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Chelsea 3 - Arsenal 5

Premier League

Stamford Bridge

29/10/11 12:45pm


Referee: Marriner

3 - 5
Lampard (14) Terry (45) Mata (80)
Van Persie (36) Santos (49) Walcott (55) Van Persie (85-92)
Venue: Stamford Bridge
The Teams
Van Persie
David Luiz
Park Chu-Young
Game Statistics
Goal Attempts
On Target
Yellow Cards
Red Cards

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The Journalist

Writer: Arsenal Site Staff Mail feedback, articles or suggestions

Date:Saturday October 29 2011

Time: 2:39PM

Your Comments

It hurts to say this......well done, we hate the chavs.
chelsea were far too open. Even at half time, I knew Arsenal would still win it.
who doesn't black rat? classless 'orrible little club all the way from the oligangster to Mr 'beat the crap out of Arsenal' Buck, down to the grotty mercenary players like fatty, cashley and their loathsome grunt of a captain. Always a pleasure getting a result against the blood rouble brigade.
Lol Niko! The statistics bear it out again, what an open, end to end pulsating game. It was like two heavyweight boxers punching the lights out of each other.
Can't stand Arsenal but I'd like to say well played, your boys made my day. :)
Very excited and still trying to take it all in. Massive win, seeing what it does to morale (the fans and club).
Well, well, so....the red n white n *****e finally crawled out from beneath the blue shadow to register a tiny, pathetic, miniscule victory of sorts. Big bloody deal. Both teams will be trailing the mighty Tottenham Hotspur before the season is out! COYS!
Tony Rocky Horror
TRH your delusions of grandeur are pathetic, do see a shrink to salvage whats left of your mind.
When was the last time Sp*rs won at the bridge? Please tell us TRH.
ch3l5ea wherever you may be, weep in your pint watching RVP
Terry went to mow, mow the pitch with his mouth.
bigger fail than terry there, linkage instead then.....
chelsea blue it, they were terry ble at the back, fair play to you guys on this win, it def have made them think
That might well be the greatest ringtone of all time Iceman.
great tone
nice tone
no excuses from me chaps, we were beaten by the better team on the day!
This afternoon it transpired that following an unsucessfull attempt by CFC to buy their own pitch one of the secret majority shareholders in ownership is none other than Arsenal striker Robin Van Persie. Mr Van Persie commented earlier "I have no intention of selling it, for sure it's small and has huge divots in from John Terrys teeth but it's mine and besides...where else would I go to walk the dog?"
May I be the first to send my commiserations to the family of Alan Hansen who passed away earlier today from a fatal heart attack whilst watching the Ch3l5ea Ar53nal game, his final words were apparantly 'no defennnnnceeahhhhhh'
May I be the first to send my commiserations to the family of Alan Hansen who passed away earlier today from a fatal heart attack whilst watching the Ch3l5ea Ar53nal game, his final words were apparantly 'no defennnnnceeahhhhhh'
Gotta say mate, it wasn't so good it needed posting twice!
I'm your mate now am I merlin? That's an improvement on the 'lowlife gooner' I was earlier in the week!
Great win, a superb comeback, aided by comic Chelsea defending. Cech was beaten at his near post and didnt have the best of games. There are still the same areas of improvement required in this Arsenal side esp defensively (what was Mertesacker doing for the 1st 2 goals), but I am seeing a lot more belief within the team, that they can turn things around. A few positives to take out then.
I mean all I said was that I found it hard to rationalise why people would struggle to conceive that a man who's dad is a convicted coke dealer, who's mum is a convicted thief, who has slept with the partners of team mates and has a brother who does the same, who has made illicit earnings pimping out tours of chelskis' training ground, who parks in disabled parking bays, who bottles a nightclub doorman, why they would struggle to believe such an individual is incapable of making a racial slur?
And that really was posting twice, but strangely deleted twice ;)
theo was outstanding!
e dubbz
All Terry would have to do is point to his trophy cabinet nikolaijns, which is bulging with silverware, he wouldn't even need to say a word, just a silent smile would suffice. He might permit himself a laugh, however, as he watches you point to all those amazing air trophies: otherwise known as absolutely ***** all. You may have won the battle today, but Terry won the war - a long time ago. Oh, and by the way, you do realise that Van Persie is refusing to sign a contract because he wants to leave, don't you? Sorry (a smirk crosses my face) I just didn't want you to find out...erm, ahem...later!
Tony Rocky Horror
And all Arsenal fans only have to point to the record books and there it is Arsenal 13 Tiny Tots 2. Terry may have more Champions medals than any current arsenal player.........but then again he has more champions medals than the spuds ever had :). Lets look at Arsenals record since Wenger took over hmmmm even he has more champions medals than the Tiny tots ever won...
merlin not the better team the better defence :D
