolute bull***** cant believe the players made adebayor get to them
I'm so angry now that I think I should stop posting.
Well done wenger and arsenal- great season- bring on 10/11 season
I blame Almunia for the way we gifted them the advantage and encouragement after we started so well. But then if we can't get back into the game after going one goal down, we don't bloody deserve to win/draw. And I think I haven't been too critical about Ade's departure or greed or whatever. But now I absolutely HATE him. What a despicable character. But we let him do this to us. I also can't help but ask questions of the tactics/formation where Diaby and Bendtner failed to play to their potential. Out of position or what? I don't know. Now you guys tell me if this is a 4-3-3 cos it didn't look like it at all to me.
To jaele, Tom 14 and all you other doubters, read it and weep 4-2. I'm sorry if some people didn't like my prediction but I honestly believed that if everything clicked at home that we would not be beaten and it can't be denied that the best team won on the day.
well looks like our season is over already. Almunia is Sh*t, we a keeper like mad james. i am so mad right, i feel i want to distory my computer. the only bright side of the game was Rocky scored. other then that oooops. i gonna joing Wenger out Bandwagon. sorry but this is i can't take it any more.
I don't do the whole internet warrior thing, but I hope the traveling fans are waiting outside the stadium for Ade. I would love to be there, he would not make it home with a full set of teeth. That stamp on Robin was 100% intentional, and and the goal celebration just about sums up the character of the man. Classless dog, hope he dies of AIDS.
Ozi Gooner
Oh yeah, by the way, Almunia at fault yet again. Wonder how long it will be before the rest of you come around to see that this bloke is a donkey. Diaby is a waste of space, we played the whole 90 minutes with 10 men cos of that hack. Did not make one good decision all game. Wenger was made to look stupid with his substitutions, taking off both holding midfielders and leaving Diaby on. What was he thinking?
Ozi Gooner
wenger's lost it - arsenal have lost it - and now the fans are losing it..... had enough of this ***** - what a disgusting performance that was... no effort, no willing, no desire
It's not a question of Man City being brilliant. It's more about us lacking ideas and purpose and energy going forward after the first goal. The commentary I was hearing here was absolutely spot off too, blaming it on the OT defeat. I think it's a combination of players not being able to produce in certain positions (Diaby, Bendtner), Almunia's mistake with the first goal, lacking a bit of luck with some shots (Robin, Bendtner, Verm's great long-range shot) and not having enough cover when Clichy went forward (Richards's ball in for Ade's header). Who am I to question but do we really believe in this Diaby-RvP-Bendtner permutation of the front three? If we've got Nasri, AA, Eduardo to go with RvP, I'd say this 4-4-3 thing would work. But today it's just like an ineffective 4-5-1. And Ade, I wouldn't be surprised if his car got burned or something lol. What a b@st@rd. His fouls on his former teammates I could give him some benefit of the doubt though I have my doubts especially over his stamp on Robin's face when he's down. But his celebration was so classless that I can't believe how bitter he must be towards all Gooners. Money doesn't buy you class indeed. I never wish anything bad on anyone. But I wish justice will be done on him, and soon.
Hope you enjoyed your time in Manchester....
Oh yeah FU we have enjoyed sending out gifts in Manchester indeed. Now be thankful.
if he stamped, it should be reviewed by FA an get hes 3 match ban.
Another factor is the international break as well. It may sound lame now but it's quite true that Cesc, Bendtner and RvP looked tired and bereft of ideas. (But Diaby didn't play for France and there's no excuse other than the out-of-position thing.) And now just imagine how AA must be feeling about his insistence of playing a full game for Russia. Now even if Man Utd and Spurs both get 0 point from the game, it's still an incredibly bad weekend lol.
spurs will finish above us this season - anyone fancy a bet?
City might finish above United too. What's next? Everton above Pool and West Ham above Chelsea?
Ozi Gooner
Dan, there's a specific thread for that. This way please:
Looks like we used up any good fortune in the first few games. Same problem as much of last season really - no creativity in the wide positions. Take Nasri/Arshavin out and we only have Cesc to rely on. It wasn't enough last season it isn't now. Putting Rosicky on with under 40 minutes helped but we would have been better off leaving Denilson on and taking off Diaby or Bendtner. Still we lost by a smaller margin than last season!
If your not creating then come away with a 1-1 these players just dont learn and neither has Wenger. There is no steady influence in this side, No Gilberto, No Vieira, No Keown. There is not a player in our team who adapts to circumstance they all just play, play, play and when the personel doesnt match the intent were always likely to get F*@ked every now again. You cant win trophies like that im afraid.
