Stats: Arsenal v Tottenham 29/10/08 20:00 pm
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Arsenal 4 - Tottenham 4

Premier League

Emirates Stadium

29/10/08 20:00 pm

Attendance: 60,043

Referee: Martin Atkinson

4 - 4
Silvestre 37, Gallas 46, Adebayor 64, Van Persie 68
Bentley 13, Bent D 67, Jenas 89, Lennon 90
Venue: Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 60,043
The Teams
van Persie
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
NLD's are always tough games no matter what the current form is - there is too much at stake on both sides for it not to be committed. Spuds must have been amazed then at the acts of gratuitous benevolence we showed the leagues bottom club. Not much that anyone could do to prevent Bentley's stunning strike but Almunia's nervous fumble of Huddlestone's shot gave them encouragement they didn't need. Denilson and Cesc put in good stints in midfield with Denilsons 97 passes with 90% completion showing efficient use of the ball. Fabregas was a little less economic but scrapped enough to win the ball more often. van Persie did everything he could to ensure the result went our way. Having a hand in all 4 goals, more shots than anyone else, passing accurately, creating more chances and putting in ball winning tackles too. The other stand out player was Gallas who put in a midfielders performance with 66 passes, 92% completion, a couple of goal attempts including his goal and winning the ball as often as anyone else. There were some good performances tonight - and some pretty immature ones.

The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Wednesday October 29 2008

Time: 11:05PM

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Still in utter disbelief. Fair play to Tottenham, and a stern look to the Arsenal players.
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29/10/2008 23:09:00

Win our next two games - away to Stoke and home to Man Utd, and this will be forgotten. We've just done this too often now: Birmingham away last season; Liverpool away in Champs League last season; Chelsea away last season; Man Utd away last season.
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29/10/2008 23:12:00

I didn't realise we had United so soon. They must be licking their lips at the smell of blood.
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29/10/2008 23:16:00

how are we still 3rd is beyond me.
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29/10/2008 23:18:00

Fair play to the spuds they never gave up.........pity we did.
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29/10/2008 23:20:00

How bad was adebayor tonight???? Yes he scored but other than that he was terrible.
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29/10/2008 23:21:00

I thought he worked pretty hard for the cause Will. He did all the ugly stuff and thought he put in a decent shift.
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29/10/2008 23:25:00

This is like a bruise that's gonna hurt even more in the morning, isn't it?
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29/10/2008 23:27:00

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29/10/2008 23:30:00

Can't afford to loose games in the last 2 mins especially when winning 4-2
Tiny T
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29/10/2008 23:38:00

Our season rests on the ManU game. If our lads put in an inspired performance to beat them, the belief can come back - mostly for the fans.
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29/10/2008 23:45:00

Goosebumps propt up as Man United fixture comes nearer. I was hoping we'd give Spuds a spanking to go in the next two games with our noses in the sky. But now the road is getting zigzaggy with the bumpiness.
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29/10/2008 23:47:00

Can I just choose to remember Robin's performance, the defence's first 88 mins and Theo's threat? Er Vin, thanks for reminding me of that fact. Now I'll go to sleep and wish it's just a bad dream.
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29/10/2008 23:48:00

It's a disgrace of a result and these players need a b*ll*cking. Sorry Arsene but your fabled quiet attitude may need a rethink here. Psychologically they were gone... until Clichy fell over. He's a bit like Seaman: 99% totally dependable but when you get a balls up it's a big one and it costs. Almunia also picked the worst possible time to have his worst game in yonks. I agree that Ade was largely absent. Did pretty much nothing until scoring. We're ferked lads - it's a cup at best this season.
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29/10/2008 23:50:00

Sorry Lou - just feeling a bit glass half empty at the moment, will feel glass 3/4 empty tomorrow morning, and then back to glass half full on Saturday.
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29/10/2008 23:55:00

i was utterly sick sitting in front row corner flag by almunia in 2nd half seeing him fumble for bents goal and seeing clichy fall over thats all it was
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29/10/2008 23:59:00

This game just shows the naivety or the team, They just dont know how to protect a lead when their lives depend on them. Such immature performance. Look at the stat, 63% of ball possesion for godsake. and these idiots let it slip. We must have the worst striking accuracy/conversion rate of the whole league. Tiem and time again, s**t team came and put a p** performance and get a few chances and take the poist away from us. And we need god knows how many chances to score from it. I really miss the Henry's and Pireses's. Damm!!!!!!!... To think we ran our asses off for 90 mins for nothing!!!. F**k this ****.
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30/10/2008 00:01:00