TRH we have nothing against them, even though we have the better results in last few games against them, unless we fin above them they we can talk and even more so win the league which they have done many a time, now our best finish is there worse finish since wenger took over
A sp*rs fan ribbing gooners about trophies. This is the reality that Tony Rocky Horror inhabits. Pity him for he is patently batpoo mental. I've seen my team win the league, I've seen them win it at your dump. Yourself?
What about the Peace Cup they won Niko? "Suck on that JT!"
lol even your own realise how much crap you spout Tony. Fair play 123sp*rs you know the score.
Chelsea and Abramovic have won more and done more than that charlatain at Arsenal ever could. You slag Roman off, but you could say that he did nothing more than engage in a 'project' to be succesful much like yourselves; with the exception that he backed the club he loved whilst your owners and Wenger lined their own pockets! Result? a deluge of trophies in comparison to a big fat juicy 0 on your part! But wait there's the stadium to be dazzled by I hear you say, don't forget that. Ha, what a joke! Nothing more than a case of "look at the shiny shiny" whilst we take you for the ride you're begging for! Don't talk to me about Wenger, the man cares about himself and his own position, his own ego- ideal, more than he's ever cared about you. Pick that one out!
Tony Rocky Horror
Chelski have bought their way to 2 more league titles than the tiny totts and currently stand at a total of 4 league titles. We have 11. Nuff said, now take your meds you're frothing again.
And for your information - cos you badly need a clue - Wenger has won the same amount of league titles that a gangster who raped his own people of it's nations' natural resources and spent billions on a football club has. One day you may get something right, but it won't be today.
Ahhh a fat jucy 0. Hmmm since we started on our "project" We have won 3 titles 3 FA cubs and gone through a whole season unbeaten....yea THR you are right its an abject failure....
No, you've won ***** all since the start of the charlatain's 'project'. Sorry. FA cubs? Got that right, what with the charlatain's obsession with those who are slightly younger, should we say..
Tony Rocky Horror
nikolaijns...the fact you hav'nt won feck all for a while might, just might put the idea in your thick skull that you might have to buy a title...because you certainly are not going to win one in the near future...and Tony Rocky got more right than the twisted queer fellow. nicola you need counselling and pronto...
Lol! TRH "the charlatain, the charlatian" (by the way, it's spelt "charlatan", I'm always more insulted by poor spelling) please stop, I'm so hurt by your comments. Wait no I'm not, I'm still hungover from celebrating an amazing win and the furthest thing from my mind is a title or totten***'s league position and the credentials of their scrotum faced manager. I'm just happy after enjoying the best, most satisfying win of our season! Come on Arsenal!
The "project" started 15 years ago. That's how long our most recent successful spell has lasted....not that you would know what that is...
4chan would be proud of TRH. Successful troll is successful.
THR you are obviously in virtual land.
What a game. RVP was truly amazing, Kols superb, Rambo intelligent, Gevin a terrorist, Artet an Artist on the field, Song was singing, and the character of the rest of the team even Rosicky was rocking. To think the team started off so shakily. I am happy to note that we are now beginning to overcome our fears.
Boring Boring @TRH. You spuds will forever live in our shadows. Forever. What has all the spending won you in all em years. Ok a league cup, just in 2008. The last time you won any thing of any sorts was in 1999. Nine whole barren years of spending and trying to catch us. You all are so pathetic. History has it that you win a trophy once every decade, so you can try your hands on the League title this decade, you have got 8 years to try. You dare mention the Blues like you measure up. That sorry team waited 50 years to win a League title with the help of cash. Now the cash market is too strong to compete in and they are looking to play attractive football like the Gunners. There's only one team in London and its Arsenal FC!!!
Just curious. How many times did the 50mil player on the pitch take a crack at our post? I don't think I counted 5 times in the entire 90 mins. Maybe i'm mistaken. Pls help me out.
TRH, didn't we discuss this a while ago? You were supposed to crawl off and die somewhere quietly, yet here you are spouting your inane bulls**t. Please do us all a favour and drop dead, we won't miss you in the slightest.
Well done to the Gooners, I do so enjoy watching JT & Chelski suffer. Also I'm glad you lot are climbing the table now as it'll make the league (and the banter) a lot more interesting.
We all know that Arsenal have been, and are, in a sclerotic decline and one result won't change a goddamnn thing. In fact, from a Spurs point of view, yesterday was a great result, it signalled the official decline of Chelsea, whilst once again ensuring that scum have yet another excuse NOT to sack Wenger, therefore confirming yet another season of abject failure. Just keep on keeping on baby: keep on dribbling your affection for Professor Fiddlesdicks whilst we take out the trash in NL!!! ***** **** ***** **** ***** **** ***** **** ***** **** ***** **** ***** ****
Tony Rocky Horror
