Stats: Arsenal v Aston Villa 15/11/08 15:00
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Arsenal 0 - Aston Villa 2

Premier League

Emirates Stadium

15/11/08 15:00

Attendance: 60,047

Referee: Old Mother Riley

0 - 2
Aston Villa
Clichy (og) 70, Agbonlahor 80
Venue: Emirates Stadium
Attendance: 60,047
The Teams
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards
Add territorial advantage of 56.7% to the possession stats and you might think that this was a game we dominated. Not so I'm afraid. They had the same number of shots on target and generally they were more threatening attempts on goal than we could muster. We dominated midfield possession, with another strong performance from Denilson (90 passes 93% completion)less so from Cesc (71 passes 85% completion)who needed too long on the ball as there was little forward movement for him to benefit from. Villa contained our possession in areas that left us resorting for most of the first half to long balls trying to pick out Bendtner as Diaby was forced back into midfield. Once Diaby went off we then surrendered the ability to control their midfield without really being any more dangerous ourselves.

The Journalist

Writer: Amos Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday November 15 2008

Time: 10:03PM

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the pitch seemed slow today. long balls work if you a) win the ball and b) win the second ball,it seemed we hardly managed to do that. why was it ok for Riley to stop the game when one of their players gets injured but doesnt stop the game for our injured players,and why wasnt it a foul on vela for their second do you stop big fast center forwards? you put a big fast centre backs in we have any? djourou perhaps
fran merida
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15/11/2008 23:00:00

Long balls don't work against a team set up like Villa and to win the second ball you have to have players close to the target man. It isn't a tactic for us and we wasted much of the first half in a silly attempt to pick Bendtner out. Bendtner took a lot of flak - unfairly for the most part - for a tactic that lacked imagination and creativity. The midfield set up was awful. Walcott can run very fast indeed and - well that's about it really.
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15/11/2008 23:05:00

thats right walcotts final ball isnt very productive, people have a problem with bendtner cos his touch isnt the best...but i dont want to see him anywhere other than in the box getting on the end of crosses...i felt the biggest problem was that fabregas was off the boil...he had no spark...and looks like he needs a looks like we will have to win the mini league outright to make up for these lapses
fran merida
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15/11/2008 23:25:00

well as hes suspended then we will see if there is life after cesc
fran merida
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15/11/2008 23:29:00

What an awful, awful feeling it is today after that defeat. That defeat really feels like season over. This ain't a team that has the bottle, grit and I'm afraid to say the quality to win a trophy, despite what Arsene tells us.
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16/11/2008 00:59:00

You guys getting nervous about qualifying for the Champions league this season?Villa probably should have won by more than 2,thats a bit unheard of for you at the emirates!Not trying to wind you up,its an honest question
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16/11/2008 02:13:00

we are not good enough - its as simple as that. for all the good youngsters we have and for all the great football we play sometimes we havent got the fight, the will and the urge to battle. we will never win a trophy with the team that wenger fielded today. there are at least 3 players who arent able to cut it at this level - the only thing that gallas should captain is the titanic
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16/11/2008 02:29:00

Sometimes as a fan you really do just have to accept critisism if it's the general consensus, however much you don't want to hear it and would prefer to adopt a siege mentality. Let me explain - the last two years Liverpool have taken it hard in the press over their league form and there have been three major bones of contention that jouro's always harped on about with us (bear with me there is a point to this). 1 - Zonal Marking. In this case the press were just being xenophobic to a foreign system. Yes we were initially suspect with it but once we got it working properly we became one of the tightest defences in the league. 2 - Rotation. Again some of the press's views were over-simplified and narrow-minded, but we have cut out the unnecessary changes this year and it's yielding results. 3 - width. Every reporter in the country used to scream about our lack of genuine width - we signed Riera and suddenly put the three together and it's starting to look good for us. Now this is relevant to Arsenal I think because everyone keeps going on at you about signing some big-name experienced players. They don't even have to be superstars outright so long as they are quality and proven and capable of filling the glaring holes in the Arsenal system. You need a centre-back, you definitely need an anchorman and you could probably do with another striker to ease the burden on Adebayor when RVP is missing (as he is frequently). What I'm saying though is that this is what rival fans and journo's have been telling you all season and still Wenger defends his young team. I'm sorry but what is the point in beating Manure only to lose the next week? If it were an isolated case then I could understand, but that's four defeats this season now for you lot. Spend in January or risk losing your CL place. (By the way I'm not actually doing a 'told you so' or anything, I want Arsenal to keep their CL place).
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16/11/2008 02:49:00

forget about the title. the top 3 teams r too consistent to drop points. we should concentrate on qualifying for next season's UCL by getting 4th place. and hopefully as the season progresses, one of the top 3 teams drops more points than we do, maybe we can get 3rd place (if we can keep up with them).
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16/11/2008 05:29:00

honestly, out of our 6 shots on taget, how many of them really troubled their keeper? the closet we got was Ade's header against the outside of the post. Wenger really should play a youth side in PL to wake up the starting eleven. we lose anyway. with a youth side, we don't feel as angry if we lose.
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16/11/2008 05:32:00