Good game lads. Have to agree you coulda got more, and you did gift us a couple, but at the same time we gifted you one and had two other disputable goals scored against us. All in all its a great appetiser to the return game at the lane. Great NLD!
Dave the Yid
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30/10/2008 00:05:00

I'm sick of hearing about ferking "immaturity" - buy some ferking experience! Same old song we've been hearing for 3 seasons. It's costing us points and costing us trophies.
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30/10/2008 00:12:00

Reading the pre-match tripe I think you got exactly what you deserved. No humility, no respect, no result
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30/10/2008 00:14:00

Clichy is a right muppet// not only today, Birmingham last season and also forgot Man City last season he cost us a goal (all 3 goals came from straight show boating or school boy errors). Yea I know I know, he has been one of our best players this season and Arsenal through and through, however he is way too comfortable. He has NO ONE pushing for his spot, NO ONE. Traore is out at Pompey converting himself into a winger, Clichy needs a sounding. Almunia, absolute *****e. Sure Fabregas to blame for the equalizer, but atleast he was trying to push for a goal. Clichy is the one who put us in the mess in the first place. If you are not sure, kick it out, being caught out in 2 minds so late in the game with a 2 goal cushion is unacceptable. I am so mad right now.
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30/10/2008 00:59:00

Erm, Manutd4life .... why are you so man right now?
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30/10/2008 01:02:00

oh,... hahaha// i lost a bet... still clichy is a muppet
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30/10/2008 01:14:00

I think I'm Gonna Go Commit Suicide. Anyone wana help?.
Youngest in Charge
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30/10/2008 01:18:00

I have voted for Almunia as the MOTM. He certainly helped a lot. Great game and great entertainment though as always, shame we only play that well against the top teams though.
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30/10/2008 01:46:00

Welldone agent redknapp. The way you sat there with a look of disapointment on your face every time arsenal scored n punched the air in ecstasy every time tottenham scored really fooled us spurs fans.No one would ever guess you we're a gooner. Keep up the good work agent redknapp!!!!! Your bench celabrating a famous win with 5mins to go n then the look on wengers face when lennon scored. goes in my top ten of priceless moments. ps please thank cesc on saving harry having to give a team talk much appreciated.
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30/10/2008 02:26:00

Just watching the highlights again. Adebayor copying the Henry celebration - so forced, so fake, like he's trying to convince everyone it really means something to him. That sums up the whole Gooner fallacy. Wenger and his players are hollow, no substance, pansying around as if life owes them results. Look at your "captain" muttering to himself as he walked off like some tramp who's lost his last can of Tennant's Super. Gooners, a reality check: You're not Cruyff's Holland. You're all smoke and mirrors, and your players have no heart. You're desperate to be a great team, when in reality you're also-rans, and you've got no chance of winning the title, no chance. The only way is down. And believe me, we're not the only team in England that despise you and your pompous, slimy, delusional manager. "Two levels" above us? Really? Can't see out a win when you're 4-2 up on 89 minutes? Your manager is losing the plot; champions elect you are not. Hoorah! Arsenal! SOCCER!
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30/10/2008 03:13:00

disappointed with the result. Positive note is that we are getting better at converting set pieces..or maybe its just spurs are also bad at defending set pieces...
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30/10/2008 04:10:00

allen49, i agree with every word you said, arrogant also ran scum is what they are, i need to leave this site, it smells of *****r
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30/10/2008 04:13:00

will wenger just look at the score and tell us which defender is coming in in January?
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30/10/2008 04:29:00

So the boys also shared a point which would have been the same with ladies for Arsenal according to Cecs.LOL.
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30/10/2008 05:23:00

All I have to say is crackin NLD, it had everything brilliant goals, calamatous defending and poor GK from Bozo and Coco. Cant wait for the next one at WHL, where the score will probably be 7-7
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30/10/2008 05:41:00