As for you LG? You want me dead? Let's have a duel. FILL YOUR HANDS YOU SON A BITCH!!!!
Tony Rocky Horror
TRH continued presence here just confirms that they're still scared of us, even more so with every bit of extra bile in his posts. The fact remains that even in our worst start in the history of the Premier League, we're still level on points with your useless pile. Ok you've got a couple of games in hand, but again, this is our worst ever start in the PL and you still can't get away.
TRH- you are an absolute SCUMBAG with those vile remarks about our manager. You deserve to be cuffed, gagged and have a Saif Gaddafi mask pulled over your head, before being dropped in the middle of Misratah. There is amicable banter and rivalry between clubs and then there is YOUR particular brand of VICIOUS BILE. TRH- you are a disgrace to your own club and the game in general. The filth you spout is as bad as the morons who throw bananas.
massive amount of butthurt detected
this tony rock chap likes to suck penis. he has a vagina for a face. he has a camera and likes to peep in peoples houses. spurs are and will remain crap. whether or not chelski are i decline, there is only two clubs in london. and 'arry's boys sure ain't one!
e dubbz
Ahhaaa! butthurt? suck 'penis'? Nuhuhhahahaha! What a bunch of hairy knuckle draggers the Woolwich scum are!! You think that's funny, or insulting? I'm just laughing to be honest, laughing and loving it. Come on then, on guard you rancid cocksplotters. You....e dubbz.. you are the son of thousand men, all B.A.S.T.A.R.D.S like you.
Tony Rocky Horror
You're a sad lonely bilious little pencil dick no mates utterly deranged in your hateful obsession with The Arsenal. It consumes you doesn't it you rancid old gollumesque scrote?
And lo springy Vital chelseas' unreconstructed man comes lumbering here to enlighten us with his 1980s view of the world, when Jim Davidson was king, a poof was a poof and a spade was something John Terry could safely lob a banana at. Treasure him like a museum exhibit Vital Arsenalists this was the dark age of footballing man 30 odd years ago.
Nice to see Vital Arsenal members finding their voices again after your recent good form. Welcome back! Even a couple of your trolls have made a comeback on the VS site! Welcome back :)
Testing,think i gotta posting ban
Nevermind :) We can never resist roasting the spuds
There's nothing wrong with a bit of Jim Davidson. It's left-swinging, quiche- eating, yoga- stretching, dungaree clad bleeding hearts like you that have wrecked a great country that once had an empire that the sun could never set on. They ought to bring back national service to straighten you out laddie...and boy there wouldn't be any creases left in you tha lad..that I guarantee. Can't even speak your mind in this country anymore without someone 'objecting'. And what has that brought us to, eh? Nowt that's good, tha lad, nowt that's *****ing good. So ***** off and play with yourself, and let me enjoy another day of easy superiority over your 'team'.I ask yer, Jim ******** Davidson! You know ***** all about the eighties, Absolutely FOOOK ALL!!!
Tony Rocky Horror
Tony Rocky Horror
Steady on granddad you'll wake up the other care residents, fv(k national service fv(k your long lost empire and fv(k you, you disturbed decrepit hateful old emotionally retarded window licking right wing cracker.
The only sound that'll wake anyone up will be the sound of the old colonial jackboot being driven right up your arse nancy boy......
Tony Rocky Horror
I was here all night after we got walloped 8-2 swatting and repelling your fellow repellents guyver. Just as I may not be on here after a win, doesn't mean jack.
Getting more Alf Garnett by the day Tony, I'm guessing you're too stupid to realise that Warren Mitchell was laughing at bitter old flag waving morons like you.
Who is this TRH nutcase with his racist, homophobic ravings? Can't we get him banned? It's like someone has let Nick Griffin loose on Speaker's Corner.
I haven't said nowt that's racist or homophobic...what tha ***** are you on about lass? Tut tut what a load of B.O.L.L.O.X!
Tony Rocky Horror
If you believe in a jackbooted colonial empire, Jim 'chalky' Davidson (who only recently revealed his homophobic bigotry on some tv show) and calling people nancy boys then what other conclusions are people supposed to draw Tony? Could it be that you are unwilling to confront or are in complete denial of your own unsavoury views when sober?
TRH getting absolutely caned on here,profoundy deserving and all I reckon..What is a Spud doing over on here anyways??..."he deserved to be cuffed, gagged, and have a Saif Gadaffi mask put on him,before being dropped in the middle of Misrata!"...QUALITY!!!!!.UP The ARSE!!!!!
Come on you Spurs! Did you see the way we moved the ball yesterday?WORLD CLASS as Dixon himself said as he squirmed on the sofa. What a team! What a club! Who the ***** are you? Where are you in the league, eh? Thought so, below us again. Seriously, get the ***** out of the way because this express train's heading all the way to the top! Go on, do one, before you get trampled beneath the spokes! YIDS!!!
Tony Rocky Horror
"There's nothing wrong with a bit of Jim Davidson" - Yes. Yes, there is.
The BBC didn't think so when they made him one of their main presenters. Go on, what's wrong with Jim Davidson?
Tony Rocky Horror
What's wrong with Jim Davidson.