As much as I don't want to say it, Matthew you're right. CL qualification is a must and we can't think we're too good for the top 4 domination to be broken. (We're just lucky that the likes of Villa, Everton, Pompey, etc. haven't been consistent enough to challenge us either.) I honestly think we have better chances in the 3 cups than the league. But that said, we can't come out and say we prioritise anything over the league bcos if we admit it, it becomes even harder to keep the team motivated for league games and it's going to get worse. It's almost like we have to keep 'lying' to ourselves that we challenge for the league title just to stay thereabouts (top 4).
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16/11/2008 05:52:00

By 'We're just lucky that the likes of Villa, Everton, Pompey, etc. haven't been consistent enough to challenge us either' I meant up to this game. Now after beating us fair and square, Villa have indeed started their challenge at this point. In fact pre-season I thought they were the best equipped team to challenge the top 4, not Spurs, not Everton. They were a strong team that also came 3rd in terms of net spend on summer transfers. With less rotation (don't know if that's MON's policy or what) and UEFA Cup, it'll be very interesting to see how Villa cope with the increased workload and progress this season. If we lost to MU and beat Villa, we wouldn't be having this conversation. But as it stands, we lost to the very team that's currently standing the best chance of taking our/a CL place by bringing us and them level on points.
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16/11/2008 06:06:00

well......that result really surprised me......I really thought your season was getting I dont know.....whats next ???
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16/11/2008 08:40:00

I anyone really shocked? Yet another shocking performance from Fabregas...The boy is either burnout from his summer with Spain or he doesnt want to be here. I cannot think of 1 game he has dominated yet this season, Denilson has been doing the job asked of him for the last 5 games and still no upturn in performance from Fabregas, If the squad is as good as Wenger has been telling us then Diaby or Ramsey should be starting ahead of him now or at least replacing him when he is constantly giving up possesion and many times in dangerous areas. Wenger says he wont buy because he doesnt want to impede the youth players coming through? Where were the youth players yesterday? Wenger would rather fiddle around with formations than substitute of replace players like for like i.e RVP out Vela in, Walcott playing like a poor mans Aaron Lennon Wilshere in, Centre backs all at sea play Djourou. The league season is over in terms of winning the title....we have gone backwards and 4th is now the only aim and we must aim to secure it by the time the champions league knockouts start. Congratulations to any Villa fans reading by the way...superb and good to see your youngsters getting the call ups they deserve.....oh and Mike Riley.... your a c*@t and a clear cheat with some problem with Arsenal judging by your differing opinions of stopping play for Villa players but not ours.
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16/11/2008 08:59:00

Folks, couple of our Villa match reports, happy for you to nip over and visit with your opinions Glensider at Emirates and Randy.Stand
The Fear
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16/11/2008 10:52:00

Mike Riley is a first-class twerp, of that there is no question. I've just seen the replays of the second Villa goal and Vela was definitely fouled. Not that we deserved anything from the match. It's come to us having to rely on Bendtner playing alone upfront and simply not being good enough to do so. I'm sick and tired of hearing about how young we are, we had a very young midfield blah blah blah, like its some kind of excuse for whenever we lose. Arsene has taken the decision to go this way, it's not been forced on us. I know people are saying we could do well in the cups but I honestly don't think we can. How can you when you have no consistency.
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16/11/2008 11:21:00

Naoise - I think you make some really good points there. Benitez has shown his intelligence by taking the necessary action. It remains to be seen if Arsene does the same - he often mentions intelligence when talking about players, will be apply it himself.
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16/11/2008 11:24:00

With all do respect, it may have been a foul for the 2nd goal, but to say he's a cheat and against Arsenal is a bit of an overstatement. Maybe he was making up for the 15 minutes of extra time he added to the game at the Emirates last year that came from nowhere. I still don't see you guys slipping the 4th spot. I think Liverpool will fall soon enough, they always do.
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16/11/2008 17:52:00

once more we managed to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory,the performance against man utd proved that we can play something ressembling football why o why cant we do it for more than 1 game at a time,i am getting very very concerned, if we are actually capable of finishing in the top 4 this season if our bunch of prima donnas carry on mincing around like this, then we are in for a few more years without a trophy my trip yesterday cost me 185 i wish i had saved my money, and watched plymouth argylle instead at least i would have seen some football from the home team,and a win how much more of this can the supporters be expected to put up with
cornish gooner
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16/11/2008 18:16:00

How did Denilson fare in terms of tackling?
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16/11/2008 20:10:00

These stats are a fine example of how they can be misleading at times. We had 6 shots on target ? Really ? I must have missed those parts of the game then. I didnt count more than 2-3 such shots. Bednter dealt reasonably well with the long balls but the knockdowns werent exploited.
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16/11/2008 20:44:00

Memory can be even more misleading prits. I can't find the 6th but attempts on target that I can find are Cesc 14 & 83mins, Walcott 58 mins, Denilson 73 mins & Gallas 91 mins.
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16/11/2008 22:25:00


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