Hello all. Couldn't watch the game. Unfortunately here in South Africa it was only shown on satellite. Followed it on my cell on the BBC Football site. Can't believe we couldn't hold on. Same as @ Anfield in April... I think the "lack of experience" excuse is kak (afrikaans word for s**t) really. Throwing away a lead like that, IMO, is down to cockiness. Until the ref blows the final whistle, it's not over... Anyway, its in the past now. I have to say this though. We've conceded 10 goals in 10 games. You will NEVER win a League like that. In 01/02, United outscored us, but we won the League because we conceded the least. The Invincibles were rightly lauded for amazing football, but what's forgotten is that they only conceded 26. Conceding 4 goals against the worst team in the league is unforgivable... Lastly, to Spurs fans. You're still bottom. Meaning we're 17 places above you. That's all I'm going to say.
Patresc Vieiragas
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30/10/2008 06:23:00

Great game to watch. We hung in there, but lets be honest lads, we never won the point, you lot threw your other 2 points away. Very happy as I know how many sides score 4 goals at the emirates...none. Great NLD, a lot more for us than for you lot.
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30/10/2008 06:27:00

Great comment PV. I see that the Mighty Gunners are now grasping at straws because they are losing ground on the top boys and justifying this by being happy with being 17 places above the side in last place. That is ambition!
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30/10/2008 06:38:00

Been here before will be here again. We drew when we should have won, not the end of the world but out will come all the top experts who know SFA and demand the Boss does this or that; grow up for f...sake. Its a game, just a game, if you cant stand the heat then get out of the kitchen. The big regret is the words the Ces was supposed to have said. But he is still young and he will learn like the rest of the team. Sorry Paul id do smell blood but not from us from those we will slaughter.
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30/10/2008 07:09:00

No marcspur, grasping at straws would be me celebrating a draw like it's the World Cup. Imagine that... I didn't say I was happy with being 17 places above Top4 Spurs. I was just stating a fact. Spurs are bottom. Arseanl are 3rd. Given the choice, would you prefer things the way they are, or would you prefer it the other way round?... Just as I thought.
Patresc Vieiragas
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30/10/2008 07:24:00

The teams we played so far this season are not top four prospects, yet we already have lost so many points. We lost to Hull but Chelski beat them 3 nil. I expect MU, Liv & Chelski will not have problem beating Fulham, Sunderland & Spuds. I am afriad we may even drop out of top 4 this season. Just when I thought defending long balls & set pieces are our glaring weaknesses, I just realised we have another, defending shots from outside of our box. How many goals were score from long attempts or resulted from them last night? We lost to Hull because we gave Geovanni so much time and freedom to shoot and we never learn our lesson? Where the hell was our DM? There was not protection at all for the back four. Worst still we are now dropping points against teams that do not defend deeply. I was glad the stoppage time last night was only 4 minutes. Had it been 5 minutes, the chance for us to lose would have been higher than otherwise. If we couldn't defend a two-goal lead in 89th minute, we ain't gonna win anything this season
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30/10/2008 07:27:00

Our problem last night was also not holding on to possession in the dying minutes. I cant understand why we need to just kick the ball upfield right back to spurs players when we can move the ball around and run down the see Diaby kick the ball back to spurs and Cesc and Denilson mispass. This gave the ball back to spurs and add unnecessary pressure. This was down to inexperience. You dnt see such problem when Henry and Co were playing. We used to be master at running down the time.
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30/10/2008 07:46:00

how the hell did that happen......I was counting my money on an accumulator......then you let in two at the end..........thanks for nothing !!!
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 07:58:00

Right Arsene, time to start answering some questions, WHY didn't you sign a DMC in the summer? This time last year we had 3 of the feckers, every single goal from them last night stemmed from shots outside the box - somewhere where the water carrier would be breaking up play. And not only this game, the wonder strikes vs Hull / Sunderland the same can be said for, we've effed up big time here.
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30/10/2008 08:00:00

Superb Game for the neutral though
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 08:34:00

we have a problem here - on the face of it we have good players in defence. Sagna, Gallas, Silvestre, Clichy and Toure to come in. There is a lot of experience there. Yet we are letting in soft goals. Who do you take out of this defence? Who do you replace? We are supposed to have the best full backs in the league. Yet Clichy's mistake led to the third goal for Spurs. It's a tough one. ANY SOLUTIONS??
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 09:33:00

4-2 and you **** ed it up 4-2 hahahahahahaaahahhahahahahaahahhahahahahahhahahaahaaahahahahaahahahahahahahahaahahahahahahahahah
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 10:21:00

AW should fine anyone who misses a shot $10.
Report Abuse
30/10/2008 14:19:00


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