1. He's not funny - and he never was.

2. He's a racist. And in the worst 'I'm-not-a-racist-but' type of way.
I'm sure J.T. and his family are big fans.
What's wrong with Jim Davidson? That's surprisingly easy to sum up. He hates everyone but white working class English males. And if at the root of it all he's as self loathing as suspected then he probably even hates them too. Beats his women too but then you probably made excuses for Gascoigne when he did the same.
Yeah wow you beat QPR at yours, I'll keep the champers on ice just for now eh gramps. What I heard is QPR not bothering at all in a first half then waking up after they were already 2 down and giving you a fair old fright before you killed them off. Not really a lot to write home boasting about, maybe it would scrape in to 'Life of a small fry club - chapter 25'
"Below us again." Heh, I liked that. Partying like it's 1995 eh Tory Rocky Horror?
Little Dutch
And this one is a special request from Tony Rocky Horror, yes the guy in the middle of the dance floor with his trousers round his ankles urinating ever so slightly, anything from '95 was his ask so here is Bryan Adams with 'Have you ever really loved a woman?' Let's rock!
If we're talking about hits from 1995, Tory Rocky Horror always struck me more as Blur's Charmless Man. "He talks at speed, he gets nosebleeds, he doesn't see, his days are tumbling down upon him, yet he tries so hard to please, he's just so keen, for you to listen, but noone's listening….."
Little Dutch
I'm sure J.T. and his family are big fans. damiano_tommassi - I heard his Mum shoplifted a few of his DVD's so his Dad could do gear off them......
Yeah girls. Just keep on polishing that empty trophy cabinet full of all those vintage non-existant trophies won by that loser manager who can never be sacked. We'll send you a card from next season's Champions League. By the way, if you do fail to get through to the Champs league next year, how long do you think it will be before you get back?
Tony Rocky Horror
Why stop there? you'll probably win the league, the hospital will declare you sane and let you out, women will trip over your dick and Redknapp will become a Hollywood sex symbol. Deluded spud spaff licker.
There's a decent song that's been doing the rounds at away games this season. "Forever in our shadow you will beeeee, your hearts full of pain and jealousy, Toooootenham, Toooootenham, have you ever won the Premier League?" Yeah, that oughta do it.
Little Dutch
Predictably, you dodged the question so let me give you a clue. Liverpool were eliminated two seasons ago. And they are still a million miles from getting back in. Probably be twenty years at the earliest. Once we're in, we're in. Our status as the best, the boldest and the brightest will be confirmed for a long time to come. So keep on with your facile insults. Because the tide has turned and we're on top. There was a time when we had to grin and bear it, but not anymore. The cockeril is crowing from the tops. OH WHEN THE SPURS GO MARCHING INNN, I WANNA BE IN THAT NUMBER!!!....... We just look at the league, compare teams, compare the NL derby results...and well, there's so much to gladen the heart. If it's been a long time since we won the league, it'll be an age before you do it again. In a few years you'll be a fifth of the way there already! Isn't that a pip?!!
Tony Rocky Horror
Yes, last time you qualified you stayed in too didn't you? Incidentally, if you're unable to watch Spurs' Champions League fixture v Rubin Kazan tonight, it's being repeated on ITV4 on Thursday night I believe.........
Little Dutch

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