It's all great some of our players are versatile. But the question mark over whether Wenger sometimes over-does it has always been in my head. I understand the logic of using a 4-3-3 with a plethora of good CM's and putting two guys who can defend alongside/behind Cesc. But what's going on with persisting with Diaby and Bendtner as wingers? Well I know Robin is probably the best guy to play the CF role here but he's at least played on the wing to okay effect with Holland, while Diaby and Bendtner aren't proven options? Tbh I'd rather have Eboue than Diaby in a wide position any day of the week.
lol loll lol lol lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I think you are a little too concerned with the formation Lou. The same players could and probably did play as a 4-4-2 at times but whether its 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 or 4-5-1 it doesn't make a lot of difference if the balance between defense and attack isn't right. Our midfield balance wasn't right for much of last season. This game shows that at present it still isn't. With Arshavin and Nasri out for a little time it won't be much better until at least 2, preferably 3, of a midfield comprising those two plus Rosicky and Fabregas can play the majority of games. We don't have any other players who can do what they do - or come anywhere near it.
Exactly Amos - the balance isn't right. I've got an issue with the personnel even if I perhaps didn't make it completely clear. I'm wondering about the combination of players, not the 4-3-3 per se, i.e. the likes of Diaby, Bendtner, Song and Denilson not being able to do what Cesc, Nasri, AA and Rosicky or even Vela or Theo or Jack do in terms of creating clear-cut chances. But then defensively we didn't look solid enough either, especially against their counter-attack, which Man City did well to be fair. But that's more obvious after we took off the more defensive-minded midfielders in Song and Den admittedly. If that's the case, why Diaby stayed on I have no idea either.
I don't think the personnel were right from the start but we didn't have much choice but to put out the team we had assuming Rosicky was considered a risk to start the game. We were chasing the game and taking Denilson off to put Rosicky was shifting the balance towards a little more offense without sacrificing too much defensively with Song in front of the back four. Throwing Eboue and Eduardo on in place of Sagna and Song shifted even more towards attack. Probably too much but we were a goal down. The reasoning behind keeping Diaby on was I guess that he offers more going forward than any of the players taken off.
The first two times we've been really tested, we've failed both times. It saddens me to say that, even at this stage of the season, I am very confident that we won't win the PL or CL this season. You see United today against Spurs, they go one down away from home against a team that is in hot form and yet they still come back and win the game. The difference between the likes of United and Chelsea and ourselves is that they have a winning culture, a winning attitude. It's not even to do with the individual players. That's the fundamental we're missing.
By the way, interesting statement released by RvP on the official website.
Hey guys lets look at things in the right perspective. The ref was extremely poor. Adebayor should not have remained on that pitch. All the goals appart from the 1st came from the left, obviously Clichey was left to the dry because Diaby was not doing any defender at all. When are we getting a proper goal keeper, he was late moving for the 1st goal otherwise it would have been a save.I wld have thought AW would hv warned the team abt the City counter attacks coz thats what they really have. Great to see Rosicky back with more creativity. Left to me I would have taken off Diaby and Bentner for Rosicky and Dudu. But then Arsene knows..........(can we still say that??????????????)
I'm pretty gutted about the result, didn't see that coming, but I think people are overeacting. We've lost 2 tough away games, one which we didn't deserve to lose against Man U. Even against City, we had enough chances to get a draw. As phreddy says, Clichy was left exposed by Diaby's unwillingness to help out in defence, but we have same problem with Arshavin. I think there was a bit of tiredness from the international games especially with Bendtner. Liverpool have lost to Spurs and Villa and Man U have lost to Burnley, so our start to the season isn't that disastrous. I still think Chelsea will win the league and we will finish second. Adebayor is a prat, not bothered about the celebration but his stamp was pure evil.
I agree bcm, we've had a very difficult start to the season with the fixtures we've been given, we were unlucky against man u and dissapointing against a man city side who have met a top 4 side for the first time this season and had something to prove. So nothing to get too down about and on the plus side we seem to have rosicky back. And as for that ********* if anyone deserves retrospective punishment it's that lanky *****er for his stamp.
Yeah great to see Rosicky back and looking sharp.

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5. Southampton 17 9 2 6 15 29
6. Arsenal 17 7 6 4 9 27
7. Spurs 17 8 3 6 -1 27
8. Swansea 17 7 4 6 3 25
9. Newcastle 17 6 5 6 -5 23

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